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Shay G., Licensed Massage Therapist

About Shay

  • Works Primarily in Goodyear Spa
  • I love massage therapy
  • There is a massage therapy plan for everyBODY
  • Relaxation is my specialty
  • Graduated from a nationally accredited massage school

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Arrive early to get in a relaxed mindset and to maximize “hands on time” of your appointment. Hydrate post massage, drinking lots of water afterwards is essential for building healthy muscle tissue and removing metabolic wastes. Rebook before you leave as with any healthy habit the best results are usually seen on a cumulative basis, and as part of a long-term wellness routine. It’s difficult to get all the kinks and muscle pain under control with one massage treatment, rebooking is the best way to maintain a comfortable body to live in. 


About Me: I was born in Phoenix; I grew up with four siblings; five of us total. There were four girls and one boy. My brother, the youngest, stopped breathing when he was a baby. After being revived the outcome was cerebral palsy. My loving mother decided after many years as a mechanical engineer to change careers and become a massage therapist. This was to help my brother to be more comfortable in his body, as well as helping other people be more comfortable in theirs. As an adult I moved to Colorado for three years, while I was in Colorado I attended the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado – MTIC. I graduated in 2015 with a 900-hour certification. The school taught me many modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Thai Massage, Acupressure and Meridian Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Motion Palpation, Kinesiology (posture and movement), sports massage and how to integrate these all into a customized treatment for each client. It was a broad based and very well-rounded program. I believe there is a massage therapy plan for every BODY and I look forward to working with you to find the best massage therapy plan for you.

What Massage Means To Me: Seeing firsthand what massage therapy can do made me interested in massage therapy, and learning all about it made me love it. Having to live in an uncomfortable body is not the way to live, change it with massage therapy the effects and outcomes of can be amazing!!

My Education And Training:

  • Certification in Massage Therapy from Massage therapy institute of Colorado 2015
  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi One Week Intense Training 2017


  • Relief: I got into massage to help people be comfortable in the body they live with.
  • Advanced therapeutic: I know many modalities to help with any issues going on in the body.
  • Spa Treatments: I love providing body scrubs and wraps. They get you feeling silky smooth and relaxed.
  • Neck and low back: clients that have had issues here always love the techniques I use to relieve tension and adhesions.

My Favorite Services:

  • Maui Relaxation Massage: a bit of hot towels, traditional massage mixed with Lomi is just what the body needs to relax.
  • Coconut Sea Salt Lomi: the scrub gets you feeling silky smooth on the outside, then Lomi It’s relaxing and therapeutic.
  • Chocolate Lovers For Lovers Massage: if you love chocolate as much as I do you will love to do this with your spouse chocolate scrub, chocolate wrap & coco butter application. The cocoa extract used in this treatment is loaded with antioxidants and has many therapeutic benefits, that means you get the goods without the calories.

Five Star Guest Reviews:

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