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Nathan B.

Lead Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Massage Therapist in Chandler, Nathan

Nathan B
Lead Licensed Massage Therapist


Hello, my name is Nathan. I have been a massage therapist for over sixteen years. I have dedicated most of my life pursuing the education and awareness for understanding the complexities of the human body and its mechanics. I was inspired to become a massage therapist from being a student of the martial arts. I started in the martial arts at a very young age which inevitably lead to many injuries to myself and others. I quickly found that learning how to potentially prevent injuries from happening became very important to me, thus beginning my first steps into the alternative healing world. As I ventured further on my path for enlightenment, I also chose to earn my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology. I strongly believe that this degree aided in my knowledge and awareness for the human condition. I have attained training and certifications in many healing modalities. Some of the modalities I specialize in are: deep tissue, Thai massage, sports, TMJ release, Trigger Point, and Reflexology. With my training in the martial arts, psychology, and multiple years of working in the health industry, I believe this makes me a very well rounded massage therapist. As a massage therapist, I enjoy working on and watching my clients’ physical ailments dissipate, which in turn changes their lives for the better.
I have lived in the state of Arizona for the majority of my life and have received most of my training in the healing arts here as well. Spending quality time with my family and living a healthy lifestyle are both very important to me. I am the proud father of a little boy, and when I am not spending time with him, I am either working to heal others, training with my Jujitsu brothers and sisters, or hitting the gym.