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Welcome to the Chandler Day Spa, established in 2011 and conveniently situated at Ray and Dobson Roads within The Boardwalk at Anderson Springs shopping center. What sets our location apart is its uniqueness – tucked behind the stores lies a stunning lake, creating a serene and picturesque setting.

One of the highlights of our spa is our lounge area, offering a delightful view of the lake. Before and after your massage in Chandler, you can indulge in a moment of relaxation in our Hawaiian lounge, fully immersing yourself in the tranquil ambiance.

Covering an expansive area of over 2,400 square feet, our Chandler Day Spa features an array of amenities. You’ll find various massage rooms, facial rooms, and even couples massage rooms, ensuring a comfortable and intimate experience for everyone. Additionally, we offer infrared sauna therapy, providing rejuvenating benefits for your well-being. Our beautifully designed lounge adds to the overall ambiance, making your visit all the more delightful.

Among our diverse range of services, we take pride in offering the exotic lomi lomi massage in Chandler, as well as couples massages and other exceptional treatments we are renowned for. Thanks to the positive feedback from our satisfied clients, we are proud to hold the title of the #1 day spa in Chandler on TripAdvisor.

For further details and to explore the full range of services we offer, please visit our dedicated Chandler Day Spa page. We look forward to providing you with an unforgettable spa experience that rejuvenates both your body and soul.

Guest Reviews Of Chandler Day Spa

All quotes are from clients who received services at the Chandler day spa.

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“Great place. Nice clean and had a awesome massage. If you have never had a Hawaii massage I would recommend one.” Stacy M., YELP 5 Stars

“If you’re looking for a massage, I highly recommend the Hawaiian experience spa, I’ve been getting massages for years and years, but, I just had the best massage tonight from Abby!” Sonja Gutierrez, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“This was phenomenal experience! I really felt like I was able to immerse in the motion of the treatment. Anna gave a beautiful massage and they have showers for afterwards! Coming back 2 x a month!” Morgan Little, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“OH. MY! This place was amazing! I was sweetly greeted by Terry (sp?) who gave me a quick tour before setting me up with my locker. I did the Exotic package for my own birthday treat. I felt the service was amazing and worth the price! I started with a scrub and then got the bottom/top facial with Sanaz. Sanaz was so sweet and did a great job! I then finished with a Lomi Lomi massage. I had Amanda who was FANTASTIC! She really knew how to use the hot stones. Full disclosure, the massage was probably a tie for the best massage I’ve EVER had! I will definitely be going back!! I would highly recommend! Thank you Sanaz & Amanda for making me feel so good on my birthday!” Amanda “Mandy” Sutton, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“My Lomi lomi massage by Cameron was AMAZING! I am a visitor for a month in Chandler and found Hawaiian experience spa through Yelp. I could not have been happier. I highly recommend you visit this spa for an unbelievable, relaxing, and muscle relief experience. I am anxious to return next year when I’m back in Arizona.” Mary L., YELP 5 Stars

“Michelle was great.” Abhilasha Singh, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Great service, experience and gift from my one and only” Ross Scott, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

Great quality and service. Extraordinarily professional and welcoming. I’ll definitely recommend to others.” Jason V., YELP 5 Stars

“Always the best!” Kimberly Jacques, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Our kids bought us a couples spa day for a anniversary gift. We got the Scents of Hawaii 120 minute package which includes salt scrub in the scent of your choice, clay body mask, and scented lotion massage, along with two trips to the waterfall shower to rinse off the salt and then the clay. I don’t think we’ve been this relaxed before and I’m softer than the day I was born! 10/10 will request this gift again! Everyone was polite and accomodating and the atmosphere was calm and peaceful..” Jennifer Moeller, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Where else can I get an emotional & physical rejuvenation and a great shower experience, other than The Hawaiian Experience Spa in Chandler!” Judy D., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Sidney was incredible and she did wonderful work. I had the best experience I’ve had there after having been a customer for the better part of a decade.” Laura A., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

” place for wellness that takes one’s expectation of Massage to an extraordinary level.” Aram, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“All the massage therapists are wonderful. It is totally worth a visit to any one of them.” Kate, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“I have been a member of Hawaiian Experience Spa for many years. They have been great and their facilities are clean and very nice. Recently I would recommend Abby as an amazing therapist. She very friendly and mixes stretching and other modalities into the session which helps so much. I have terrible shoulders from several surgeries and also was sore from training for a marathon and Abby new exactly how to help and relieve the sore muscles and knots.”  Joe, TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“I didn’t know what to expect, but my mom/aunt/myself had a wonderful time here. Very relaxing and well themed; not over the top but just right. The showers are really cool and I like the size and features they have like full body jets and their own products for you to use. The “locker rooms” are a bit small and there’s only 3 so if it’s busy I can see that being a slight annoyance but did not have a problem when I went. All of our massage therapists were amazing, very friendly and professional. They had a cozy sitting area as well so you can relax with free tea or water, plus they had lotions for you to use in the rooms as well which was a nice touch. Will definitely be coming back!” Jean-Luc L. YELP 5 Stars

“Relaxing massage in a laid back, Hawaiian environment.” Joe K., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Relaxing place. Great facial.” Leslea O., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Always love coming to Hawaiian Experience Spa! Best massage in Arizona! Highly recommend Cameron!” Jamie S., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Hawaiian Experience Spa always goes above and beyond to make your visit a pleasant experience. Abby takes the time to determine what you and your body needs and goes the extra mile to provide a great experience. Mahalo!” Deanne H., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“The spa is beautiful! Cameron did a great job, probably one of the best massages I have ever had. If you haven’t had a hawaiian experience, you haven’t had an experience!!” Veronica Y., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

-“My Maui Relaxation massage was amazing! My therapist Abby was excellent.” Cindy D., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Hawaiian Experience Spa was an amazing experience. Michelle customized the massage to what I needed and made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole experience. I’m definitely looking forward to returning.” Kathron P., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Everything was wonderful. Anna was my husband’s therapist. Both women did great. Hawaiian Spa is the best spa in town” Patty S. and Darrel W., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Come to Hawaiian Experience Spa for an amazing experience” Jenni M., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Cameron was an excellent massage therapist. This was the best massage I’ve ever had!” Sherri R., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“This was a wonderful experience. I got a Mainland massage with Michelle and it was among the best massages I’ve had in my whole life. Everyone there was very nice and I felt comfortable and pampered the whole time I was there. I can’t wait to go back.” Amanda H., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

-“I had the most delicious massage with Malia. The best massage I’ve had in AZ, and I’ve been to many places here. The ambiance, showers, relaxation are amazing for this place in Chandler. Book some self care.” Ellie C., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Everything about this experience was amazingly relaxing. I purchased a couples massage and we were both very impressed by the spa itself to the treats and personal touches. Our therapists, Anna and Cameron were very thoughtful and thorough. We will be back for sure.” Jennisty P., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“It was all wonderful” Beth H., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Abby provided a Lomi Lomi massage. She was great!” Scott L., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“My 1st visit was with a Groupon years ago and kept coming back. Even referred a coworker who fell in love with the lomi lomi. Great place for professional massage.” Dericka A., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Loved my custom facial with Sanaz. Feeling hydrated and relaxed. Lovely spa experience.” Kristin R., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Couples massage was very relaxing. Service was professional, we will be returning.” Gabrilella P., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“I have been a spa member for at least 13 years AND love it! Try the lomi lomi massage….none like it!” Sandra E., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“I was very impressed with Cameron’s ability to assess my problem area and the difference his massage made in my body. I’ve been
having hip/knee trouble for a year now. His massage was so helpful in getting to the source of my trouble. I’m following up with more massages with him to complete the treatment.” Michelle L., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey

“Best massage my husband and I have gotten.” Kelly, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Always amazing!” Paula B., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“I’ve been coming here for 4 years and I finally found a massage therapist that met all of my needs! Nathan is hands down (no pun intended) the best massage therapist I have ever been to! The entire staff and amenities are also top notch!” Rorey S., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“My favorite spa. Sanaz does amazing facials which are very relaxing and great for my skin. I absolutely love going to Sanaz for my facials.” Swapna C., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Great first experience. Mom of 6 and greatly appreciated. I have a facial and massage and stones.” Chandra S., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“It was such an incredible experience! My husband and I did the couples Lomi massage! Highly recommend this place. Start to finish we felt so relaxed and welcome!” Shayla V., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“I have been a member of Hawaiian Experience Spa for many years. They have been great and their facilities are clean and very nice. Recently I would recommend Abby as an amazing therapist. She very friendly and mixes stretching and other modalities into the session which helps so much. I have terrible shoulders from several surgeries and also was sore from training for a marathon and Abby new exactly how to help and relieve the sore muscles and knots.” Joseph H., YELP, GOOGLE and TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

-“From the lovely people at the front desk to the relaxing aura in the building. I was very happy with my experience today at the Hawaiian Experience Spa. Terri was so kind and welcoming as she greeted me this afternoon and helped me sign up for their Wellness Plan and set up an appointment for me same day! I came back to experience my first ever massage with Cameron he was very reassuring and kind to me thoroughly explaining where he saw I was holding some of my tension when he did his initial “exam” with me which I greatly appreciated. I have never felt more relaxed. I ended my visit with the pleasure of meeting store manager Rey who was very kind and explained how my Wellness Plan will work from today on. I am so appreciative of everyone who I got to meet today and their kindness. I will definitely be a returning member to Hawaiian Experience Spa! Mahalo xo” Melanie N., YELP 5 Stars

“This was by far one of the best experienced I had. He managed to do bodywork and stretches along with cupping to release pain slowly. It was a lot more efficient and will be coming back.” Beverly C., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“You can’t improve because it was absolutely perfect!” Danielle C., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“My facial experience was so enjoyable and plan to return! Sanaz was attentive and she took the time to educate me on what she was doing and what product she was applying (and what they do and why). She recommended products that she used and I happily bought them because it all felt amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it was calming, pleasant, and I truly was able to relax. Thanks a million, Sanaz!” Toni H., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Your Pain & Discomfort Fades into Pleasant Thoughts!” Stan L., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Lovely atmosphere, clean, relaxing, and kind caring staff!” Melanie, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

-“I had never had a full body massage before and Emily explained the technique so there were no surprises. I left feeling more relaxed than I can remember in years! Thank you for an amazing first massage!” Connie A., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“I called a couple of days in advance and booked two appointments. When we arrived, we were greeted immediately and shown around. Upon putting on a cozy robe and slippers, we filled out the paperwork in their sunny, warm meditating room. Soft Hawaiian music played in the background. We were brought back to our rooms and had a short consultation with our masseuse about health concerns and treatment preferences. I was assisted by Cameron Brunch and he was wonderful. Very experienced and knowledgeable about the power of massage and reflexology. Upon completion, Cameron made sure I was hydrated and we talked through some post massage best practices.  They have two nice shower bays which was great because after a massage it feels so good to rinse off the oil and bask in the warmth of a hot shower. Hairdryer available upon request.” LMMSSports, TRIPADVIOSR 5 Stars

The staff was helpful and welcoming. We received a first time visitor price which was a great deal. Great experience

“Just had the BEST facial with Hannah. So relaxing, refreshing, and my skin is glowing. She was knowledgeable and very skilled. The products are wonderful. Also had a 60 min massage which was excellent, but the facial stood out. A perfect treat for a spa day with my mom as we get ready for our Hawaii trip in May. Thank you for a great experience! Will definitely return to treat myself when I can!” Kerri Giorgano, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“As usual Hawaiian Spa in Chandler did not disappoint. This time I had a relaxing 90 minute facial, which left my face feeling hydrated and smooth.” Cindy, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Very attentive, respectful therapist. My massage was very relaxing.” Tameisha, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Enjoyed my lomi lomi massage with Michelle very much. This was my first massage with her as my regular therapist’s schedule and mine didn’t match up this month. She asked me several questions about my expectations and reviewed the pressure she planned to use. The massage was quite relaxing and she targeted my neck and shoulders where I have ongoing problems related to stenosis. She did a great job of working the kinks out.” Tom, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“While our men-folk played a round a golf, we headed to the spa. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Hawaiian Experience Spa.
I called a couple of days in advance and booked two appointments. When we arrived, we were greeted immediately and shown around. Upon putting on a cozy robe and slippers, we filled out the paperwork in their sunny, warm meditating room. Soft Hawaiian music played in the background.  We were brought back to our rooms and had a short consultation with our masseuse about health concerns and treatment preferences. I was assisted by Cameron and he was wonderful. Very experienced and knowledgeable about the power of massage and reflexology. Upon completion, Cameron made sure I was hydrated and we talked through some post massage best practices.” Lisa S., YELP and TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“The Massage was incredible. I got the Lomi Lomi massage, and I am glad I did. It was like floating on the ocean and getting massaged by waves. Time passed by quickly, and that’s how much I enjoyed it. I would highly recommend this SPA.” Mo S., YELP 5 Stars

“Nathan was caring and professional. Did an amazing job, understood my bodies needs and helped me to completely relax.” Laura, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Fantastic from the minute you walk in the door. Always amazing!” Lori, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“I came to Hawaii Experience to try the Lomi massage. IT was amazing. Plus the showers are an exprience. I signed up right away to be a member. Then last year I was dealing with chronic pain from my back. It messed up all my muscles and I had constant aches. I used my membership to switch to traditional massage and increased the sessions. Michelle worked with me to tackle and reduce this paid. I had a huge reduction in pain and will continue this therapy as I get over the next hurdles.” Kelly, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“The spa is immaculate! Very lovely facility. Love the showers! Nathan has been my massage therapist for years. He is amazing. I always feel so much better after I see him. Great experience!” Melanie, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Very relaxing and dedicated staff.” Kelly, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Highly recommended” Carl, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Abby is fun and created an amazing relaxing atmosphere for the massage. I had a sore knee and calf due to training for marathon and she found sore areas and trigger points to help them so much.” Joe, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Relaxing and the shower after is a great ending to the experience.” Lisa, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“The work Nathan has done in my back has been amazing to say the least. I always walk out feeling better than I walked in. The staff is also always friendly and welcoming when I get there. I will continue to go monthly as I can.” Edsel, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“I’ve been a member at the Chandler spa for many years and I’m never disappointed with the service I receive. Nicole’s lomi Lomi massages are magical!!” Tom, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Nathan is intuitive and professional. I would recommend him and Chandler spa without hesitation.” Diane, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“The absolute best massage 90 minute Lomi Lomi is amazing” Tom Baker , GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“My wife and I have been getting treatments here for several months now, can’t believe it took us so long to find this place in Chandler. Both Becca and Francisco do an amazing job! Lomi Lomi is our favorite!” Darin Tarwater, YELP and GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“I LOVE the atmosphere of Hawaiian Spa Experience. It’s so nice and cozy. Also, Chico is an amazing message therapist and gives all around good vibes. I’ll definitely be going back!” Sam G., TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“I’m so glad I bought a monthly membership to Hawaiian Spa Experience. Chico was and is the best massage therapist I’ve had and will continue to ONLY go to him 🙂 Thanks!!” Samantha G., YELP 5 Stars

“We love the Island Experience!  My wife and I can’t live without the Lomi Lomi treatment. We recommend Nathan and Kmarie, for individual or Couples sessions.” Stacy M., YELP 5 Stars

-“Loved everything about Hawaiian Experience Spa- from the moment I walked in, till I stepped out all coconut oily from head to toe (really neck to toes).  My therapist, Nicole did a terrific job and made me feel like I was on Cloud 9 the entire time.  The complimentary showers and sauna are a nice touch, although I didn’t use them.  It was great getting to store all of my belongings in the locker/changing room.  It was all a very safe and welcoming environment.  I will be back!” Noelle L., YELP 5 Stars

“This place was wonderful, best massage I’ve ever had.”  Tiffany Bercier, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Facial with Carol was incredible that included a head, neck and arm massage. Very relaxing, putting me into a dream-like state! Everything was first class!” Christine Morrison, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“My girlfriend and I had a 90 minute ‘Lomi Lomi for Lovers’ massage, with Nate and Rocio. SO relaxing and wonderful! This was our second time with them, and both times have been fabulous!” Les, TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

-“Great atmosphere, clean, relaxing, just what I needed. The lounge area has a beautiful view of a lake, too.” Gabrielle K., YELP 5 Stars

“Nathan was a wonderful host for our first visit to the spa. He was very professional and my husband and I had a great spa day today! Both of our therapists were great. Nice atmosphere, and the shower is a great experience. Will definitely be back!” Jenny, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Haeaiian Experience Spa is great. The atmosphere is relaxing and inviting. I had a 90 minute facial and it was amazing. Toya was fantastic. Not only was it refreshing but it was relaxing…” Bonnie Mosemak, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

-“Since moving west I’ve struggled with finding a good place to get massages and facials. My husband and kids gave me a spa package at Hawaiian Experience Spa for Mother’s Day 2021. It took one visit to get me hooked. The spa is in a small retail center, but don’t let that fool you. Once you enter you transition from Chandler to tropical oasis. It is quiet and peaceful inside the spa, setting the tone for relaxation before your service even begins. The staff is awesome. The folks in the front always great you with a smile and make you feel welcome from the start. I love Courtney for facials. She’s very knowledgeable about skin care. Each time I’ve visited for a skin related service she’s been attentive to my input about my skin concerns/needs and I always leave feeling refreshed. She will give you the best product recommendations for your skin without pressuring you to buy product. If you are interested in massages, then I recommend Kasey. She’s just awesome. I recently visited with issues in my neck and back. I was super stiff when I went, but she spent my session focused on helping me find relief and worked most of the kinks out in just that one visit. I just can’t rave enough about the folks at Hawaiian Exprience Spa. You’ll have to try them for yourself. Be warned…you’ll be calling them Ohana when you leave.” T Grier, SPAFINDER 5 Stars

