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Nathan B., Licensed Massage Therapist

About Nathan

  • Works Primarily in Chandler Spa
  • Experienced Therapist
  • I have two wonderful therapy dogs
  • I have trained in Martial Arts for over 30 years.
  • I have a degree in Psychology

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My Healthy Tip: With what is going on the world today, exercise or some form of a physical outlet (i.e. hiking, yoga, swimming…) is more important than ever. Exercise helps to release all the necessary hormones and endorphins to keep the brain balanced, from there the body will follow and begin to recover..


About Me: Aloha, I have been a massage therapist, over twenty years. I have lived in Arizona most of my life. I have dedicated my life in pursuing the education and awareness for understanding the complexities of the human body and its mechanics. I started learning about the alternative healing arts by training in the martial sciences at age six. This has given me a better understanding of body mechanics and how to apply it to massage therapy. I have my bachelors of science in psychology. I strongly believe that this degree has aided me with knowledge and awareness for the human condition. The knowledge of psychology, and study of the martial sciences, has given me a better understanding of the complexities of the mind and body paradigm, and how important it is to keep them aligned. I believe in the importance of family and a proud father of three boys.

What Massage Means To Me: Body work has been an intricate part of my life, starting with martial arts at age six, and formal massage training, at age fifteen. Graduating from massage school, October 22nd 1999. Doing an intensive contact sport brought my attention to the importance of learning how to heal the body. Massage therapy provided me with the skills for balancing the body with the mind. As a massage therapist I have come to recognize that most people have the same body ailments just for different reasons, (etc. desk work, hairstylist, nurses…). As a massage therapist, it’s very fulfilling to know that I have been provided with the skills to heal the body and watch how it changes people’s lives.

My Education And Training:

  • Sports massage, 2000
  • Deep Tissue, 2000
  • Swedish, 2001
  • Shiatsu, 2002
  • Japanese Restoration, (Nihon Kaifuku Anma) from the institute of oriental therapeutic Science. 2003
  • Thai massage, 2008
  • Reflexology, 2009
  • TMJ release, 2011
  • Cupping, 2011
  • Trigger point, 2015
  • Lomi Lomi, 2016


  • Sports massage: All athletes get hurt, not question of if, just a matter of when. Sports massage is a way of preventing injuries as well as repairing them. Stretching is one of the main focuses for this modality. A muscle can only be massaged so much before it becomes irritated and stretching is a way to enhance the massage.
  • Deep Tissue: First, deep tissue does not mean for the massage to be painful. If the client is intentionally or unintentionally resisting the work that is being done it’s too much pressure. Deep tissue provides the ability to slowly work into the muscle, with the goal of reaching the clients threshold, therefore releasing the pressure of the muscle that is being focused on.
  • Thai massage: Thai massage, also known as “lazy man’s yoga”. The word “massage” in Thai massage is a misnomer. Thai massage focuses first on activating the acupuncture points in the body. Also known as “Sen point’s”. The stretching is meant to open the joints of the body and enhance the Sen points.
  • Lomi Lomi: Lomi Lomi is meant to be a very relaxing massage, with the focus of long full body strokes, under and over the body. This massage can be done as therapeutic modality. Thus, combining the longs strokes with therapeutic techniques.

My Favorite Services:

  • Hawaiian Experience Lomi Lomi: this massage is a combination of long flowing strokes and therapeutic techniques. With the emphasis of opening the joints and enhancing the energetic flow of the meridian lines.
  • Maui Relaxation: The Maui is great for introducing the lomi when face down on the table and regular sheet draping, face up. This provides a level of comfort for our clients that may not be quite comfortable yet, receiving a full Lomi Lomi.
  • Body Scrubs: A body scrub is a great way to exfoliate the skin and warm up the tissue. This a great addition to add to any of our massage protocols.

Five Star Guest Reviews:

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More Five Star Reviews

4/25/2023: “It was all wonderful” Beth H., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

4/20/2023: “My 1st visit was with a Groupon years ago and kept coming back. Even referred a coworker who fell in love with the lomi lomi. Great place for professional massage.” Dericka A., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

4/10/2023: “Couples massage was very relaxing. Service was professional, we will be returning.” Gabriella P., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey

4/03/2023: “Best massage my husband and I have gotten.” Kelly, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey

3/25/2023: “I’ve been coming here for 4 years and I finally found a massage therapist that met all of my needs! Nathan is hands down (no pun intended) the best massage therapist I have ever been to! The entire staff and amenities are also top notch!” Rorey S., GOOGLE REVIEW

3/23/2023: “This was by far one of the best experienced I had. He managed to do bodywork and stretches along with cupping to release pain slowly. It was a lot more efficient and will be coming back.” Beverly C., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey

2/12/2023: “Nathan was caring and professional. Did an amazing job, understood my bodies needs and helped me to completely relax.” Laura, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey

1/19/2023: The spa is immaculate! Very lovely facility. Love the showers! Nathan has been my massage therapist for years. He is amazing. I always feel so much better after I see him. Great experience!” Melanie, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey

12/14/2022: “The work Nathan has done on my back has been amazing to say the least. I always walk out feeling better than I walked in. The staff is also always friendly and welcoming when I get there. I will continue to go monthly as I can.” Edsel, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey

12/13/22: “Nathan is intuitive and professional. I would recommend him and Chandler spa without hesitation” Diane, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey