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Malama Kama'aina Wellness Program

About The Wellness Plan

  • Unlimited services at a big discount
  • Discounts for your guests
  • Discounts on spa products
  • NO TERM - Cancel anytime
  • ALL INCLUSIVE - No tipping required or expected

NO COMMITMENT PROGRAM: Aloha and E Komo Mai (welcome)! We appreciate your interest in our Malama Kama’aina Wellness Program. Kama’aina (pronounced ka-ma-eye-na) literally means “child of the land” and is the term used to mean resident of Hawaii. Common usage of the word in Hawaii would be to say “I am kama’aina” meaning “I live in Hawaii”. Many Hawaii businesses offer kama’aina discounts. It pays to be kama’aina in Hawaii! (Fun Fact: Hawaii is consistently rated the healthiest state in the union!)

Guests who participate in our wellness program are considered kama’aina at the spa. Malama Kama’aina! Malama means to “care for” and our plan is about caring for you. As kama’aina, you receive a host of benefits designed to help you better avail yourself of our wellness-oriented services. You also receive benefits that help you share the healthy spa lifestyle with friends and family.

Our Wellness Plan has NO TERM. You can cancel anytime.

All Inclusive Services

No Tip Required or Expected
All our prices are all inclusive with no tip required or expected! When comparing our prices with other spas that expect gratuity, we suggest you factor in that most spas expect a gratuity of $20 – $25 per hour of service per therapist or 20% of the regular price of the service, whichever is higher, on top of the price for the other service or package.

Your therapist is paid a living wage commensurate with their experience as a licensed professional and does not depend on tips. This policy helps our ‘ohana, the community and you, our guest, because you can rest assured you are being served by a well-paid professional.  Plus, this actually saves you money compared to standard tipping practices! Read more about our 2020 Living Wage Initiative. Mahalo for your support.

 Wellness Program Benefits and Features:

  • One massage, facial or body treatment monthly
  • Unused monthly sessions roll over, or share them with a friend
  • Unlimited additional treatments at kama’aina pricing
  •  Reduced prices for your guests
  • Reduced prices on gift cards
  • Discounts on all product purchases
  •  Special kama’aina only services exclusively for plan participants

 Kama’aina Prices and Discounts (prices are all inclusive with no tip required or expected):

  • 50 min $79 | 60 min $92 | 90 min $139 | 120 min $184 (for most massages, facials, body treatments)
  • 25% off couples’ experiences and other services (sauna, waxing, etc.)
  •  15% off products
  •  Your guests get 20% off all massages, facials and body treatments they receive

Remember, prices are all inclusive!

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