“Visited the spa for the first time this past Sunday and really enjoyed my experience. My aesthetician, Courtney was friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating for all of my needs. Highly recommend the 90 minute facial. Tremendously relaxing and the products were lovely. My face feels amazing. Looking forward to my next visit.” Kristin Ruth, GOOGLE REVIEW and SPAFINDER 5 Stars

“I love the ambience of the spa and the staff is exceptional!” Moxie Z., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“This spa is an oasis in the desert and Kasey, my therapist is five stars plus! She gave me the best message of my life and I cannot recommend her any more highly! I came out feeling totally relaxed and a new person.” C.J., TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“This is a great place for a relaxing day either for yourself or with friends! I’ve been several times with my friends and family. There are many services to choose from and something for everyone!” Jennifer L.,TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“This is a great place with a very relaxing atmosphere and a variety of services to choose from.” Jennifer L., YELP 5 Stars

“Love this place, Great vibe, very welcoming, all the therapists that I’ve had are fantastic, I highly recommend Francisco for Lomi Lomi. Treat yourself to the 90 minutes!, you’ll feel fabulous. Also I enjoy the complementary private sauna experience afterwards.” Jana A., YELP 5 Stars

-“This is my favorite spa of all time! Seriously considering making a trip back home just to visit this place! The customer service is amazing, massages are great and amenities (shower, sauna, robe) are the cherry on top! Please, please, please come to Portland!” Ty R., YELP 5 Stars

“Love thus place ,Nathan my therapist is so friendly and competent!!” Marion Ritchotte, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars
“Just had my first massage and it was WONDERFUL, I WILL BE BACK NEXT TIME WITH MY HUSBAND.” Kenyatta Rule GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Nathan was really good at giving the Lomi Lomi massage applied the right amount of pressure and the whole time he explained exactly what he was going to do before doing it and made sure I was comfortable.” Reymundo, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Just had my first facial with Yvonne, AMAZING. Got a sweet treat for my face, and some professional advice on up keep. Yvonne was so gentle and understanding of my needs. Will definitely be making this a monthly thing, :)” Veronica A., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Hands down the best massage experience I’ve had! The uniquely relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff set the tone right off the bat and the lomi lomi massage leaves you feeling physically, mentally, and spiritually reset like nothing else. I’ve had a experience with each masseuse, but have to especially suggest giving a lomi lomi with Kasey a try, she is incredible!” Chris Provera. GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Absolutely fantastic massage. One of the best I have ever had. Do yourself a favor and book 90 mins vs 60.” Emily Onnen, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

-“I have been a member here for about 3 years and I do not regret it at all! I just recently had therapist Nicole for a lomi massage and she is the best!!! Hawaiian experience spa is the best ever. They are very patient and considerate to new and current individuals. I can’t wait to go again for another treatment next month!!!” Ginger B., YELP 5 Stars

-“I love this place! Everyone is very friendly and greet you when you walk in. I get the organic facial here with Yvonne. She was great, explained everything that she was doing. I will definitely be back to see them again.” Linda N., YELP 5 Stars

“After going to another massage place with comparable pricing, I can say that Hawaiian Experience Spa has exceeded my expectations in every realm. I thought the atmosphere was a little odd at first but grew to love it and realize it is just part of the vibe. The staff is friendly, the massage therapists know what they’re doing, and the shower/sauna/dressing rooms free of charge are just a bonus. Even just after my first time there, I had to sign up for a membership. I hope everyone else has the same experience I did!” Adrian Marsh, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“My actual favorite spa in the entire Valley. It feels like you’re walking into Hawaii, and is far more relaxing than you could imagine. It’s so tranquil and peaceful inside. They have everything thought out, and will answer any questions you have respectfully, even if you think it’s the dumbest question ever. They even graciously accept gift certificates that have been laminated by husbands without laughing. Pro tip:book early enough to be able to fully appreciate their waterfall shower room at a leisurely pace.” L Groth, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Wonderful sugar scrub” Purple Grammy, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Absolutely fantastic massage! Nathan did an amazing job. Wish I had booked 90 mins vs an hour, didn’t want the massage to end!” Emily O., YELP 5 Stars

-“I got my first massage from Cynthia yesterday. It was heavenly! She was professional, sensitive to my needs, thorough, and very good at what she does. I loved having a spa that offers a large, beautiful, comforting, (rain) shower…with 6 delightful nozzles scrubbing me clean. They also have other nice amenities, like a sauna, an infrared chamber, lockers, robe and slippers, and a comfy waiting room…with a lake view.” Lindsay J., YELP and GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“I just had a sugar scrub and loma loma from Nicole! UNBELIEVABLE! I have promised myself that from now on I will make a point of doing this at least every 6 months or sooner! I have terribly dry skin and today I feel like I have baby skin!” purplepeople021, TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“The services were great exactly as listed. The shower was amazing too.” Alisa Collins, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

-“I’ve known about Hawaiian Experience Spa for 20 years but never stepped in the door. Because it is located in a shopping plaza, its outer appearance doesn’t indicate the wonderful professional spa experience inside. The back of the spa provides a view of the lake, the infrared sauna is available to anyone who purchases a spa treatment, personal lockers keep your items safe, and the massages are the best I’ve had.” Kristine Nelson, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Great staff, very clean” Charles Brown, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Great spa experience. Very clean facilities. They try to make your experience relaxing and enjoyable.” Ruben Ramirez, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“…As a therapist myself, it’s hard to find a new type (modality) of massage, but I was able to experience a massage modality-(Lomi Lomi) that I have wanted to try for years, & is very hard to find in spas around the area. My therapist Antoine was an absolute expert; he carried out the work flawlessly! I highly recommend adding hot stones to this type of session, & making it 90 minutes long to really enhance the work and get the most benefit from the session. Courtney, my esthetician was incredibly knowledgeable and helped me find products to perfect my skin care regimen. She was patient, thorough, and delivered an absolutely delightful facial service…” Brandi Colangelo, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

-“This place is amazing.  Always lives up to expectations and never disappoints.  Kasey is great and I highly recommend her and the spa to everyone.” Emil U., YELP 5 Stars

” I have been a member for about 2 years now and I love this place. I have yet to have a bad massage and have had one from several different therapists. They are all great, but Cynthia is my favorite. The staff is also very friendly and the whole experience is great and comfortable. Would recommend to everyone.” Jessica Brockwell, SPAFINDER 5 Stars

“Yesterday was my 2nd time at the Hawaiian Experience Spa and I could not have been more pleased. I had a lavender scrub/massage with Nicole and she was amazing with her magical hands. The first time was a Couples massage with my boyfriend and we were both very relaxed and pampered. I highly recommend this spa and will most certainly be back soon.
What more could one want? Being pampered in a very clean, professional and relaxing atmosphere. The showers are simply heavenly.” kitmustang, TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

-“This hidden gem tucked away in a Chandler shopping center gives people an opportunity to relax and truly have a Hawaiian experience in land-locked Arizona. I have been a wellness plan member for years. During my time I have been working my way through their expansive variety of massages and treatments. Lomi lomi is their specialty massage style for sure. All of the therapists are amazing, and the Ohana (staff) ensures that everybody has the desired outcome.” Traverler238294, TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“I received a wonderful Lomi Lomi massage from Therapist Nathan B. Very professional, calm and relaxed environment, he made sure I received a massage that was tailored to my needs, and I left relaxed and tension free. If you are looking for a great massage, or it’s your first time here, book A massage with Nathan. You will not be disappointed. 😊 11/10!” Patrick B., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“I had a 90 minute Lomi with Cynthia yesterday.  She is very skilled and highly capable and I came away feeling awesome! I have injuries and Cynthia is always super careful and personalizes each massage based on what area needs the most attention.  Also, the spa was clean and organized.  I always find the front desk staff to be welcoming and friendly.  I highly recommend the Hawaiian Experience Spa.” Paul B., YELP 5 Stars

“I’ve been twice now and have enjoyed my facials. The second time I visited was with Keri and she was very nice and friendly. I already made my next appointment to come back next month and couldn’t be more excited to start a skin care routine since being in my mid 30s I have never had that before. Thank you!” Charissa C., YELP 5 Stars

“Had a massage with Brandon on Sunday, he is an AMAZING therapist! Highly highly recommend him.  He had such a healing relaxing touch, he is truly a gifted therapist.  I cone here often and absolutely love this place.” Leann W., YELP 5 Stars

“Took my daughter for her birthday.  It was fabulous.  Nathan and Brandon were fantastic therapists. I highly recommend and rhe experience was outstanding.” Angela S., YELP 5 Stars

-“We went for our wedding anniversary and the staff did an excellent job at making us feel special and welcomed. In a world of Covid they made sure to keep everything clean and safe. We can’t wait to go back.” Melina F., YELP 5 Stars

“This was my first time at Hawaiian Experience and I really enjoyed the atmosphere, friendly welcome and the excellent massage from Nicole K. Next time I go back I will request Nicole – the only thing I would change is getting a longer massage! I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a tranquil experience with top customer service and massage talent!” Janelle S., TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

Took my wife for a little getaway, quality time, relaxing together. I read the reviews and took a shot, which was no disappointment. Clean facility, complementary infared sauna, showers, gift bag with the treatment I ordered. The therapist we’re very nice, attentive, and professional. The worst part of the experience was having to leave after such a relaxing and fun experience.” Joel Hight, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“You were all so friendly and welcoming! I was nervous about my first massage, but the whole atmosphere and process was so smooth. Can’t wait to go back!” Aime Hansford, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“This place is awesome! I keep coming back for a massage and it never disappoints me! Every therapist’s massage here is so unique in their own way! Then to top it off with these complementary spectacular showers at the end of your service! Definently one my get away spots for zen. Hawaiian experience spa, Your Amazing!” Chico Perez, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Hawaiian theme, coconut oil massages, great therapists!” Dave Van Kanegan, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“I had another wonderful treatment at the Spa yesterday.  I’m never disappointed.   I had a relaxing facial by Courtney, and loved the products she used.   I feel very safe from Covid while in the Spa.   It’s always spotless and a great place to spend a peaceful hour or two.” Christine S., YELP 5 Stars

“I recently got an organic facial here and it was really good! The spa itself was so pretty and clean! They give you a locker for your stuff and also a robe and slippers. The facial was relaxing and my skin looked better after. I’d definitely return and recommend this place!” Sonal A., YELP 5 Stars

-“I went to this spa for the first time yesterday, and today is the first day in a long time I’ve woken up without horrible pain in my neck. Mike did a wonderful job on my massage, focused on problem areas, and made me feel comfortable the entire time. The spa is very homey, cozy and has nice amenities. They were also being covid safe which is nice.” Emily J., YELP 5 Stars

“Great experience all around! Beautiful, clean, and relaxing waiting, locker, and massage rooms. Friendly and accommodating staff and, most importantly, unbeatable massage!” Chris P., SPA FINDER 5 Stars

“Nothing better than an hour or so at this spa. Great people, great service, great atmosphere – and most important, great therapists. Especially DiDi. Well worth the money and time for a relaxing Lomé Lomé here.” Gary W., SPAFINDER 5 Stars

“DiDi does amazing work! If you’re curious and want to try a new therapist, I highly recommend booking with her. You’ll certainly not regret it.” Hayden Dierks, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“I saw Hayden for a massage yesterday. I’ve had probably 100 massages in my lifetime. This one was the best. Thank you!” Melissa Nelson, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Lomi is the way to go.” Curtis Porter, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Great experience all around! Beautiful, clean, and relaxing waiting, locker, and massage rooms. Friendly and accommodating staff and, most importantly, unbeatable massage.” Chris Provera, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Hawaiian Spa Experience, is my go to monthly, for Fabulous massages and facials! My Hawaiian get a way in Chandler, Az. I love it!
I have been a member for 2.5 years or longer and the treatments help to relieve my arthritic joint pain. I have a lot of wear and tear injuries, the Orthopedic Drs. Call it, caused by being in Hospital Nursing, for many, many years! Everyone is so nice and the therapist are the best ever at working out the muscle spasms of everyday life! The Spa offers hot showers to enjoy after or before massages and also offer dry sauna to to enhance the therapeutic massages! What else could anyone want in a First Class Day Spa.? The massages offered are too numerous to list on this site and the facials offered are too numerous to list here! I highly recommend the Spa whether you have been to the Islands or not. Hawaiian Spa is perfect and at a good price for what you receive! Try for yourself!” Judy Duersch GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Did a facial with Jordyn and really enjoyed it. Will definitely be back!” Charissa Cleveland, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“I have been to the spa twice for a facial and lomi lomi massage. Both treatments were fabulous! The ambience takes you straight to Hawaii. I joined the membership program and will be back soon!” Corrine W. YELP and TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“The most relaxing experience of my life. They give you a soft robe, Ghirardelli chocolate, and give you access to the steam shower afterwards. The masseuse was very skilled. 10/10.” Makenzie I., YELP 5 Stars

“I had the privilege of getting a massage and facial. I had the best massage of my life. Brandon was my massage therapist for my Lomi Lomi massage. He asked what kind of pressure I wanted and I said A LOT. He did not disappoint. I feel like some massage therapists are hesitant to use a lot of pressure. Brandon did not. The good amount of pressure combined with the Lomi Lomi technique was like heaven for my tired muscles. It made me realize that I don’t care for my body the way I should. It does so much for me and I really do run it into the ground. Pun intended . My facial with Keri was also amazing. She has 18 years of experience and it was obvious….” Dani W., YELP, SPAFINDER, and GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Had a scrub and massage by Nathan. Best massage of my life.He really is a body healer. Thank you Nathan. I wish I lived closer. I’d be in all the time.” betty s., YELP 5 Stars

“This a late review, as I came here right before the official announcement for the stay home order. I thought the staff was professional. They were clean. And the massage therapist were conscientious and skilled.  I would recommend this location and I plan on returning eventually.
Also, I got the lomi lomi massage. It was my first, but it was well done. Thank you!” Dee P., YELP 5 Stars

“You’ll never find a better spa. Cynthia and Brandon are phenomenal therapists and deserve a 10% raise!!!” Caitly P., YELP  5 Stars

“…My 2 hour massage was done by Hayden. It was an unforgettable and relaxing massage. He was 100% into hitting all areas and made me feel absolutely comfortable, down to the very end. What I enjoyed most was the various techniques he used in loosening up those tight spots. I sit a lot and I feel like I’m completely refreshed and have a clean slate. I highly recommend him…” Alex L., YELP 5 Stars

“Clean, professional great massages. Everyone very friendly and helpful.  So glad to see they reopened.” Steve L., YELP 5 Stars

“I had a 90 minute massage from Hayden, so relaxing and helped release all the knots in my upper back and neck area. Definitely recommend spa + massage therapist!’ Sydney B., YELP 5 Stars

-“I love when my husband surprised me. And I absolutely love this place  y’all need to try everything  you have free sauna, amazing rain showers and excellent services!! Please if you come refer my husband Carl Hammersky. Thanks And share the Hawaiian.” Rosa H., YELP 5 Stars

“This place is amazing!! I did a totally different treatment that included not only a full body massage, but a scrub and wrap. My therapist Ryan Johnson was awesome! He took the time to get to know if there were specific parts of my body that I wanted more focus at- I’ve been dealing with sciatica on my right lower back/ leg and he was great!!!!! If it’s your first time here at this spa, do request for Ryan!!! And if you’ve been here before, still request for Ryan!!! Thank you Hawaiian Experience Spa!!!!!” Ginger B., YELP  5 Stars

“Really good place to go to enjoy a nice full body massage and deep tissue.” Joseph Whetten, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“I always enjoy my massages at this spa! Cynthia is great!” Margaret DeLong. GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“I absolutely LOVED my visit. I did the coconut nui massage package with Leccxy, and she was incredible! I thought I wanted a deep tissue massage (which I’d never had before), but after I explained what I wanted, Leccxy tailored the massage to me, which was not deep tissue but EXACTLY what I wanted/needed. It was hands-down the best massage I’ve ever had. I’m so grateful to previous Yelp reviewers who recommended Leccxy; I truly believe she made the experience what it was. I have layers of knots in my shoulders, and she was able to isolate the source (knots on the front of my neck which I didn’t even know existed); 90 minutes later I felt a ton of relief (there’s still a long way to go, but I will definitely be scheduling more visits to work away at them).” Meghan S., YELP 5 Stars

“Three of us got massages. We all requested different types from one who wanted very gentle (she has very sensitive skin) to myself who wanted deep muscle work. We were all very satisfied with our visit. The employees asked us the types, areas we wanted to focus on, and we all got the massage we hoped for. Wish I could go once a week!” 269ireneg, TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“Exceptional service, affordable prices. Julianne provided attentive, expert facial. She is skilled, knowledgeable, and personable. All the products are outstanding. I have had three different facials and none of the products caused the slightest irritation. My skin feels 10 years younger when I leave the spa.” Karen H. YELP 5 Stars

“Leccxy was amazing. She made me feel very comfortable and made sure each part of the treatment was exactly the way I wanted it.” Stacey D. YELP  5 Stars

“I went for the first time and was thoroughly impressed! The services were amazing, I had a Lomi Lomi massage, felt like I was at a resort in Hawaii. Shannon was my therapist, she was very attentive and provided a great experience! Can’t wait for future treatments, highly recommend!” Jenny C. YELP  5 Stars

