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Gift Certificate Policy

Note about the gift certificate policy: Sales and specials often have special terms. These policies are general in nature only. Any special advertised terms will override these policies. The term Gift Certificate refers to all gift certificates, gift cards, etc.

All Gift Certificates: All gift certificates are non refundable and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Gift certificates cannot be used the same day they are purchased.

Gift Certificates for a Dollar Amount: Gift certificates for dollar amounts (ie. a $100 spa gift certificate) for which you paid full price never expire (purchase one here). They can be used towards any services or products at the spa, including gratuity. They cannot be used to purchase other gift certificates, or to pay for the Wellness Plan.

Gift Certificates for Something Specific (ie. Gift Certificate for a massage): Gift certificates for a service or product expire in one year from purchase date. After one year we will still honor the gift certificate for the dollar amount paid for the certificate. This amount never expires. For example, if you buy a massage gift certificate on sale for $79 you have a year to use it for that massage. After a year you can still use it for its value of $79 but may no longer be able to get that massage for the same price. Another example would be if you purchased a gift certificate for $90, valid for $100 in products. That would be valid for the $100 in products for one year from purchase. After one year the certificate would be valid for the $90 you paid for it. Product gift cards do not include sales tax. Gift certificates for “any service” such as “Any 60 Minute Service,” “Any 120 Minute Service,” etc. are valid for any Core Massage or Facial that comes in the length specified on the gift certificate. They are not valid for couples’ services, packages, spa treatments, spa massages or any specialty services. Any service gift cards expire in one year as explained above.

Gift certificates for a specific treatment can only be used for that treatment. If the recipient wants a different treatment she or he can use the certificate for the value paid for it and apply that amount towards any treatment she or he wishes. Gift certificates you purchase will automatically be used by the spa to pay for any services you receive in the event you do not pay for your services by another means.

When purchasing gift certificates online: Dollar amount gift certificates and most treatment gift certificates can be instantly printed out by you or emailed to the recipient. If you purchase a treatment gift certificate that cannot be instantly printed we will normally email you the gift certificate within 24 hours.

Gratuity and Gift Cards: Gift certificates for services usually include gratuity unless indicated on the gift certificate otherwise.

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