“Very good massage. Kasey is polite and very attentive to areas of concern.”, decay414, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“This is an amazing place!! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and a lovely place to unwind and relax.” Dorothy D., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Had such an amazing tome tonight with my lady. I highly recommend checking this place out. Hayden and Cynthia did such an amazing job on our couples massage even though we wouldn’t shut up.” John D., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Mike and Nathan did an excellent job for our couple’s session. They went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and exceeds all of our expectations.” Deb & Craig, Chandler

“As always, a great massage from Jordan. I’m already looking forward to next month’s appointment!” Marianne H, Tempe

“Corina did a fabulous job! She was right on point with facial and the massage. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends.” Michelle, Chandler

“Had a therapeutic massage treatment by Jordan. Highly skilled, talented and intuitive. Went in highly stressed from work and came out feeling like butter.” Donna, Mesa

“Had a fabulous massage by Liz at the Chandler location today! She’s awesome!” LPAZ, Chandler 

“Amazing experience, I’ll be back!” Katie, Chandler

“I left feeling completely relaxed and eager to return!” April, Gilbert

“Doesn’t get any better, Jordan is the best.” Patricia S, Chandler

“The spa has definitely assisted greatly in my healing from a serious illness. I appreciate every visit.” Tina P, San Tan Valley

“Again, a great experience. One of the best massages I have ever had.” Stephanie L, Queen Creek

“I love the Hawaiian Experience Spa and highly recommend it to my friends and colleagues. For me, the two best parts are the indulgent pampering while I am in the spa (the robes, the waterfall shower after my massage, and even a little chocolate in my locker!) and the flexibility of scheduling. Getting an appointment at times that meet my busy schedule is a major bonus. I don’t have the same therapist every time I go, because I schedule based on time, but every one of the therapists have been terrific. Yesterday I got the Hawaiian massage from Chelsea and it was fabulous!! Hands down, best spa in the East Valley!” Nikki, Chandler

“Awesome Experience! Looking forward to experience it again.” Yvonne E, Tucson

“Love this place! Thanks!” Greg, Mesa

“As soon as I entered the facility I felt so relaxed. What a beautiful Hawaiian decorated facility and the rain shower is amazing. Thank you so much to my therapist Zachary. You are a very talented and I will recommend you to everyone I meet.” B. Jolivet, Tucson

“We come to the Chandler location ALL the time. It’s our favorite little getaway. I think we’ve been treated by almost each staff member. This visit was fantastic with Didi and Nicole – we’re likely to request them next time.” Becca & Tyler, Phoenix

“Jordan was awesome – thank you so much!” Agnes, CA

“First massage in 15 years. It was a great experience. Very relaxing.” Connie, Tempe

“I had an awesome Lomi Lomi massage with Kasey. I highly recommend her. She’s fairly new at the spa but, did a fantastic job. Hawaiian Experience Spa always delivers with the very best!” Tom, Chandler

“My neck was bothering me a little when I came in. Chelsea did an amazing job. She hit my neck just right and got me feeling 100% even my traps feel better. I don’t think I have had anyone ever work my neck like that before. I am very grateful. The other thing I want to point out is she asked me if anything was bothering me and she actually listened to what I said and worked it properly.” Jon, Tempe

“The therapist Liz was amazing, would definitely recommend her to family & friends” Yakira, Chandler

“Loved, loved, loved my first lomi lomi massage! Chelsea was fantastic! I’m hooked. Thanks!” Greg, Mesa

“Zachary is the best therapist that I’ve had. Thanks Zach!” Mary Ann, Chandler

“Nathan at the Chandler Hawaiian Experience Spa is wonderful. My message treatment eased away my tightness and stress. I felt amazing for days!” Traci, Chandler

“I just had the best Waikiki therapeutic massage by Cynthia. Exactly the right pressure. I could feel all the stress and tightness disappearing with each stroke. Loved it!” Chris, Tempe

“I have always enjoyed my experience at Hawaiian Spa. Jordan is amazing and listens well to my needs. Always perfect!” Natalie V, Chandler

“Cynthia is the best! I just had another great massage and this time coupled it with the chocolate scrub and wrap. Very relaxing!” Joe, ID

“One of the best massages I have ever received.” Stephanie, Queen Creek

“Hawaiian Experience Spa has by far exceeded our experiences at other places. Best place to get a couple massage.” SS, Chandler 

“Well, “Magic Hands” (Jordan) did it again! I came in with lower back pain and overall tension from a rough week…and, I walked out feeling relaxed, loose, and pain free. And, the staff is over the top nice every time! Mahalo nui e a hui ho!” Shari, Chandler

“This was my first facial. I loved it and loved Wendi. I will definitely be back.” Beverly, Casa Grande

“My eyebrows look natural!” GG, Chandler

“Great time. Maria was perfect.” Chaz, AZ

“Love the organic products, the price and great customer service.” Sarah W, Tempe

“Liz has a sixth sense when it comes to finding areas that need attention. She found areas I didn’t even know needed work.” Joe B, Gilbert

“I absolutely LOVED the coconut massage. I can’t wait to book a couples Lomi Lomi and a 120 min double Lomi Lomi with sauna!!!” Alycea, San Tan Valley

“Jordan is awesome! I have a lot of muscle tension which causes headaches and I always feel better when I leave.” Kristin, Gilbert

“The real Hawaiian experience! So relaxing in a beautiful facility.” Chantelle, Pima

“Fabulous complementary shower for after your massage!” KP, Chandler

“Extremely clean, private, amenities are excellent and the little extras like body deodorant spray and hair gel are greatly appreciated.” Angela, Phoenix

“My massage was great! Perfect amount of pressure and very relaxing. Thanks Zach.” Robin W, Chandler

“Amazing experience!” Juli, AZ

“Received a body treatment and massage from Jordan. Went in very stressed with some problem areas and came out feeling great and relaxed. Very intuitive massage therapist. I would go back again!” Donna, Mesa

“Nathan gave an excellent massage that relived my stiff and achy joints. I left very relaxed and feeling better than I had in weeks.” Pam, Mesa

“A little hometown paradise!” AZ Native, Phoenix

“I love Hawaiian Experience Spa. Everyone is so friendly and the service is always the best. My massage was so relaxing and I am already looking forward to my next appointment.” Tom, Chandler

“I was given a spa package for Mother’s Day this year and whoa! This place amazing. Nicole was able to identify my needs with very little direction from me. I was so happy with my experience that I bought a membership!” Katie, Mesa

“I am always very sad when my massage is over…I never want it to end it’s so wonderful!” Caitlyn, Gilbert

“Jordan always asks where he should focus and creates a peaceful environment with little talking. Great job Jordan!” Danielle, Chandler

“Jordan made me feel very comfortable during my massage. The draping was done very professionally. The pressure was perfect.” DAllen, Mesa

“The massage was very relaxing and Cynthia did a great job. I would highly recommend her.” Tarah, Chandler

“Always a wonderful, relaxing time at Hawaiian Experience Spa.” Christina K, Chandler

“Loved the lomi lomi from Kasey, she was very professional and genuinely nice.” Mike, Gilbert

“I’m so happy with the results I’m getting from my facials and the tips Wendi gives me. I always look forward to my next visit the minute my facial is done!” Sharon VT, Chandler

“The massage was as relaxing as the first time I experienced it. I will need to go more often.” Marcy, Gilbert

“I continue my membership with the spa and get massages on a regular basis as part of how I keep myself healthy. It’s just as important as my gym membership! Thank you Jordan for the expert care you provide, I always leave feeling great.” Marianne H, Tempe

“Great spa, excellent services offered, Friendly staff.” Maryann, Gilbert

“Enjoyable, relaxing, and therapeutic! Love the shower option at the end and the friendliness of everyone. Highly recommend Cynthia, who was professional and kind.” Sherri, Mesa

“A wonderfully relaxing experience as usual!” Kaitlyn, Phoenix

“Nathan is fantastic. He is amazing at deep tissue work and incorporates stretching so he can get at knots and muscle tension from every angle.” Lisa A, Chandler

“I was so fortunate to get a spa gift certificate from my preschool class. The lomi lomi massage was divine!! I followed that with the wonderful shower 6 sprayer head shower.” Misty, Chandler

“Jordan aces it, once again! He worked out my well-earned knots from the week and got my weekend off to a wonderful start. Thanks, again, Jordan! XO” Shari R, Chandler

“Liz is absolutely fantastic! She takes time to listen to my needs and assures that my needs are being met. I feel so pampered with her attention! I still can’t believe how beneficial her massages have been. She is the best!” Jane, Chandler

“Every time I step into Hawaiian Experience Spa I feel extremely relaxed and comfortable. Everything runs so smooth and everyone is friendly. I am pretty picky about spa services and this place is top notch! Not to mention their shower is the best and it’s the icing on the cake. As long as I live in AZ I will never go anywhere else!” Rachel, Chandler

“It was an awesome and relaxing massage. I didn’t expect it to be so relaxing.” Edgar, Chandler

“My favorite reason for vacationing in Phoenix is my massage at Hawaiian Experience Spa.” Susan, CA

“I had one of the best massages I have ever had with Becky. She took care to address my concerns and made me feel comfortable.” Terri, Chandler

“I love getting facials at Hawaiian Experience Spa. Corina is fabulous!! Best Spa ever!!!” LP, Chandler

“Great spa with personal attention. If you are thinking about it I encourage you to try it. Love the Hawaii vibe. I tried it with a groupon gift and joined same day.” Kitty, AZ

“I’ve been a member for over three years now and every appointment brings a renewed sense of self and helps me attain relaxation and overall body wellness.” Maddy, Chandler

“Zach did a great job! I really appreciated that he focused on my problem areas. Overall, I had a great experience and would highly recommend Hawaiian Experience Spa!” Raven, Chandler

“I would say Nathan is absolutely the most fantastic massage therapist in the world but then everyone would book him up ;)” Pam, Phoenix

“This place is amazing” Violet, Arizona City

“I so enjoyed my Therapeutic Massage by Nicole. She is so nice and has a very flowing massage touch. She is stronger she looks at her petite size! I felt 100 % better after my massage. I will schedule with Nicole again. Thank you.” Judy, Mesa

“Nicole is awesome and I would highly recommend her to my friends and family. I honestly can say I felt extremely relaxed when I left. My scrub and wrap where amazing!” Maria, Gilbert

“Corina is a top notch aesthetician! I so enjoyed her gentle ways and nice firm techniques with my facial and hand massage. A very good teacher, when I asked about my facial care, she is very knowledgeable. Looking forward to my next treatment from Corina! Thank u!” Judy, Mesa

“I would highly recommend Nathan for massage therapy. I always feel relief of muscle pain in my neck and knees for weeks following a therapeutic massage from Nathan. Thank you!” Cheryl, Casa Grande

“I came in with tight, sore muscles and left feeling completely relaxed after a great hot rock massage from Nathan. I love this spa! Everyone is always professional and helpful, it’s spotless and I’ve never been disappointed in the service I received. Today’s was exceptional.” Chris, Tempe 

“I haven’t been able to make an appointment for at least once a month due to business travel and I really miss my massages at HE and feel so wonderful each time I walk in the door knowing I will have a fantastic experience.” Dorice, Chandler

“I cannot recommend highly enough for therapeutic massage. It was intense amid very effective” Ren E, Chandler

“Lisa once again did a great job! The pressure of the massage was perfect and she focused a lot on the areas we discussed before the massage began.” Tommy C, Gilbert 

“Made my week!” Mark F, Gilbert

“Well, “Magic Hands” Jordan pleases again! And, the staff is always so nice. I have a sense of positive energy and calm every time I go to Hawaiian Experience Spa. Mahalo nui loa!” Shari R, Chandler

“All the staff were very nice and helpful.” Terri, Phoenix

“Cynthia is the absolute best therapist for someone in need of deep healing massage!” Dirk, Casa Grande

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is take time to refresh yourself.” Scott, Gilbert

“Experienced some paradise with an amazing facial.” Alison W, Chandler

“Another great massage! Well done, Hawaiian Experience.” C.S., AZ

“My experience far exceeded my expectations. Every detail considered. Very professional.” Cyn C, Tempe

“Love this place!!” Gretchen, Chandler

“Took advantage of the members discount for an extra massage this month. So glad I did! I haven’t had this much mobility in my neck in years. Lisa has been working on the tightness and stiffness in my neck and the back of my head. I can’t believe how much better I feel after my massage tonight. I may try a 90 minute massage next month.” Tom, Chandler

“Best facial ever! Going to miss this place when I have to move back East.” Kathy, MD

“Liz is a fantastic massage therapist. Going to go on a regular basis and have already recommended her and Hawaiian to friends and family.” Jeff, Chandler

“All the therapists at the spa are personable, knowledgeable, and kind.” Janet W, Mesa

“I Love this place!” Jodi, Chandler

“Great massage as always. Highly recommend Cynthia.” Gigi, Chandler

“Very relaxing and professional.” Stephanie, Queen Creek

“My skin looks and feels amazing can’t wait for my next Hawaiian spa treatment!” Karen, Mesa

“The staff was super friendly, my therapist was kind and professional, and the service made me feel like King Kamehameha!” Jeff D, Gilbert

“Great service and very friendly staff. So relaxing I fell asleep! I would highly recommend.” Jill, Chandler

“As always, another great massage at Hawaiian Experience Spa!” Tom, Chandler

“Lisa’s version of the Lomi Lomi was awesome! Her experience definitely shined through. I look forward to more massages from Lisa and have already recommended her.” Tommy C, Gilbert

“Two words for Jordan…Magic Hands!” Shari R, Chandler

“Zach is awesome… it exceeded all my expectations and his technical knowledge and explanations was very informative! It made me want to become a member!” Mark F, Gilbert

“Darla was very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. One of the best facials I’ve had, from technique, to knowledge, to atmosphere. My skin was happy and I left feeling relaxed and renewed.” April, Gilbert

“Nathan is a great therapist, one if the best I’ve ever gone to!” Julie, Tucson

“Best massage I’ve ever had and the staff was very friendly. Cynthia is awesome! Can’t wait for my next massage.” Julie B, Chandler

“My massage this past Sunday was a very relaxing experience. I left feeling mellowed out and invigorated to face the new week’s challenges.” Jason R, Chandler

“The Chandler location is awesome, from the view in the waiting room, the relaxing services they provide, and then finishing it off in their amazing showers! Makes you feel luxurious for a couple hours.” Elizabeth M, Chandler

“Best experience I’ve had at a spa!!” Lisa B, GA

“Fantastic. Every time” Danielle, Phoenix

“One of the best massage experiences I’ve ever had.” Ginger, Chandler

“Looking for a great massage plus positive energy? That something extra where you leave emotionally and psychically recharged? See Zachary at Chandler.” Ashley L, Chandler

“Fabulous experience, wonderful relaxing massage, and the shower is fantatbulous! Definitely booking a couples massage!” Michele E, Chandler

“Another great experience at the Chandler Hawaiian Experience. Best facial experience I’ve had in a long time! Next time I just need to plan to enjoy the steam and relaxing lounge area prior to my appointment.” Kimberly, Chandler

“Excellent service” Steven S, Casa Grande

“Darla and Zachary were amazing at making me feel comfortable and relaxed. I left feeling like a brand new person. Thank you!!!” Liz B, Chandler

“By far the best facial that I have ever had. I left feeling so refreshed. Will definitely be back!” Megan O, Chandler

“The Best Services in Arizona!” Sandra N, Gilbert

“I’ve missed the Spa and am so glad to be back again! I am ALWAYS pleased with the expert massage therapists and how they treat me. Mahalo Nui!” Shari R, Chandler

“Get over your insecurities and let the coconut oil flow. The lomi lomi massage is one of a kind and a must try for everyone.” Charity S, Mesa

“Grateful that my therapist (Cynthia) always checked in on my comfort levels and encouraged me to note if anything didn’t feel good. She was very attentive and had a calming demeanor about her. Highly recommend!” Ale V, Phoenix

“This place has amazing energy! Amazing beautiful spa!” Fabian , Tempe

“A very relaxing and enjoyable experience” Kimilee, Mesa

“From the long hot showers to the coconut oil lomi lomi massage- visiting your spa is a wonderful experience all around! I feel great after every visit.” Greg P, Tempe

“My massage with Lisa today was incredible! I have come to expect an excellent massage at Hawaiian Experience Spa every time I schedule an appointment. Altough she’s new at the spa, Lisa’s training and experience with giving a lomi lomi was quite evident. I wasn’t feeling well when I arrived and by the end of the hour my headache was gone and I felt so relaxed and revived. Her focus on each area she worked on was fantastic. The time she spent on my feet was perfect…I loved it! This was the best massage I’ve ever had and I can’t wait for my next appointment.” Tom, Chandler

“I felt so relaxed during and after my massage. The atmosphere brought me back to my trips to Hawaii and I was really impressed with Lisa as my massage therapist.” Stephanie T, Chandler

“Liz was an excellent therapist and made me feel very comfortable. She knew exactly the amount of pressure to use and communicated very well!” Amanda, Chandler May 2017

“Nathan has truly gifted hands & a great spirit!” Imani, Gilbert

“Extremely satisfied with my experience today. My day started off rough with a tension headache, and I was able to get in to see Liz in the afternoon. Now I am pain free and feeling fine! Thanks for a great experience!” Whitney, Chandler

“Hawaiian Experience Spa is awesome. My therapist Nathan is amazing. His knowledge and skill sets him apart from other therapists.” Ken P, Phoenix

“Overall, fanatastic experience! Have been there many times and definitely will return! Being born and raised from Hawai’i I appreciate the culture and staying true to its form! Mahalo Nui Loa Hawaiian Expericence Spa!! Aloha” Erika K, Chandler

“Feeling like a new woman!!” LPAZ, Chandler

“The experience I had at the Chandler location was very professional and relaxing. I highly recommend it!” Julie K, Apache Junction May 2017

“5 minutes into my first massage here, I knew I would be back. To my delight, they have a fantastic membership program!” Danielle, Phoenix

“I am completely biased toward Nathan. He is so knowledgeable and really works to help release the tension from my body. Not only does he provide the perfect amount of pressure but he always stretches me out. I know with him I’m going in to get bodywork and not just some “fluff” massage. He honestly is the main reason I keep coming back. ” Kira, Phoenix

“I love this place! Feels like an escape from the real world every time I come!” Koban B, Scottsdale

“Love the Chandler location the staff and the tranquility. Became a member!” Dee, Chandler

“Excellent service provided Nicole was so professional and listened to my areas on concern. I left feeling so relaxed and stress levels down. Thank you so much!” Ariel S, Mesa

“Nicole was fabulous” Carolyn, Chino Valley

“I went to the spa today with very tight shoulders and back and although I love every one of the very relaxing treatments offered, I asked Nathan to work just on my back. An hour later I left feeling like a new person. I recommend this spa to all my friends. And now I will add Nathan, too.” Christine, Tempe

“Great facial by Darla! I won’t go to anyone else!” Heather L, Chandler

“I love the atmosphere and my massage therapist, DiDi was awesome. The shower was Heavenly. Thank you so much for the relaxing experience.” Melissa, Chandler

“Thank you for the wonderful massage! The waterfall shower afterwards was amazing. I highly recommend the scalp massage as well. Can’t wait to go back!” Teighlor D, Chandler

“Nathan is a great massage therapist!” Suzy, Chandler

“Jordan was amazing, as usual. I always leave knowing my pain will be under control for a while.” Alyssa, IL

“Liz gave an amazing Swedish massage that “hurt so good” and I loved it. The facial I received from Darla not only felt great, but made me say “wow” as soon as I looked in the mirror. I loved my experience and I cannot wait to return.” Jenna S, Gilbert

“Aside of my experiences being heavenly each time I visit your office, my neck and shoulder pain is under control thanks to my therapist. He is knowledgeable, professional, knows how to focus on client’s needs, and has a good, positive energy.” Sandra, Chandler

“If you are in pain go see Liz. She fixed me.” Jon, Tempe

“This was the perfect Mother’s Day spa experience. I loved everything from the minute I walked in to the amazing shower at the end.” Stacia, Gilbert

“It’s always scary trying a new spa, but this experience was beyond any expectations I had going in! The environment is so relaxing (the robes are a fantastic touch that other similar places don’t have!) and my facial was incredible. I went in feeling anxious and frazzled from a crazy day and left refreshed and ready to tackle the world.” Sam T, Tempe

“My back was really tight after helping a friend move and needed a therapeutic massage. Upon entering the faculty everyone was super friendly and attentive. Lisa performed the massage and she was outstanding in all facets! Can’t wait to return!!” Patrick D, Chandler May 2017

“Whole new experience for those who get massages. One that we highly recommend!” E&J Black, Chandler

“The experience of the spa instantly takes you the relaxing and unique soothing vibe of the islands!” Drew B, Scottsdale

“The Lomi Lomi massage is the best massage I’ve ever received. The showers are amazing, and the staff/therapists are FANTASTIC!!! :)” Rachel, Chandler

“I absolutely loved the lomi lomi massage I received from Lisa. She let me know before the massage that she had spent several years in Hawaii training and practicing lomi lomi techniques. What a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic massage! I came in feeling achy and left the spa feeling so revitalized.” Tom, Chandler

“I so look forward to my visits to HE. Jordan is an excellent therapist and I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated at the end of sessions. Sara and the staff are welcoming, friendly, and professional. I only wish my crazy schedule enabled me to visit at least once a month or more…..for sure I’d feel much better!” Dorice, Chandler

“My family went for my husband’s birthday. We all had wonderful treatments and all agreed that it was the best massages and facials we ever had. Zach, Darla and Liz worked out the kinks and knots. Can’t wait to go back.” Monica M, Chandler

“Love the Hawaiian Spa!!” Charlene, Gilbert

“Very impressed with what I consider a “little piece of hana.” Corina was so wonderfully accommodating. I couldn’t have asked for more.” Beth, Chandler

“Nathan has gifted hands & now my neck is doing MUCH better!” Imani, Gilbert

“I’ve had a lot of facials and Wendi was by far the best! She was very helpful in explaining the products that would work best for me. I can’t wait to see her again next month.” Sharon VT, Chandler

“Fantastic experience every time! Great customer service, relaxing environment and a superb massage from Jordan keeps me coming back every month.” M.H., Tempe

“The service never disappoints! I’m looking forward to my next Lomi with Jordan.” Maira R., Gilbert

“If you have shoulder and neck issues Jordan is your guy!! Amazing massage!” Jeannette M, Chandler 

“Wendi made my entire day when I visited the spa. Everyone was so friendly and I will definitely be going back!” Lauren, Chandler

“Cynthia was amazing! I had my first ever hot stone massage and let’s just say I’ll be back for many more!! I felt so at peace during and after I did not want it to end!” Caitlyn, Gilbert

“Awesome experience!” Hamid, Chandler

“May life be like the hands of your Therapist, Firm at times, but soft and gentle otherwise and ALWAYS a pleasure to experience.” Willy, Mesa

“Great ambiance, great location, fantastic prices and the best massage!” Jeff, Chandler

“Zachary was amazing and came highly recommended for a massage therapist. His level of service was fantastic as he was as attentive as he was kind. The front desk staff was very courteous and polite. I will be sending my family and friends for sure!” Adreanne, Chandler

“Had a great time. Was looking for a super relaxing experience, and was delivered. Both Darla and Zachary did a superb job. Thank you both very much.” Sarai, Gilbert

“Loved the massage with Jordan. He is a person whom you can be comfortable with and a VERY good massage therapist. I would love to see him again! When I get the chance to come back he will be requested.” Laura Jean, Chandler April

“I love getting my facials by Darla! She is very knowledgeable about products.” Chris S, Phoenix

“Sweet escapism! Great staff! Very clean & comfortable. I especially love listening to the sound of waves.” KDZ, Chandler

“Wendi did an AMAZING job! It was my first facial but definitely won’t be my last! The spa was clean and relaxing. Really recommend!” Brittany, Chandler

“Britney was super friendly and her Lomi Lomi was excellent!” Eileen, Chandler

“This was my first massage with Liz and true to Hawaiian Experience standards, she was terrific. I loved the hot towel wrap on my feet at the end of the massage!” Tom, Chandler

“Went in for a 120 minute Lomi-Lomi Massage with Debra at the Chandler site. It was an amazing treatment.” Andre, Chandler


“Amazing message and facial!!” L, Mesa

“I love being your member! I had another awesome experience at your spa. Jordan Z. was my massage therapist; he was professional, intuitive, friendly, and knows his job well. I am recommending him to everyone.” Sandra, Chandler

“Jordan did an excellent job of addressing my sore muscles from a DIY project. I left very relaxed!” Pam, Mesa

“Nicole is a fantastic therapist… She is highly knowledgable, yet sensitive in her approach. She is skilled beyond her years and has a bright future as one of Chandlers best massage therapists!” Kevin, Chandler

“My first experience was wonderful My treatment was very relaxing and my therapist was very knowledgeable. Would recommend your service to my friends.” Janet, Chandler

“Couples massage and sauna were wonderful! We enjoyed it so much we plan to be back soon!” Marissa C, Chandler

“They know how to focus on YOU, the level of pressure and areas needing more work. Nathan you’re great.” Donna A, Chandler

“Perfect place to unwind after a long day.” SL, Chandler

“I had a very enjoyable massage with Debra. She is very experienced and she made sure to check with me throughout the massage as to whether the pressure was ok.” Julie, Tucson

“Best Facial Ever!” Gary K, Sun Lakes

“What a fabulous find when I was assigned WENDY, Aesthetician , to complete my facial! She is fabulous! A healing touch, experienced, gentle yet firm in her massage, and kind! What more could A Gal ask for in a therapeutic facial! Thank you.” Judy, Mesa

“Another great lomi lomi massage at Hawaiian Experience Spa. I was so relaxed and comfortable that I dozed off a bit. The pressure was just right. Looking forward to my next massage!” Tom, Chandler

“As in past sessions, Cynthia gave me exactly the treatment that I needed that day. I had arrived tense and achy, then left feeling relaxed and peaceful. :)” Shari R, Chandler

“I highly recommend this location it was a wonderful experience all around!!!” Ashley L, Chandler

“Every spa service I’ve experienced has put me on Cloud 9. Even the showers are an exhilarating experience!” Krystie, Chandler

“Great facility and location with a water view from waiting area. Relaxing and professional – it felt like a mini vacation!” Vicki, Chandler

“My boyfriend and I did the couples massage and had a lovely time getting pampered together. The spa did great with creating a romantic vibe that made it natural for us to focus on each other. I had the hot stones with therapist, Nicole, and enjoyed the entire experience. From her pressure to the temperature of the stones, it was all perfect! I recommend this place for the complete spa experience and reasonably priced services!” Krista, Chandler

“I had again enjoyable 2 hour Lomi Lomi experience with Jordan yesterday. He was terrific in addressing the areas I wanted him to focus on, adjusting pressure as I needed and tailoring the massage to my needs. Thank you again for another amazing experience!” Sandra B, Chandler

“Awesome customer service and massage therapists.” Ed, Phoenix

“One of the best therapeutic massages I’ve ever received!” Melissa T, Chandler

“Great experience.” Marie, CA

“Felt like I was in a trance. So relaxing.” Catherine M, Mesa

“I enjoyed gazing at the water before my massage which was therapeutic and healing. Zach has skills. Mahalo.” Gale, Chandler

“Loved Nathan’s massage! Died and went to heaven!” Kim, Chandler

“A great experience over all. Staff is super helpful and the spa is quiet and relaxing.” Kristina, Gilbert

“My wife got us massages as a special Saturday activity and it was amazing. I feel so relaxed and want to come back very soon.” Chris N, Gilbert

“Nathan was incredible and I will be returning as soon as possible for another massage. I work out a lot and am very tight… after the massage I felt like a relaxed noodle. My body hasn’t felt this good in over a year.” Kirsty N, Gilbert

“This place is awesome! The Lomi Lomi massage is now my favorite style of massage. The facilities here are great too. The shower rooms are awesome, I now want to get multiple shower heads in our shower.” Eric M, Chandler

“Perfect massage. I came in with limited range of motion of my neck and left being able to fully rotate my neck!” Imani, Gilbert,

“Love the service, the atmosphere and especially the excellent massage I get from Jordan. I always leave feeling wonderful and looking forward to my next massage.” Marianne H, Tempe

“A big thanks to Liz for making the start of a get-away weekend absolutely perfect and relaxing. We visit the Phoenix area regularly and I will certainly be back!” Ann, CA

“I came in with soreness and no expectations, Zach listened to needs assessed my muscle needs and even after a couple days I’m still feeling great!” Michael, Mesa

“Darla was incredible. One of the best facials ever. Great products here too.” BMG, NJ

“This is a great spa experience. Very professional but welcoming and relaxing all at once.” April, Gilbert 

“Amazing way to start our 22 year anniversary. Such great customer service and a quality massage therapist that knew what they were doing. We will be back!” Steph D, Gilbert

“Absolutely a fantastic and relaxing experience” Lisa, Gilbert

“Excellent services!” Suzy, Chandler

“Hawaiian Experience Spa was the Best Massage and Friendliest Experience that we have ever received at a Spa Place…Thank you” Vickie M, NM

“Cynthia did a great job prior to my massage, asking questions about what kind of pressure I like and what specific areas may need attention. She was very focused on making it a great experience. I always enjoy my regular monthly appointment at Hawaiian Experience Spa.” Tom, Chandler

“I usually book at last minute, so I don’t get the same therapist all the time. Luckily for me, you have worked hard to make sure ALL your therapists are the best. I have asked for different treatments from deep tissue to a soft relaxing massage depending on my stress levels and needs at the time, (weekend warrior) haha. Every single time I have received exactly what I wanted and needed. Thank you for having a great facility and the staff to always make sure I get top notch service.” Troy, Queen Creek

“Zach made me feel comfortable before my session by asking questions about problem areas, type of pressure and misc items. His lomi lomi skills were top notch. My massage was very relaxing and I enjoyed it very much.” Barb, Chandler

“Loved the Hawaiian atmosphere and also in chandler you can look out at water. So neat too. Spa was very clean and enjoyed a tour of the spa first.” Elaine, Apache Junction

“A little piece of paradise.” Scott, NM

“If you’re looking for a super relaxing, reasonably priced massage….look no further. This is really an oasis in the desert.” Linda S, Mesa

“Becky is a great representative for Hawaiian Spa Experience, and a thoughtful and caring therapist!” Ellen H, Chandler

“Jason, my massage therapist is very good! He has strong hands, and knew my points that were sore. I love the showers! I will be back!” Katie, Phoenix

“Jordan is awesome! Very professional, knowledgeable and skilled. Best therapeutic massage. He listened attentively to my concerns and addressed the issues, relieving my neck, shoulder and lower back pains. I had opted for a 1 hr. massage which was fabulous, however, next time I will need to schedule the 1 1/2 hr. one! Thank you Jordan!” Holly S, Chandler

“I had another great experience in Hawaiian Experience Spa. Jordan did a great job on my neck, shoulders, and back, like always. Thank you. guys!” Sandra B, Chandler

“Had the best experience” Lori P, San Tan Valley

“Great place to relax and get a massage while on vacation!” Chris B, Iowa

“Had a wonderfully relaxing massage. I love Hawaii and this made me feel like I was there” Yvonne R, Phoenix

“The Lomi Lomi is our personal favorite massage – you’ll never get a better experience! We come back every time just for it!” Becca & Tyler Phoenix

“Corina did a fantastic job on my facial! She took care in removing my makeup, gently cleansing, exfoliating and massaging my face, all the while explaining what products she was using next and how it benefited my skin. Her calm, mellow nature encouraged me to unwind and relax after a long day and enjoy the experience. My complexion feels and looks amazing! I love how much more hydrated my skin is and appreciate the samples of product I was given on my way out. I will definitely book with her again!” Holly S, Chandler

“Every time I come back, the massages get better the more your therapist gets to know you. They are amazing.” Matthew, Paulden

“Jordan at Chandler location is dedicated in his work!!! I love going home and feeling relief and sleeping better!! Sara (manager) you are the Best!” Dori, Gilbert

“Always so relaxed after a Lomi Lomi with Jordan! He is excellent!” Pam, Mesa

“My facial was amazing! Can wait to have another one.” TC, Chandler

“I used to live in Hawaii, and get regular massages there. This authentic experience brought me right back to that wonderful time when I lived there. The shower was also incredible, and can’t be missed. I have already booked my next visit! Mahalo for such an enjoyable experience!” Patty, Chandler

“My therapeutic massage was more than I expected. Nathan was the consummate professional! I will return again.” B. Henry, Phoenix

“Nicole gave me a wonderful massage.” Nancy, Phoenix

“This was my first time with Cynthia and I was really pleased with her technique and knowledge. I was so relaxed by the time she finished our Lomi session that I was wobbly!” Shari, Chandler

“Massage was great. Thanks Zach!” Lilian, Chandler

“Great place to de-stress and relax. Everyone was genuinely nice and professional. Great products used.” Carol S, Tempe

“The couple’s massage lesson with Nathan was a great part of our birthday celebration. I was amazed at how much we learned in 90 minutes. I can’t recommend it enough for any couple. I can’t wait to try this again.” Dave and Amy, Chandler

“I entered this spa in pain and left elated! Thank you.” Adam L, Gilbert

“Jordan is an excellent therapist! I always leave HES feeling relaxed, destressed, and cared for. Thank you to the team!” Dorice, Chandler

“I’m always excited for my experience here, and it really is an experience! I feel like the queen of the world while I’m here and they always pay close attention to all the details. Thank you!” Eva P, Chandler 

“Darla was very knowledgable and made me feel at ease. I had a wonderful experience and loved the personalized care.” Nikki, Phoenix

“Nathan was absolutely excellent!” Imani, Gilbert

“Jara is amazing! Very personable and fantastic massage!” Jill P, Maricopa

“Wonderful experience!” Ken K, Gilbert

“Wonderful experience! Thank you!” Vonnie, Chandler

“Cynthia was great! Very professional, skilled and bengal. She applied just the amount of pressure and attention to problematic tense areas on my lower back and shoulders which I told her about. I was very satisfied with the experience and felt very relaxed.” Sheala, Chandler

“Jason’s technique was incomparable to others” Catherine M, Mesa

“Excellent facial. I highly recommend Corina! I will be back!” Judy, ND

“A lomi lomi massage at Hawaiian Experience Spa with April is the perfect end to the week!” Tom, Chandler

“Love is in the details. From the chocolate treat and little ducky in your locker, to the amazing massage and showers – love this spa!” Chas, Gilbert

“Nathan is the therapist I have been waiting for. Knowledgeable, personable, perfect pressure and made me feel his passion for what he does.” Shakira, Phoenix

“I had an amazing experience.” Jess, Chandler

“If I lived in AZ I would see Zach on a regular basis.. my shoulders and neck feel so much better.. Thank You Zach ..” Shellie, WA

“My second experience! Awesome!” Carole K, IL “Loved the little extras and details. Nice products to use with the shower afterwards and let’s not forget the chocolate!” D. Allen, Mesa

“You will be pleasantly surprised!! Facial from Darla rivaled those I’ve received in NYC area. It was superb, you will not be disappointed! Jason listened to my areas of discomfort and applied just the right amount of pressure. He really knows what he is doing!” MK, NY

“Hawaiian Experience Spa gave me the deep tissue massage that I needed while at the same time made me feel completely and utterly relaxed. Amazing! Facial was pure perfection. I walked out of there feeling renewed and youthful. Environment is clean and the staff very welcoming. Highly recommend!” Michelle C, AZ

“Hawaiian Experience Spa brings the Aloha of the Islands to the Valley of the Sun. We are hooked on the amazing couples treatments.” Jeff, Mesa

“Every time I have received a massage it has been amazing. Gets better every time.” Matthew, Paulden

“Once again a fantastic massage from Jordan, he is the best! I just love how the sounds of the waves and the flow of lomi lomi massage take you to another place. I think I’m addicted!” Marianne, Tempe

“April’s massage was extremely relaxing and I would recommend her to anyone, especially those looking to de-stress.” Amber, Scottsdale

“Wonderful spa day for my daughter and I for her birthday!!” J Jones, CO

“Best facial!” Jeanette S, Tempe

“Great place to escape the day!” LP, Chandler

“Fantastic experience. I loved the Hawaiian experience massage, especially the combination of the oil and the heat.” David J, MO

“Loved the rainfall shower, 4 warm shower heads were awesome” Scarlett, Queen Creek

“Love the rainfall double shower, my wife and I want one for the house now.” Aaron B, Queen Creek

“Darla the aesthetician is amazing! Sooo knowledgeable, professional, gentle. I usually go to high end salons for skin care and Darla put them to shame!” Jeannie H, Scottsdale

“If you are visiting Chandler area at any time, you must make time for this Spa experience!” Frankie O, Canada

“It was like a little mini vacation!” Imani and Daryl, Gilbert

“Enjoyed every second of my treatment! Will definitely go for a 90 min massage next time, 60 mins is never long enough! A really pleasant atmosphere and experience. Thanks!” Gail, Chandler 

“You forget to take care if number one. Debra reminded me to slow down and take care of me. Her focus on not only relaxing me but easing my aching pain, was much appreciated. Mahalo to both Debra and Hawaiian Experience Spa.” Janet W, Chandler

“My experience was amazing. I felt so comfortable with my therapist. Almost felt like I have had a million massages. Very professional.” Mathew, Paulden

“Had a great time at the spa!” SL, Chandler

“The best massage ever! And I definitely need to get more facials because my skin looks and feels terrific!” Barb, San Tan Valley

“Front desk was friendly and knowledgeable.” Sylvia, Chandler

“I loved the atmosphere of the spa.” Milli, Globe

“Amazing Massage. Highly recommended.” Chris, Scottsdale

“Jordan is the best therapist who has ever worked on me.” Ken, Mesa

“Once, again, Jara gave me just the treatment I needed. I left, feeling very relaxed and peaceful.” Shari, Chandler

“FABULOUS!! Best massage experience I’ve had yet! ( and I’ve been using them regularly for 8 years!)” Marcia L, OH

“Great spa experience!” Melissa, Gilbert

“Amazing service! Professional staff! You gotta try Hawaiian Spa Massage!” Michele

“Jason was great. He adjusted his pressure just like I asked. The massage was rejuvenating.” Audrey, Chandler

“Brooke was perfectly knowledgeable on products needed and on regime suggestions during and after my facial. She provided a relaxing yet informative environment.” Barbara, Gilbert

“Extremely satisfied with professional services!” Cindee, Chandler

“I’ve had many spa services before, but going Hawaiian I s my new favorite!” Kathy C, Phoenix

“The Lomi Lomi massage was the best massage I have had in a very long time. Will definitely be back.” Tammy F, Casa Grande

“The front desk person was very helpful and kind. She has a great smile. Thank you.” Louis, Chandler

“Jason was great. He was very knowledgeable and attentive to my needs. Island escape in the desert!” Lukisha, Maricopa

“Very warm and pleasant location. Staff kept the atmosphere relaxed and calm. It was a very good first experience” Jacqueline, Chandler

“LOVE that there’s a fancy shower available after the treatment!” Luann, CO

“Jason is a very therapeutic therapist. I always feel rejuvenated after his style of massage. Thank you.” Judy, Mesa

“Zach was very kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and professional. He focused on painful parts of my back, neck and shoulders, and was able to eliminate all knots. I am very satisfied with his service.” Sandra B, Chandler

“Nathan was AMAZING! My massage was so good that, not only did I change my mind about cancelling my membership, but i have another appt with him for next week.” Imani, Gilbert

“My neck doesn’t hurt anymore! I’ll be in more frequently in the future. Jason was able to work the kinks out of all the muscles in my neck and I’m so relieved. Thanks” Barbara, San Tan Valley

“So glad I was given a gift certificate for an extra lomi lomi massage this month. April, as always, did a fantastic job! Can’t wait to return for my next appointment.” Tom, Chandler

“Everybody there is always so personable and just a pleasure. Didi was awesome!!!! She truly gives a full body massage! I’ve never had anyone work my arms and legs like she does! Fantastic therapeutic massage!” Angenette, Phoenix

“After discovering Hawaiian Spa last year, I won’t go to any other place for services. They do an excellent job all around. You won’t be disappointed!” Kathryn, Chandler

“Brooke was very professional, very relaxing facial.” Kathryn, Gilbert

“To heaven and back with Massage and Facial” Carol C, Chandler

“I received an anti-aging facial as a gift. It was so relaxing and my skin glowed afterwards!” Sandy A, Gilbert

“Therapist was wonderful and the couples experience was amazing.” Chad M, Mesa

“Hawaiian Experience Spa brings back memories of visiting the islands. Their services and level of professionalism are unmatched!” Chris H, Chandler

“My experience was great! I had a very relaxing experience!” Celicia, Maricopa

“Best facial I’ve ever had!” Kathy, MD

“Loved that I could utilize the showers before and after my service. The ocean sounds during my treatment were very relaxing. I quite enjoyed sitting in the lounge after my service eating a pear. You provided an excellent experience, not just a great massage.” Terina M, Mesa

“Debra was Awesome!” Joel, Gilbert

“Zachary was great, his technique and wonderful and he’s very thoughtful and sweet.” Rebecca, Chandler

“Thank you to Cynthia and Jara for making my daughter’s birthday very relaxing. The massages were great and just what we needed. We had a wonderful hour in Hawaii and did not want to come back home. I love Hawaiian Experience Spa! They are always friendly and knowledgeable.” CM, Maricopa

“I just can’t say enough good things about Hawaiian Experience Spa. Having been a member for several years, I always have been treated so well from the time I walk in the front door to check out. My appointment today was no exception. April took time to listen to what was going on with me before my massage and then was so in tune with my body. I just love being treated so well. You’re the best!” Tom, Chandler

“Jara made me feel very comfortable right from the beginning, and gave me precisely what I asked for (and needed)…to feel relaxed and calm.” Shari, Chandler

“We got a couples massage as a wedding present to ourselves. Zachary and Cynthia made this experience absolutely wonderful. They both catered to mine and my husband’s needs. They are very knowledgeable and are exceptional at their job. Thank you so much Hawaiian Experience Spa!” Ashley L, Chandler

“Hidden Gem! This was one of the best massages I have had and I have been many places. Very professional and comfortable. I felt so much better afterwards. I will be coming back and recommending the place to others.” Lisa, Gilbert

“Darla did an Age Prevention facial for me and she was great! Offered great tips for skin care and made sure I was comfortable. Really friendly and knowledgeable! Great spa! Everyone was really friendly and I left feeling very relaxed!” Heather, Tempe

“The couples massage was a great experience and the atmosphere was perfect, I learned so much!” Ivan, Chandler

“Jara is who you go to see for a message. She came is my favorite and turns my back into play dough.” Duncan, Chandler

“Thoroughly enjoyed the experience!” Liz H, Chandler

“Jordan was amazing. My sciatic nerve was bothering me and he really focused on trying to give me relief. He tailored my massage to my needs.” Michelle, Chandler

“Best couples massage in the east valley.” Alec, Chandler

“Facials with Corina are AMAZING!! She’s super knowledgeable & I almost fell asleep multiple times (in a facial!) because I was so relaxed!” Chandler

“Enjoyed a couples massage for our anniversary. Excellent service, fabulous massage, an all around great experience!” Elizabeth, Mesa

“Best massage I have had in the valley.” Denise, Phoenix “Absolutely wonderful, relaxing and great atmosphere!” Carlie, Chandler

“The whole experience was great! I rarely get massages, but after the service I received from the friendly staff, I will definitely be coming back more often!” Carly, Chandler

“Amazing massage by Nathan! Perfect amount of pressure, very professional, and massage was relaxing. I enjoyed the day spa with my husband for our anniversary.” Lauren, Gilbert

“I love Hawaiian Experience Spa and it is worth being your member. Thank you for all your services.” Sandra B, Chandler

“A great twist on traditional massage places, “spa” feel but close to home and less expensive. Friendly staff, more intimate massage but yet non-invasive.” Valerie, Gilbert

“Great spa, wonderful massage, Zachary is an amazing therapist. Makes me want to plan a trip to Hawaii!” Lori, Chandler

“A quaint oasis in the city that allowed a virtual escape to the Islands – the Lomi Lomi massage was amazing! Thank-you.” The Jobsons, Canada

“The perfect 50 minute getaway. I needed a detox after the holidays and this fit my needs.” Barbara, San Tan Valley

“April always does a fantastic job. I had been suffering with a headache all day and she knew just what pressure and techniques to use on my neck and shoulders to make it go away.” Tom, Chandler

“I was given a gift certificate from my boyfriend for Christmas who said this is the best place he’s been. I agree 100%. I came in with lower back pain from hiking on Christmas and today feel zero pain and slept better last night than any day I can remember.” E. Johnson, Chandler

“I got a really nice facial from Corina!” Nancy, Chandler

“Extremely satisfied with my massage by Jason. He was totally into what my problems were and how to help me with my extreme knee and leg pain.” Cheryl, Casa Grande

“Great facial. I love the products they use.” Fab, NY

“Very very pleasant experience.” Susan, Green Valley

“This was a wonderful experience. I recommend to anyone who is in need of a break to come here and enjoy the comforts provided by the experts and facilities.” Olivia, Chandler

“I always have a great experience at this spa. Great staff, great service, great experience.” April J, Gilbert

“This spa made my husband’s first time experience memorable, we will be back!” Shaunette, Chandler

“For this being my first time with Jason, it was very good. It’s interesting how each therapist has their own style. The ultimate success of a treatment can depend on communication between the client and therapist. Jason is very comfortable” and easy to talk with. I really appreciate that. :)” Shari R, Chandler

“I have been to many massages, I have to say this is the most amazing experience I have ever had.” Kimberly, Maricopa December 2016

“A wonderful and very relaxing Facial.” Pat, Chandler

“This was by far the best massage experience I’ve had. The atmosphere is so relaxing and I felt super comfortable at the spa.” Tanya, Phoenix

“Always an enjoyable, relaxing and pleasant experience at the spa.” LP, Chandler

“Wonderful spa, my new absolute favorite in the city :)” SL, Chandler

“Debra is great! The body scrub and Lomi Lomi left me feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated!!” Pam, Mesa

“Forget about the noisy salons and spas you may have trie din the past. Hawaiian EXPERIENCE spa will wow you with a serene environment, a lake view while waiting, talented therapists, and Hawaiian music.. you’ll be relaxed and refreshed and I’m sure you’ll want to return!!” Madeline, Gilbert

“Another great massage with April, as always!” Tom, Chandler

“Love this spa! Always a restful, relaxing day. Nuala, Zach and Brooke took great care of me.” Stacy G, Chandler

“How can you not love a gallon of warm coconut oil rubbed into your skin? Always feel great when I leave! Lomi Lomi is the bomb!” Gloria, Gilbert

“Jara did an OUTSTANDING job! I came in with my lower back all locked up and she did an amazing job loosing it up and take my pain level from a 7 to a 1 in an hour session. She was extremely professional and courteous and I will be telling all my friends to go and visit her!” Tessa, Tempe

“Love my therapist I’ll come back and see her again” Maria, CA

“This was another beautiful experience in Hawaiian Experience Spa!” Sandra B, Chandler

“DiDi combines the perfect amount of pressure with amazing stroke technique. Her hands are like magic.” Joe B, Gilbert

“Jordan, is hands down a 5 Star Massage therapist. He did exactly what I asked him to do with the perfect amount of pressure!” Mario, Chandler

“Jason was great!! Perfect amount of pressure and attention to stressed areas. Really appreciate how gentle he was around my elbow in which I had surgery on. I could tell he know about scars and the scar tissue by the way he massaged it. I had never experienced that before, either people completely ignore it or agitate it. Thank you so much for taking such great care of me, Jason!” Jazzy, Tempe

“I just needed to relax and asked Jordan to “make nice”. He did exactly that. I felt the tension from the week melt away and I envisioned it pouring out of me through my fingers and toes. I left as a satisfied customer, once again. Mahalo Nui, Jordan!” Shari, Chandler

“After two sessions here I have had two great massages. I’m very impressed in the skill level of both massage therapists I had. Much better than the last place I was going too.” Jon, Chandler

“Jordan is amazing! I have had 2 lomi lomi massages, a limu wrap and a body scrub by him. With each service, he has consistently demonstrated his impressive knowledge, technique and professionalism while maintaining a serene, relaxing, stress-free experience! His scalp massage during my wrap was heavenly, and the lomi lomis worked out every kink in my body. Love the luxurious spa shower and comfy robe! Mahalo Nui Loa Jordan! Will be back!” Holly, Chandler

“DiDi did a wonderful job. I would recommend her to all my friends and family” Tommy C, Gilbert

“I just had another great massage from Cynthia! I am making it a point to see her every time we travel to Phoenix. She does a great job! Lomi Lomi is the best. I feel totally relaxed.” Joe M, ID

“DiDi did a wonderful job. At times during the massage it felt like she didn’t have hands. It felt like she was using tools to skillfully melt away tension. It was a truely unique experience.” Joe, Gilbert 

“Cynthia was very professional and I loved the Hot Stone Massage! Great focus on the spine and back!” Megan, Chandler

“Easily one of the best massages I’ve ever had.” Jenn, Chandler

“Jordan is a very skilled therapist and great at easing the tension from sore muscles as well as inducing total relaxation. I leave blissed out every time!” Marianne H, Tempe

“I’m so glad that I found Hawaiian Experience Spa a few years ago. I look forward to my lomi lomi massage long before my appointment each month. From the front desk help to the awesome showers, I can’t say enough good things about each visit to the spa. My regular therapist, April, is simply incredible every time I see her. Mahalo!” Tom, Chandler

“Brooke is very knowledgeable and was attentive to my skin needs. She also let me know when she was about to transition (e.g. turn on a light, hot towel, etc.) so I wasn’t taken off guard.” Traci W, Chandler

“Such a relaxing experience! Felt as if I was on the beach during my massage. A perfect 10!” Lisa D, Scottsdale

“The facial was above and beyond! I would definitely recommend Brooke and your lovely spa to friends and family.” Cheryl U, Chandler

“Great service and ambience. Will definitely be back!!” Sherri M, Queen Creek

“I am very happy with services in your spa. My massage therapist is the best. Thank you, Jordan, for another amazing experience!” Sandra B, Chandler

“Hawaiian Experience Spa was perfect for pampering my sister on her birthday! We loved it! Thank you!” Susie, San Diego CA

“I enjoyed every minute and felt like was on vacation.” Brian Z, Chandler

“My investment in a monthly massage day has improved my health, well-being and my happiness!! I love knowing I will have a great massage every single time!” Madeline K, Gilbert 

“Debra is very knowledgeable and the sweetest! She will take excellent care of you!” Katelyn M, Gilbert 

“DiDi performed an excellent Lomi-Lomi session! She really took her time to understand my needs before starting the session and was completely focused on all of my trouble areas and adjusted the pressure accordingly. Mahalo DiDi and I will look forward to booking another session with you soon!” Duane M, Chandler

“Can’t think of anything to improve the experience. JASON B was professional and had some good suggestions for therapy. One of the best massages ever followed by an invigorating shower with side jets!” TM, Mesa

“Thank you for the wonderful massage. Perfect atmosphere and accommodations as well. ” Roseanna J., Chandler

“At the risk of sounding like a broken record…As always, Jordan gave me the exactly the treatment that I needed for this visit. This massage was the perfect way to start my weekend after a rough week. By the time he performed his magic, I felt calm, relaxed, and refreshed. Thanks, once again, Master Jordan!” Shari R, Chandler

“Thank you Hawaiian Experience for the members 50% birthday discount! I can’t say enough good things about Hawaiian Experience and my therapist April. As always, already looking forward to my next appointment with April. She’s the best!” Tom, Chandler

“Really enjoyed my nui massage with Debra. Next time I’ll book a longer massage. 50 minutes is just not long enough for me. Super relaxing.” Jen W, Chandler

“Can’t travel to the islands soon enough? Treat yourself to the Hawaiian Experience Spa membership! Monthly services discounted to meet affordable budgets. Personalized treatments and friendly professional therapists. Give it a try, you’ll get hooked!” Graham, Tempe

“I had another beautiful experience in your spa; can’t wait for another session. Thank you, Jordan!” Sandra, Chandler

“Beautiful location with a fun atmosphere. Really felt like I had been transported to Hawaii. Great massage! Wish it had gone on even longer.” Maggie, Chandler

“Zach was great with his technique and very knowledgeable! This was my first lomi lomi massage and was a wonderful experience.” Vivian, Gilbert

“The best massage experience I’ve had” S.C. Gilbert

“Great massage and Zachary is a very knowledgeable therapist!” Mel H, Tempe

“If I could write 1 million words it would not express exactly my experience that I had with Jara. This was my first time ever coming to a spa or having a massage done. I came to Tempe, Arizona on a 8 month work assignment and work 60+ hours a week can really take its toll on your body after 2 months, so I thought I would give a massage a try. I truly felt like I had a get away from the moment I stepped into the Spa. I love the Hawaii Experience” Zina C, FL

“I was so impressed by what my neighborhood spa had to offer that I became a member right after my first treatment!” L.M., Chandler

“Awesome relaxing time.” Michelle, Mesa

“Jason K. Is truly their best therapist- attentive, intuitive and followed my every request. You need to see him.” Phaedra H, Gilbert

“Wonderful massage and experience. Zach and Terri made my visit amazing and I can’t wait to go back!” Debbie U, Chandler

“I enjoyed the service and as a schoolteacher I recommended other teachers immediately.” Kathleen, Phoenix November 2016

“When I think of the perfect massage, I always think of my experience at Hawaiian Spa Experience in Chandler, AZ.” Bryan, Chandler

“Once again, Jordan gave me a wonderful treatment, leaving me relaxed and refreshed. And, the next morning was the first time in a couple of months that I had NO pain while walking my dog! Jordan is a master at concentrating on troubled areas, working them out at a good pace, and helping to heal damaged muscles.” Shari R, Chandler

“I recommend Zach to all of my personal training clients!” Rachel L, Chandler

“The shower and the lounge areas were a pleasant surprise.” Sheri, Mesa

“Excellent Service, Unique experience, Very therapeutic!” Megan, Mesa

“I just love coming to H. E. for my monthly lomi lomi massage. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy the wonderful relaxation and care April puts in her massages. She is such a delightful person and her warmth comes through with her soothing lomi lomi massages. My aches and pains just melt away with each session. Thank you, thank you!” Tom, Chandler

“Cynthia was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable the entire time. It was a very relaxing experience!” Alysia S, Chandler

“It was an amazing experience! Everyone was very professional, and made me feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the massage. Definitely coming back!” Mandy H, Chandler

“Best massage I have ever had!!” Cindy, Chandler

“Jordan’s Lomi Lomi never disappoints…pure relaxation and pleasure.” Maira, Gilbert

“Enjoyed another outstanding massage with Jordan. Thank you for providing an excellent location and top notch therapists!” Marianne, Tempe

“Every therapist and employee at Hawaiian Experience has always gone above and beyond my expectations! I love the services I receive for the cost I pay. Most people say that in a way that makes it seem like it’s a low cost for a decent massage, this is a great cost for an incredible array of experiences (massage, scrubs, etc.)! I always look forward to coming back which is why I continue with my membership each month. Love this place!” Tiffani, Tempe

“I walked out of my appointment feeling as though 10 lbs had been lifted from my neck and shoulders. First time I’ve felt relief in months.” J.A., Phoenix

“April was perfect! She is the kind of massage therapist that has a very healing touch. I feel like a million bucks!!” Polly, Chandler

“I loved the massage so much! What a fabulous treat to start the weekend. Can’t wait to book another massage.” Shayna, Tempe

“Absolute best massage experience-EVER!” Adam, NJ

“I’ve never considered a monthly enrollment to a spa before coming to you. It’s something I’m seriously thinking about doing and already have plans to bring two other people back with me.” Chasity, Chandler

“4 handed massage will change your life” Mike G, San Tan Valley

“Everyone is extremely friendly and knowledgeable – perfectly satisfied! Have recommended to my friends and family!” Ellen, Chandler

“I loved the kindness and overall service. Wonderful showers to end a great massage.” Meg, Gilbert 

“We were made to feel very comfortable with our experience! Would recommend to anyone looking for a great couples massage.” Brittnee C, Chandler

“Suzanne is the very best in one year of going there!” Belinda, Phoenix

“This was an amazing experience! From check-in to service by Brooke to check-out. Only one hour felt like 1/2 day at the spa!! Definitely recommending to friends!” Gretchen C, Chandler

“Jordan has proven to be so masterful with his knowledge of the body and how to work on every part, that I COMPLETELY trust him. I wouldn’t let many (or any) others even touch my Achilles, let alone work it the way he does. He finds every area that needs attention, just by touch, without even being told. Thank you, Jordan, for being you.” Shari R, Chandler

“Relaxing atmosphere with the whole Hawaiian experience. Nothing left out, from chocolate, snacks, robes, slippers and friendly staff.” Sylvia, Chandler

“Great experience — best that I have had in a long while with spa treatments.” Cynthia, Mesa

“The best spa ever!” Laurie, Chandler

“The 2 hr. Lomi Lomi feels like a great mini vacation!” Paige, Chandler

“Chandler Day Spa is the perfect way to start your day!” Tracy A, FL

“Tiffany is very knowledgeable and experienced at what she does…I have been requesting her since the first time she worked on my back and neck. I have had numerous back, neck, and head injuries which have made me prone to routine migraines…they have significantly reduced since I began seeing her on a routine basis…Thank you Tiffany.” Alex R, Chandler

“This is my favorite spa! I’m a repeat customer and recommend it to all my friends.” April J, Gilbert “Great atmosphere, the robes, sandals, and CHOCOLATE were bonuses. The showers had chemical free soap and shampoo. Great place to relax. I felt comfortable with the cleanliness and loved the waiting room with magazines, snacks and windows open to the courtyard. It did have a Hawaiian atmosphere.” Sylvia, Chandler

“Came into town wonderful service right away. Great experience.” Cassie, TX

“Keep up the good work!” Weyline, Chandler

“My facial was perfect. My skin is sensitive and Julianna used all the right products to help my skin without irritating it. I also enjoyed the ocean music a lot!”” Madeline, Gilbert

“I loved my facial and the relaxing atmosphere!” Joe H, Gilbert

“Tiffany was very receptive to my needs, applied just the right amount of pressure and was very cordial” Dan, Tucson

“We love your spa! The staff, therapists and atmosphere are so welcoming. We can’t wait to come back again!” Deb and Craig, Chandler

“I truly enjoy coming here, your therapist (Zach) uses a great draping technique which ensures I am comfortable throughout our sessions.” Toni, Chandler

“This is the best massage I’ve ever received. Wonderful place and I highly recommend their services. Very friendly, professional staff.” Deluvine, Chandler

“Wonderful! Mahalo!” Lyn, Chandler

“April has such a wonderful touch. I mentioned that I had a muscle in my upper back that was giving me some pain. She knew just what to do to work out the kink. I just can’t say enough about how soothing her massages are. Thank you, thank you!” Tom, Chandler September 2016

“A body scrub followed by a Lomi Lomi massage was very soothing and relaxing!” Pam, Mesa

“Jordan is an excellent therapist. I often recommend him to friends. I always leave relaxed and refreshed.” Ken, Gilbert September 2016

“What an incredibly professional massage and a relaxing environment. I will be returning.” Shawn D, AZ

“I can’t rave enough about how happy I am with the treatments I get from Jordan! He is extremely knowledgeable about the human physiology and has a great ability to feel where my body needs attention. He has a master’s touch AND is greatly helping with my healing process from a torn rotator cuff.” Shari R, Chandler

“Debra is an excellent therapist – very friendly and super thorough. I came in tired and stressed and left feeling like a million bucks.” Jenn, Chandler

“Tiffany did a great job at providing a relaxing massage. The tea and snacks were a great bonus!” Trinity, Chandler

“Well pampered in Chandler, back to Chicago.” Ms. Dolores, Chicago,

“I have always had amazing massages at Hawaiian Experience Spa and especially with Therapist! She is truly wonderful at her job and I come away feeling relaxed, stress free and ready to take on the world again! AHHMAZING SPA EXPERIENCE!” Kim M, Chandler

“I was a member of another massage therapy spa for 10 years and after one visit I was sold on this place. Very professional, experienced and educated therapists and you will absolutely leave feeling amazing.” Sheera, Chandler

“Jason was great. I like firm pressure and he was spot on. Thanks!” Julie N, Tucson

“Amazing experience! !!!!” Kimberly J, Maricopa

“This is our second time at the Chandler location – it’s our favorite! The massage is always unique and glorious. Personal favorite is the amazing shower I want to take home! Can’t wait to go back!” Becca & Tyler, Phoenix

“Jara was my therapist … She did an outstanding job in a 2 hr lomi lomi session.” Hamid, Chandler

“I enjoyed another therapeutic massage this week by Jason . What a great massage therapist! I love your spa!!!!!” Judy D, Mesa

“I do a yearly visit to Chandler and we ALWAYS book a massage at some point during the week. I look forward to it every year and wish I lived here, as I would come here at least once a week. I highly recommend this spa and Jara in particular.” Audree, TX

“Debra is amazing!” Laurie N, Chandler

“I had another excellent experience and will be back in few weeks. I recommended your spa and my massage therapist to all my friends. Thanks, Jordan, for another wonderful session!” Sandra B, Chandler

“Jordan remains The Bomb! Thank you, Jordan, for always giving me such expert therapy treatments and for taking such good care of me!” Shari R, Chandler

“Zach is a knowledgeable, skilled, and intuitive therapist. I highly recommend him.” Stacy, Chandler

“Cynthia is Great! I have been getting massaged for twenty years and the massage she gave me last week was one of the best I have ever had. I would recommend her without reservation.” Joe M, Idaho

“Hawaiian Experience Spa is the next best thing to enjoying a relaxing massage while in Maui! My husband and I treat ourselves to a couples massage every few months – it’s a great reminder of our honeymoon, but only a short drive away!” Ranie M, Mesa

“The place was great and friendly never felt uncomfortable being my first time. Definetly going to come back and try other services.” Emily, Queen Creek

“Overall, the Hawaiian Experience spa is like a short trip to Hawaii. From the laid-back, but attentive, staff to the music and spa products, it was a small vacation for me!” Dorothy D, Chandler

“Jordan is the best! Would pay to have him do an hour scalp massage. Heaven!” Jeanette S, Tempe 

“Debra was amazing! She made me feel very comfortable and the massage was awesome!!” Jenn R, San Tan Valley

“This was my first visit to the Hawaiian Spa and I loved it. I will recommend my therapist, Jason, and the Spa to my friends.” Mary N, Chandler

“I had the lomi lomi massage with Jordan and I will look to schedule with him again!!! The pressure was just right and I left feeling so relaxed!!” Alicia B, Gilbert

“Katlyn did another great job! She always leaves me wanting more” Tommy C, Gilbert

“Terri and Sara helped above and beyond in sorting a few things out for me. I was on the phone with Terri several times and each was more helpful then the last. Chandler is not close to where I live at all but I choose to return for services here rather then closer to home. I started visiting their spa in 2012 and have NEVER had less than a great experience. Mahalo! A hui hoa!” Nora, Surprise

“This was my first visit and it was above and beyond anything I could have expected and regret waiting this long to experience it.” Bryon, Mesa

“Debra is the best and so wise and fun! She is the ultimate professional in this position and knows what she’s doing.” Katelyn M, Gilbert

“An awesome, relaxing experience!” LP, Chandler

“Didi provided a great message. Will definitely go to her again” Mark C, Chandler

“Therapist was amazing! I am getting ready to move so I have been packing, lifting, stretching, bending and I was a “ball of knots”. She relieved the aches, pains and even offered to show me an exercise to keep my muscles stretched out in my upper body! She was a godsend to relieving this achy tired body! Thank you SO MUCH Therapist! You are wonderful!” Kim M, Chandler

“Membership program is so worth it! I used an extra credit to bring a friend along for a massage and now she wants to join. Staff at Chandler is always friendly and prepared for the appointment.” LeeAnn C, Chandler

“Zachary does a phenomenal job with pressure and overall massage for advanced therapy massage. I would highly recommend him for any service.” R, Chandler

“A great lomi lomi massage with April, as always!” Tom, Chandler

“Didi was so in-tune with the areas of my body that needed more attention. She might be tiny but she has the perfect touch! Thank you Didi!” Amanda M, Gilbert

“My morning was stressful and a massage and facial was just what I needed. Zachary and Juliana are awesome and had me completely relaxed and rejuvenated when I left. I highly recommend Hawaiian Aloha Spa!” Barb D, San Tan Valley

“Thank you for another great session with Therapist…most all of my tension was resolved during the 90-minute treatment. I will likely upgrade to 2-hrs for my next appointment to get me back into my top condition! Mahalo!!” Duane M, Chandler

“I highly recommend Hawaiian Experience Spa to friends and family. I pulled my lower back and already felt relief after my initial massage.” Karin L, Chandler

“Really knowledgeable and professional!” Katey, Phoenix

“Before my session started, Suzanne asked me about the temperature in the room and about what type of music I would like. Just little details but it makes your session a whole lot better. I had the most relaxing message experience with Suzanne. Her message technique was on point starting with the facial and scalp message which was so soothing. Her lomi lomi skills were awesome. She asked me if the pressure needed to be adjusted during my session which I really did appreciate. I also liked that she puts a hot towel under your neck during the message. I would definitely recommend Suzanne and will schedule an appointment to see her in future visits.” Barbara H, Chandler

“Very accommodating to people with special needs” NeQuetta A, Chandler

“I had no idea what to expect when I showed up for my massage. Both the receptionist and my therapist were very friendly, helpful, and made me feel relaxed and pampered! Now I know what the big deal is about the Lomi Lomi massage….and also the showers!” Alyssa, Mesa

“Thanks to Jordan the tightness and knots seem to have disappeared. I feel great!” Pam, Mesa

“Always a relaxing massage from Debra!! She is wonderful!!” Tina, Chandler

“Wonderful experience. First facial treatment, Lauren was great will definitely go back.” Robin, Mesa

“Fantastic massage! My muscles are happy!” Travis, Chandler

“Jason is the best. Give him a chance and you won’t go back to anyone else!” Gloria W, Gilbert

“Both Debra and Jara were perfect for our couples treatment. They each listened to our needs and applied perfect pressure. We cannot wait to go back to see them!” Kristen R, Chandler

“Usually I cannot easily and fully relax, but my massage therapist made me feel completely comfortable and I am grateful for that. This was most relaxing massage I have ever had; I will definitely recommend Jordan to my friends!” Sandra B, Chandler

“The facial was wonderful! I got like 5 different treatments & each one had a wonderful Hawaiian aroma! Sooo nice & relaxing & peaceful!” Cindy A, Chandler

“5 stars for Hawaiian Experience Day Spa in Chandler! Truly an experience in relaxation from start to finish!” Wendy, Chandler

“Jason’s therapeutic deep tissue massage has really worked for my tight muscles.” Judy, Mesa

“This spa is great! Big spa amenities without the big spa prices! It is always a treat. I love the robes, the waiting area, the rooms, the showers, and all the products available for your personal use!” Danica, Mesa

“Lovely Spa, I had a fabulous massage. Would recommend and will be coming back!” Katie B, Gilbert

“Simply the BEST massage I have ever had, hands down. I’ve been getting them regularly for 10+ years.” Tammy, Iowa

“My facial was a wonderful treat and my therapist made me feel very special.” Kim, Chandler

“I try to get a massage every month and each massage from Jordan surpasses the last! He is a very skilled therapist.” MH, Tempe

“My massage was da bomb, Zach was da bomb, the little chocolate in my locker was da bomb- it’s all bomb diggity.” Michaela, Chandler

“Close your eyes and imagine warm coconut oil all over your body, massage strokes firm and long like the waves of the ocean, and the pure bliss of utter relaxation you will hope never ends.” Gloria, Gilbert

“My lomi lomi with April was the perfect end to a full day. She is so intuitive and has such amazing hands. The pressure she uses is so relaxing and soothing. I absolutely loved my 60 minute massage!” Tom E, Chandler

“Loved the warm coconut oil, ocean sounds, and intuitive massage therapist, Suzanne.” Gale, Chandler

“Wonderful, relaxing experience! Beautiful spa and very kind staff & therapist.” Ashley D, Gilbert

“Debra is amazing! Magic fingers. Heaven!” Renee, Chandler

“The best massage I’ve had, looking forward to doing it again.” Debie, Gilbert

“Therapist did such a wonderful job, as usual. I was completely relaxed and happy with everything.” Tommy, Gilbert

“Hawaiian experience Spa in my therapist Jordan stepped up and accommodated me today when I really needed it the most” Lisa, Gilbert

“Lynne was absolutely wonderful. She focused on the problem area I pointed out, but not at the expense of everything else I love about Lomis. One of the best massages I’ve ever had – thank you!!” Jenn G, Chandler

“Tiffany showed me that a massage doesn’t have to hurt to be effective! She combined my normal preferred deep tissue style massage with Lomi Lomi strokes which was incredibly relaxing. Thank you!” Heather, Maricopa

“I just had the most amazing Kahuna Lomi Massage with Debra and Zach. 2 hrs with 2 therapists is quite a treat. I’ll definitely be back for more!” Bobby, Gilbert

“We’ve had many massages & this was one of the best! Suzanne was an outstanding therapist!” Bekah T, Chandler

“Hawaiian Experience Spa is convenient and provides an atmosphere to escape and relax as if in Hawaii. Massage therapists are well qualified and offer a huge variety of services. Highly recommend becoming a member to treat yourself each month to a special service.” Barbara B, Gilbert

“My massage today with Heather was the best massage I have EVER had!” Jan J, Mesa

“Jordan’s Lomi Lomi is pure bliss! Relaxation at its best. I’ll definitely be back!” Maira, Gilbert

“Absolutely EXCELENT experience!!” Terri S, Chandler

“Staff is friendly and welcome! Will be coming back soon. Would definitely recommend!” Christie, Tempe

“Exceeded my expectations! Great professional massage” Karissa R, Phoenix

“As always, I am extremely pleased with the treatment that Jordan gave me. He works out certain trouble areas of my body, that might otherwise need medical attention, if not for the preventative “medicine” that I get through massage therapy. I am a firm believer in preventative medicine. Don’t let anyone tell you that this is an unnecessary luxury, as it costs less than the medical visits you might have otherwise.” Shari R, Chandler

“I was very surprised how nice of a place this was. Beautiful and quite and the showers were amazing. Heather was great will definitely go back.” Jay L, WI

“My therapist Debra and the front desk staff made me very comfortable as this was my first professional massage. I really enjoyed the experience!” Matt S, Chandler

“I have been coming to Hawaiian Spa for a couple of years now. I have ALWAYS been Very Happy with the Services that I have received. The therapists are attentive & professional. Jordan did my last Scrub & Massage ….. He was Wonderfull. Great place to Relax, Unwind & Refresh.” Doreen M, Chandler

“Relaxing and awesome!” Teresa, Chandler

“I’ve had a couple massages at the Chandler location with 2 different therapists and each one is better than the next! If you are unsure whether or not to book your treatment at this spa… let me put your mind at ease, you will NOT be disappointed.” Mary Lou, Chandler

“Life is good at the spa.” Robert, Chandler July 2016

“My go to place to rejuvenate and loosen and heal, my tight painful muscles, from old injuries. I love Hawaiian Spa!” Judy, Mesa

“The lomi lomi was the most luxurious massage I’ve ever had, and Jara made me feel like royalty. It was incredibly relaxing but really worked my muscles deeply as well. Incredible!” Jessi W, Chandler

“I LOVE the Lomi Lomi massage and prefer it now over any other form of therapy. I have been treated by different therapists and each time received consistently amazing service. I leave feeling free of aches, muscle tension, and the stress melts away quickly. The staff are all very approachable and truly want my feedback, which is rare to find this level of service and authenticity. There is something for everyone and in a wide variety of price ranges. My only regret is not coming in sooner! Thank you for treating my husband and I like royalty for the day.” Paula, Chandler

“You must book a massage with Jara followed by a facial with Thereas. They are the perfect combo for a relaxing spa day. They are the best!!!” Jasmine, Chandler

“Great value Great experience!” Therese T, Chandler

“Highly recommend.” Bartholomew, Scottsdale

“I had a Kahuna Lomi Lomi massage, my first but not my last. April and Debra where outstanding in delivering the best massage I have ever had.” Tom S, Peoria

“I have had two facials with Brooke. She is attentive, professional, and her facial technique is well above average.” Christine S,

“A friend had given me a gift certificate for my first massage at the Hawaiian Experience Spa, and now I am hooked! The spa has such a warm vibe, and I love the little extras like the changing robes and shower room that other places don’t offer. I have been happy with all the massages I have received, but today with Jara was the best one yet!” Nikki, Chandler

“I decided to take some time out after a busy year of caring for my very ill Aunt. Hawaiian Spa Chandler is where I was able to return my aching body and mind, to feeling myself again. The massages, the facials, the interacting with such kind therapists, is helping to make me whole again. Thank you,” Judy D, Mesa

“Jason is Excellent, I had a 2 hour Maui Relaxation and it was OUTSTANDING!” Sandra N, Gilbert 

“Jara is very personable and loves helping us feel better. It’s so nice to meet someone who really loves their work, and it shows in her touch. She found knots in my neck that I didn’t even know where there and worked diligently on them. MUCH better!” Shari R, Chandler

“It was my first time there but it won’t be my last!” Kareshia P, Chandler

“First time having a traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. Won’t go back to a having a normal deep tissue massage.” Brian H, Mesa

“The Chandler Hawaiian Experience Spa, becomes a little slice of heaven to me, each time I step inside the door. One of my best finds, since relocating to Az. The Staff is wonderful, the atmosphere calming, the massages, and facials, the best!” Judy, Mesa

“The most complete therapeutic massage I have ever experienced yet the session was also very relaxing and invigorating.” Burt R, Casa Grande

“Boy they sure take care of facilities very clean.” Gil, Chandler

“I have been getting massages for 20 years. The lomi lomi was a great new discovery! The coconut oil is a plus for dry skin in Arizona’s climate!” Merry, Tempe

“I had a facial with Setara that was perfect! She is extremely knowledgeable and gave me a great facial. My skin felt refreshed.” Christine, Maricopa

“Suzanne did a great job with my Lomi Lomi massage. Highly recommend her.” MCW, Phoenix

“Another great massage with April. She has such a relaxing and caring style. I’m so glad Hawaiian Experience Spa has the best therapists in their ohana!” Tom, Chandler

“Setara was friendly, informative, and very mindful of my aim for the treatment. Jason had good technique and good pressure during the massage. The staff at the front desk were also great.” Jessica, CO

“I am so happy to be back in Az. to be able to return to Hawaiian Spa. It is a treat but a necessity, to be able to function with chronic back spasms. As usual, Heather, works miracles, with her healing hands and manner. Becoming a member of the Spa, was the best thing that I could have given myself, upon retiring, as a dedicated nurse. My time now! Hooray. Thank you” Judy D, Mesa

“Great service! I got Facial (Arctic Berry Peel) and I can definitely see the difference in my skin.” Ola, Phoenix

“Excellent morning spent with my best friend for her birthday. We loved our massages and facials.” Heather W, Phoenix

“My favorite spa to be pampered and relax! The best spa in the Valley!” Pamela, Mesa

“This spa goes out of it’s way to make sure you’re happy and enjoyed all services. The “car wash” shower shouldn’t be missed. Tiffany has magic hands and healing powers. I appreciated Zach helpful ideas in treating arthritis in my hands.” Denita, Mesa

“I was introduced to Hawaiian Spa Experience by my boss. After years of using the massage school, the difference in experience is obvious. And the Hawaiian theme is a great escape.” Brian, Mesa

“Tiffany was fantastic. I went in with severe muscle aches and she focused on the exact areas and used the right amount of pressure to relieve the tension. Thank you.” Kristin, Gilbert

“Zachary provides a level of massage therapy that I’ve found in very few spas and in massage therapists. He is able to intuitively identify and focus problem areas, even ones that I wasn’t aware of, and help relieve any pressure or pain I may be carrying in that area of my body.” Maddy, Chandler

“It’s a place where one feels so free that defies gravity.” Matthew, Chandler

“Brooke is great at customizing facials and she’s very knowledgable in her field. I see her once a month and she’s really helped to get my skin under control.” Aubrey, Chandler

“I feel like a broken record, marking everything A+ and raving about the service and Jordan’s expert massages! Jordan, once again, tailored my treatment to exactly what I asked for and needed this evening. Mahalo nui e a hui hou!” Shari, Chandler

“Tiffany did an amazing job. Her energy was very calming and quiet which was exactly what I needed. I left feeling so relaxed and fresh and felt like I was not in Arizona! I will definitely be returning and letting my friends know!!! Mahalo!” Andrea, Chandler

“Loved every second of his Hawaiian massage, I didn’t want it to ever end.” Marli, Gilbert

“Great atmosphere and extremely relaxing before, during, and after massage.” Rich, Chandler

“Jordan was excellent in every way. Highly recommend him.” Ken, Mesa

“I just had my first Lomi Lomi massage and it was wonderful. Debra addressed all of my problem areas with true knowledge and care. I walked in with terrible neck/shoulder pain and walked out feeling so much better!” NaTisha, Gilbert

“My Lomi Lomi massage by Suzanne was amazing! Really great experience.” Becky M, Maricopa 

“I thoroughly enjoyed my 1st visit to Hawaiian Experience Spa! Tiffany was warm and welcoming, providing me information about Lomilomi and completed the setting with Hawaiian music! Will definitely be going back!” Patti S, Chandler

“This was my first lomi massage with April and she did a fantastic job. Her technique and style was so relaxing and soothing and the perfect end to a stressful day. I will definitely make another appointment with April.” Tom, Chandler

“Therapist continues to exceed my expectations and delivers consistent service during each session. I can’t thank her enough for her ability to ease away my tension and rejuvenate my energy level after a challenging & stressful work week. Mahalo Therapist and H.E.S. for all that you do…you are the best!!” Duane M, Chandler

“I could live in that spa shower!!” K.Jena, Chandler

“April was extremely professional, knew the perfect pressure points, explained the session before it happened so I knew what to expect.” Melissa, Chandler

“Jordan is the best massage therapist I have ever had. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed. He was knowledgable, tailored massage and the pressure to my needs. I recommended him to all my friends. I would not change him!” Sandra B, Chandler

“She provided an excellent massage, as always! The team is always friendly and helpful and make me feel welcome.” Dorice, Chandler

“April was amazing! Thank you for a wonderful experience!” Sarah B, Chandler

“Zachary was very attentive to focusing on the areas I requested. He offered suggestions for things I could do to provide relief for pain in my hands. Very knowledgeable therapist and have already recommended him to family!” Lynn, Kingman

“The whole experience was above and beyond my expectations! Highly recommend all services, the staff and the ambiance at the Chandler location. Thank you all so much!” Rhonda, Casa Grande

“Debra did an outstanding job of caring for my recently knee surgery and also working miracles on a couple painful spots. She was outstanding.” Mark B, Kingman

“Excellent amenities, excellent therapist (Debra), will recommend to all that are interested.” Kent T, Chandler

“It was my first ever hot-stone massage, and it was delightful. My therapist was amazing, and the atmosphere was relaxing and professional.” Cam, Chandler

“I always look forward to my spa day and leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed! Such an AHHH-MAZING Spa experience!” Kim M, Chandler

“I rate every part of my experience at Hawaiian Experience Spa as extremely satisfied every time! Everyone is so nice and ready to make me feel pampered and special. And, Jordan, who has given me my last few massages, is masterful with his Lomi style. Aloha nui e a hui hou!” Shari R, Chandler

“Wonderfully relaxing experience from beginning to end!” Barb, Chandler

“Best Spa in town!” LP, Chandler

“I’ve been a member for almost 3 years now and I couldn’t be happier with the service or the entire process. Trying to get my friends to join too.” Pati, Chandler

“Tiffany has hands of magic and Joy did a great job with my facial! I walked out of there ready for bed :)” Rosie, Tempe

“Relaxation at its best!” Maira, Gilbert

“Massage treatments at other spas were just back-rubs after this sea salt /Lomi! It was.heaven.” Beth T, Sun Lakes

“For a professional and relaxing day spa where you feel transported to the Islands for awhile, visit Hawaiian Experience Spa.” Amee H, OH

“Lomi Lomi massage and a facial…the perfect way to end a crazy, hectic week. If you’ve never had a Lomi Lomi massage, you don’t know what you’re missing! And the facial I got with Joy was terrific. She explained exactly what she was using and why so I left smarter as well as more relaxed and refreshed!” Jody, Chandler

“Absolutely the best massage you’ll find in the valley.” Kenneth, Casa Grande

“Jason did an amazing job. I was very relaxed and almost fell asleep a few times.” Ashley, Phoenix

“I’ve been a spa member for many years. The staff and services are high quality and a great value.” Melinda M, Gilbert

“Tiffany was amazing. I loved the Lomi stroke she used combined with the deep tissue pressure I requested. It was the most relaxing deep tissue massage I have had.” Heather, Maricopa

“The Lomi Lomi doesn’t disappoint! Jordan did a fantastic job!” Maira R, Gilbert

“My Maui massage was the most amazing relaxing I have ever had and the shower after was the perfect ending!” Christine, Maricopa

“I’ve had some great massages at HES, and have always been happy. Suzanne was absolutely incredible! This massage was perfect on all levels, pressure included. She completely relaxed my body from head to toes. Just what I needed.” Karen B, Chandler

“Debra and Therapist made a great team for an exceptional Kahuna Lomi experience! I have been very impressed with their high level skills and ability to soothe my aches and pains when I need it most. Keep up the great work and I look forward to scheduling my next treatment soon. Mahalo!” Duane M, Chandler

“Everyone NEEDS to experience a Lomi Lomi massage in their lifetime.. It’s heavenly!!!” Steph, Mesa

“Great massage therapists. Never a bad massage.” B. Harding, Phoenix

“Total relaxing experience” MC, Chandler

“Tiffany did great work!” Ashlee, AZ

“My Maui experience massage was exceptional. From the hot coconut oil to the attentiveness and bodywork of the therapist, it was a top-notch experience!” Meredith, Tempe

“My therapist was professional, applied right amount of pressure, and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I am more than satisfied with Jordan.” Sandra, Chandler

“I am so glad Tiffany is back. Her expertise and knowledge of the lomi lomi technique combined with her intuitive hands make the perfect relaxation combination.” Joe B, Gilbert

“HAPPINESS IS… a really good massage!” Ola, Phoenix

“I enjoyed my facial, the place was very clean and polite staff. Excellent service.” SU, Gilbert

“I really like how showers are an option. It’s so nice to be able to wash off the oil before putting on my clothing and sitting in my car. Also, the products provided in the shower are awesome; I really love the shampoo and conditioner.” KD, AZ

“Left feeling like jello. Thank you!” Christina C, San Tan Valley

“Zach did an amazing job and I loved the amenities like the locker, robe, slippers, shower, and post-shower treats. I will definitely be back!” Dorothy D, Chandler

“Jordan outdid himself last night! That was an aMAzing Lomi massage. He found all of the spots that needed attention, and expertly treated me. There were a couple of times that I felt as though I was floating back and forth on a soft, warm tide. My next session with Jordan is already booked!” Shari R, Chandler

“Becky was amazing. She helped me relax my jaw, which is always due to clenching from stress – as well as taught me some techniques I could do at home.” John, Gilbert

“My daughter and myself have had facials and massages before, but the treatment we received here was amazing!! Thank you to Jordan and Juliana for making us feel special.” Cindy, Chandler

“Awesome experience like a day on the islands!” Pam M, Phoenix

“I always leave relaxed! Jordan is awesome!!” Pam H, Mesa

“April in Chandler is outstanding with the perfect amount of pressure and interaction. She was totally amazing!!!” Jasmine, Chandler

“I absolutely love this place! The sauna, steam shower, couples massage and the relaxation room that overlooks the lake in the back. It’s the absolute best!” Kristine, Chandler

“Brooke, the best facial I have ever had. Suzanne, the message was outstanding.” Rita, AZ

“Jordan is a great, very effective therapist.” Katie, Chandler

“Debra is a very knowledgeable and experienced therapist. She found areas on me to work on that I didn’t even know needed it. Her combination of massage, stretching and pressure makes her lomi lomi some of the best I’ve had.” Joe B, Gilbert

“The world and all my stress melted away!” Lisa L, Chandler

“I love how friendly and accommodating everyone on the staff is! This was my first time with April and she is wonderful. I’ve yet to be disappointed, and April continued that streak for me! Her touch was just what I needed that day. She worked the problem spots expertly and relaxed me so much that I almost dozed off. :)” Shari R, Chandler

“Be good to yourself and sign up for a yearlong package. That way, you will always have a pampering relaxation experience to look forward to, no matter how stressful your month or week has been!”” Madeline K, Gilbert

“My husband and I came in for a massage and our therapists Zachary and Debra were awesome! I had Zachary and my husband had Debra and they did a fantastic job! They focused on us and made sure if there were any areas that needed some extra work. I will always recommend Hawaiian experience spa!” Ashley and Steven, Tempe

“If you’ve traveled to Hawaii, the “Aloha Spirit” is definitely experienced here!” A. Fuentes, Mesa

“The people at Hawaiian Experience have always been so professional and at the top of their game. So much so that I’ve driven almost an hour each way just to specifically get my massages here. They truly are one of a kind.” Nate E, San Tan Valley

“Therapist was awesome! I very much enjoyed my experience at the Chandler location.” Tara R, Chandler

“Brooke is fantastic, she was able to address what I wanted for my facial, and she was extremely professional and courteous. I already referred her to one of my best friends who is now buying a membership for facials with her once a month :-)” Alyssa A, Chandler

“Juliana gave me a wonderful facial, I would highly recommend her to anyone.” Diane, Sun Lakes

“Therapist is by far the best massage therapist I have ever had. My upper back and shoulder pain has never been more under control and I’m a friendlier person to be around!” Jeremy S, Chandler

“Very relaxing and great facilities.” HB, Phoenix

“Suzanne was amazing. I will definitely come back for a Lomi Lomi massage with her!” Deb B., Chandler

“Best spa experience I have ever had. I will choose this spa over any other. I will tell others about it and recommend they try it for themselves and give it as a gift, as my experience was. So relaxing!!!” Marcella, Gilbert

“Heather is fabulous” Catherine M, Mesa

“I did the Lavender Spa Treatment and it was wonderful! My therapist, Suzanne, was so sweet and made it a great experience.” Angela, Chandler

“Was the best massage I have had! Thank you Debra” Tina J, Chandler

“First time at Hawaiian Spa and won’t be the last. Excellent Lomi Lomi, very professional and great value. See you soon!” Jen H, Chandler

“Beautiful and tranquil with the hint of HI and AZ. It was a lovely fusion.” Maria M, San Tan Valley

“Great place good energy.” Gwynn, Chandler

“Felt extremely pampered at my spa visit.” Victoria, Chandler

“Best massage ever! Best facial ever!” Janis N, Chandler

“Jordan’s technique was absolutely amazing! He listened and focused on the areas that needed a little more work.” Maira, Gilbert

“Enjoy an escape. Take a tropical vacation. Head to Hawaiian Day Spa for a brief respite from the Arizona grind.” Elisa B, Chandler

“It was truly a tropical Hawaiian experience. Very relaxing and knowledgeable staff!” Monica B, Phoenix 

“Wow! Amazing!! Jordan did a perfect massage of my neck and back. It was the best massage I’ve ever had!!” Amy, Chandler

“Best facials ever!!” LP, Chandler

“I tried the Maui relaxation massage and was not disappointed! Debra was very knowledgeable and strong.” Amber, Scottsdale

“I had a terrific first time experience!” Allison, Chandler

“I was looking forward to a relaxing massage and that’s just what I got with Zachary. Combining Lomi Lomi with gentle stretching, nice conversation interspersed with quiet gave me the result I wanted. Very professional, likable, knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. I hope to have another session with him. Thank you, Zachary!” Debbie W, Chandler

“Wonderful facial and perfect service with Julianna who was so nice and extremely professional! Loved every minute!” Nancy, Queen Creek

“Restful, Quiet, Relaxing, Peaceful” Marg, Canada

“Suzanne was amazing! She met every single one of my needs, some of them I didn’t even mention out loud to her. The spa was very relaxing from the second I walked in the door and it was very clean. I would highly recommend this place and Suzanne as well!” Jamie K, Mesa

“Heather is wonderful, I love the Native massage. Juliana gave a wonderful facial. I left smiling” Denita C, Mesa

“Heather provided a wonderful relaxing and peaceful massage and I left feeling so amazing! Thank you Heather! Juliana made my skin feel so clean and refreshed and I love the products used! Thank you so much Juliana.” Kim, Chandler

“Jordan was great! One of my best massages ever! Thanks so much!” Jean R, Phoenix

“Therapist did such a wonderful job…as usual. Everything was perfect.” Tommy C, Gilbert

“Jordan was exceptionally professional and the massage he gave was magnificent.” Laura T, Mesa

“Amazing! Loved Zach and Juliana! I would highly recommend them.” Lady T, Mesa

“I treated myself to 2 hours this time and enjoyed the Scents of Hawaii treatment. I highly recommend Debra. She hit all the spots that needed some tension release and I left feeling wonderfully relaxed. As always, My experience from start to finish was excellent in every way.” Chris S, Tempe

“Cudos to Jodan for a very relaxing Lomi Lomi and to the fun staff!!” Pam, Mesa

“This was my first massage with Therapist and it was terrific. I can always count on the best at HES!” Tom E, Chandler

“Heather’s massage was smooth and soothing. Every second was nourishing and nurturing. I appreciated the thorough and rhythmic massage.” Dorice E, Chandler

“It was amazing and I’ve been feeling blissful all day!” Rose, Tempe

“I love the new aesthetician Brooke, she was EXCELLENT with facial extractions, I highly recommend her to everyone.” Nikki, Chandler

“Great services. Friendly staff. Made you feel line your in Hawaii. Can’t wait to come back.” Cheryl C, Chandler

“I was so grateful to be able to book a last minute appointment for both a 90 minute massage and a 60 minute facial on a Friday evening. I walked out with soft skin after having a facial that addressed the aftermath of a recent outbreak of rosacea. The massage was fantastic. While I don’t tend to book a massage with male therapists (my issue not theirs), I’m so glad I changed my mind and made the appointment with Jay. He was professional, I was at ease, and he was able to address issues I have been having with stiffness in my hips and IT band. I would definitely book another appointment with him again. I walked out so relaxed that all thought of hitting the gym last night vanished. Had a great nights sleep though (and the gym was waiting for me this morning)!” Gigi, Chandler

“Lauren was wonderful, she created such a relaxing and welcoming environment, she kept me informed as to what she was doing, as well as explaining the different kind of masks/treatments she was performing. I thoroughly enjoyed my facial.” Lindsey L, Tempe

“Hawaiian Experience Spa provides the best massages on the planet.” David, MO

“This is my second time there, the first time I had the anti aging facial and today the Lomi Lomi. Both were amazing. I would highly recommend the Hawaiian Experience.” Lori, Chandler

“So relaxing! Just what I needed!” Elizabeth, Gilbert

“Love the infrared sauna session!” Liz M, Chandler

“Jay has what I call “kind” hands. I can feel the caring attention and healing power that comes from them. At times, they even radiate physical heat. I leave feeling very calm and relaxed.” Shari R, Chandler

“Always look forward to my next appointment!” Tom E, Chandler

“My lomi lomi massage was relaxing and helped with my tight muscles. I definatley plan on going back!” Stephanie, Chandler

“I didn’t know how a male would do on a scrub and body mask. However Jay was my therapist and he did a most awesome and professional job on my treatments and massage from beginning to end! I recommend him and would request him in the future.” Donna, Mesa

“Maritza is fantastic. I have seen her a couple times before. I have chronic muscle tension. She always focuses on the areas needed and applies the right amount of pressure” Kristin T, Gilbert

“Kaitlyn has consistently provided outstanding service that far exceeds my expectations. She is always focused on my individual needs and does a great job checking periodically if the pressure is adequate along with the comfort level of the room. Kaitlyn is simply one of the very best in the business!” Duane M, Chandler

“Lomi Lomi massages are like no other massage. You are bathed in coconut oil and the movements of this massage are very relaxing as well as therapeutic. Love this massage that I joined after my first visit. You will want to also. It is a great investment.” Gloria, Gilbert

“Juliana did a excellent job on my facial. I highly recommend her” Karen S, Maricopa

“This was a gift from my daughter and I couldn’t have been happier with the service. Maritza did an amazing job. It was relaxing and soothing! Lovely facility too!” Tracy, Chandler

“I got the clearing facial here, and my experience was amazing! The products smell great, the atmosphere was so relaxing, I’m sure I fell asleep throughout my hour there, and my skin is so smooth. Juliana knew her stuff, and she was able to provide some recommendations for me. I enjoyed my time here, and I would love to come back if I lived in the area.” Alice G, CA

“I love this spa, I always look forward to coming in every month!” Nikki, Chandler

“This is the 3rd time that I’ve had Jordan as my therapist! Give him a bonus – he’s awesome! Very professional, perfect pressure and technique, friendly, explains everything well, and tailors massage to your needs. I will continue to request Jordan!” Tracy H, Chandler

“The warmed coconut oil with the shell massage was wonderful and Jorden had a great technique! It was heavenly!” Joanne P, IL

“Over all very enjoyable. Would definitely return.” SB, CA

“Juliana shared a wealth of information, and then she knew just when to let me drift off. Perfect!” Ann F, Phoenix

“The best scrub and massage I ever had; so relaxing I didn’t want it to end! I immediately signed up for a membership.” Rob A, Phoenix

“Kaitlyn did a wonderful job. She always knows what pressure to use. I love her massage and would recommend her to anyone.” Tommy, Gilbert

“The experience was awesome. Jordan is an excellent therapist.” Dorice E, Chandler

“Maritza outdid herself with me last night! I feel GREAT! I recovering from an injury and honestly believe that Maritza is helping more than my chiropractor! She really knows what she’s doing and has fabulous, healing hands.” Shari R, Chandler

“Tried the Lomi Lomi for the first time – we will definitely come back for more of that!! Great way to spend the afternoon with your spouse!” L. Moe, Chandler

“Without question, Lomi Lomi is the way to go!” Hula Girl, Chandler

“Highly recommended Maritza. She was nice, friendly and professional!” Megan L, Chandler

“The Hawaiian Day Spa is the only place in the Valley I feel I get all I am looking for in the experience of massage. From the relaxing waiting area by the lake (I go early to sit and have a cool drink and fruit,first) to the music, the therapists, and the fabulous stone shower room afterwards..real value for the fees they charge. And the therapists are all so knowledgeable.I never worry I won’t get a GREAT massage. I gave myself the gift of the yearly membership this year.” Madeline H, Gilbert

“Everyone is friendly, professional and sincere. Love love this place!” Jill P, Maricopa

“The bar has been raised for what I classify as an amazing massage. Mahalo, Hawaiian Experience Spa!” Susanne L, Chandler

“It’s good to find a therapist who has the intuition to “feel” their way through the rough spots and address them accordingly instead of just doing the same massage for everyone. Nice job Jordan!” Terry T, Gilbert

“Went in for a couples massage and everything was amazing! I can’t wait to come back again.” Kane F, Mesa

“Fantastic massage. I’ll be back for more.” Marianne H, Tempe

“HES has accommodating hours, staff, therapists, and amenities/showers which gives a reliably healing and customizable experience every time. They put the customer first and I am forever grateful for what they do. Mahalo!” Maggi, Gilbert

“Spa amenities very nicely provided, relaxing atmosphere.” Be L, Chandler

“It was perfect! Heather was awesome!!! :)” Melissa P, Mesa

“I saw Heather for a 90 Lomi Lomi massage, with the caveat that I was 3-months pregnant. Heather was very knowledgeable about some modification to make so my massage was not only comfortable, but safe. I have had many massages over the years, but this one is the best I’ve had in a long time, and I can’t wait to return! Heather’s technique and pressure were perfect; she used just the right amount of pressure, mixed with the long Lomi-type strokes for a stress-relieving and relaxing experience. Post massage, you have the opportunity to use their luxurious showers, as well as their high-quality and organic face, body, and hair products; or you can grab a quick fresh fruit or trail mix snack with tea before you head out. I am looking forward to visiting Heather asap!” Tara A, Tempe

“My Hawaiian spa experience was great! Julianna gave such an amazing facial & Maritza was very thorough with the massage. They both took their time and the products smelled great!” Brieanne C, Maricopa

“LOVED Suzanne. She was great. I will ask for her in the future.” Jeanette S, Tempe

“Suzanne did a wonderful job. She showed great attention to detail and ensured that I was comfortable and informed about the type of massage I was receiving. As she ended my massage, I knew I needed to come back for more, and joined the spa before I left.” Monica W, Tempe

“Beautiful. Calming with great staff.” Coletta K, Chandler

“My first time here and Zach did a great job and explained everything. Great facility and amazing experience, will definitely be back.” Traci H, Scottsdale

“Beautiful facility, service was wonderful, friendly and helpful staff.” Alec C, Chandler

“Very relaxing massage with care taken to injured areas.” Mark B, Kingman

“Ask for Jay. He’s easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and responsive to your needs.” B. Brown, Yuma 

“Perfect valentines day afternoon! Thank you!” Michelle T, Mesa

“Had a great couple massage with Debra & Jay, first time we have done one, massages were fantastic, we both left feeling extremely relaxed and will be back” Brian, Maricopa

“What a wonderful spa experience. A lovely place with great amenities and excellent services” Dennis M, Tucson

“Heather is a phenomenal therapist! She was able to easily locate the trouble spots on my body and used the right about of pressure to ease the knots. The music was very soothing and the attention before, during and after a massage is always enjoyable with the friendly and attentive staff at the Hawaiian Chandler Spa.” Lois S, Tempe

“I had another incredible session with Jay this afternoon and have felt like I’m floating all evening. As always, his Lomi skills are remarkable, plus he performed craniosacral therapy on me today. I could feel the heat of his energy flowing from his hands! Truly amazing gift. I feel so much more balanced.” Shari R, Chandler

“My massage was amazing. The best massage I have ever had. Jordan is a wonderful therapist.” Kristen, Mesa

“Wonderful experience.” Ken S, AK

“Heather gave an exceptional massage. Right amount of pressure and focus on the critical sore spots.” Mark C, Chandler

“Debra was amazing at her job and very friendly. Thanks for a great experience!” Mike A, Gilbert 

“If you’ve never had a spa treatment, you won’t go anywhere else once you’ve been to the Hawaiian Experience Spa. So many wonderful choices!! I can’t wait for my next treatment!” LP, Chandler

“I LOVE the Hawaiian Experience Spa in Chandler! They really treat you to the Aloha Spirit from the moment you walk in the door. The BEST place to get a massage (go for the Lomi-Lomi) out of any place I have ever been to! Thank you for bringing a little bit of Hawaii to the desert. Mahalo. From a loyal fan in Tempe, AZ.” Lauren L, Tempe

“Maritza has wonderful hands and is very knowledgeable about human physiology. Thank you!” Shari R, Chandler

“Kaitlyn was absolutely wonderful! I will get all my Lomi Lomi massage’s from her!!!” Polly, Chandler

“I LOVE the Hawaiian Experience Spa. It is my go to spa. I can count on a consistently, great massage service every time I go and with every one of their massage therapists.” Denise H, Phoenix

“Juliana is excellent! The facial she gave me was by far the best I have ever had at any spa!” Shannon W, Chandler

“Wonderful experience, highly recommend to anyone looking for a monthly facial treatment.” Nikki, Phoenix

“We both had such a relaxing experience and perfect massages after a busy work week. We REALLY enjoyed the amenities, the shower is phenomenal! Great location – check out the view from the relaxation room.” Annemarie B, Chandler

“Don’t settle for a cookie cutter massage experience, the Hawaiian Experience Spa will leave you feeling pampered. I can’t wait to go back!” J Johnson, Mesa

“Always enjoy coming to the Hawaiian Day Spa. Beautiful spa and the services are great!” Belinda B, Chandler

“The spa is excellent. The staff is professional and friendly. The facility is clean and relaxing.” Dorice E,

“Amazing spa.” Coletta K, Nova Scotia

“I had a 90 minute facial with Julianna and it was heaven. Best facial I have ever had and I have had quite a few. I felt pampered and that she was really caring about my experience. Fabulous!” Barbara B, Sun Lakes

“The back to back Lomi Lomi was total relaxation! Jordan’s technique is very calming. I felt like all of my knots were gone. Excellent massage!! Relax and enjoy life!”  Pam, Mesa

“The Spa Experience was awesome – a 10 experience! The staff at the front were very friendly and accommodating for my booking request for me and 2 friends. We all had a great experience and enjoyed our massages and the LomiLomi was a great recommendation. Massage Therapist Jay did a great job – it was the best massage I have ever had. The showers were also a nice option afterwards and had everything I needed. The relaxation room while waiting was clean and comfortable with drink and snack items if needed which was nice and added to the experience of being at the spa.” Lisa D,

“Amazing as always!” Jeremy S, Chandler

“Calendaring issues have me trying different therapists from time to time, and this time was another blessing! Jay is magical! His Lomi Lomi left me like a melting marshmallow. Pure heaven (mixed in with a bit of necessary knot detangling!)” Shari R,

“Thank you for offering such great service, in all areas.” Dorice E,

“Wonderful relaxing experience.” Margaret, Tempe

“Heather is an AWESOME massage therapist! And I love the new robes! :-)” Jackie, Gilbert

“Our favorite anniversary tradition! Way better than fancy restaurant and better on wallet than going to the islands, to get the very same, quite frankly, better spa treatment, much cleaner facility. Thank you!” Kara, Mesa

“Kaitlyn out did herself. The Lomi Lomi was amazing!” Tommy, Gilbert

“Fantastic job, thoroughly enjoyed my second massage with Suzanne. Will continue to schedule with her!” RH, Chandler

“Maritza has wonderful, and very strong, hands! Her touch is truly healing. I actually felt significant heat emanating from her hands, especially when she worked on my neck and shoulder area.” Shari R, Chandler

“The Lomi Lomi massage is pure bliss!” Steve B, Mesa

“This was a different massage experience than I am used to but it was unique and fun. Very enjoyable.” Heather C, Chandler

“Excellent massage!” Don W, Chandler

“Best massage ever!” Crystal G, Chandler

“Jordan is amazing at his job. He’ll have a client for life by me.” Maggi, Chandler

“Facial was great and even provided suggestions on products to use after. Massage was great as well. Shower after was fantastic. Great experience, can’t wait to come back!” Holly F, Chandler

“It was exceptional!!!!” Shelley, Gilbert

“Suzanne is fantastic. I am making an appt for my husband!” Evie, Chandler

“The lomi lomi massage exceeded my expectations. It was a fabulous experience.” J.Kim, Chandler

“Marvelous service and excellent value for price. Great atmosphere too. I’m glad I’m a member.” B.H., Phoenix

“Hawaiian Experience spa was my first massage….and now I’m hooked!” Claire, NJ

“I went in with a sore back, after the session my lower back felt completely relieved, thank you!” Chuck, Gilbert

“This was my first time for the “Lavender Experience” and I loved it. It was relaxing and my dry, winter skin felt wonderful after the wrap and massage with the wonderful scented lotion. As always, Maritza was great!” Chris, Tempe 

“Maritza is terrific! Always get a great massage at Hawaiian Experience.” Tom, Chandler

“Gotta love this spa! Atmosphere, therapist, etc. Heather did an excellent therapeutic massage, working out my stiffness and muscle spasms, from an automobile accident! Thank you. I love being a member . I always feel like I am rejuvenated after a treatment at the Spa! Judy, Mesa

“Jordan always provides a relaxing and therapeutic massage. He is EXCELLENT and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The long stokes of the lomi lomi are relaxing. The pressure of the massage is therapeutic. I look forward to my next session.” Dorice, Chandler

“Cassie is a fantastic therapist. She was very thorough and able to diagnose my problem spots with ease. She even had a game plan for what she wanted to work on more in depth next time I saw her. Thank you!”  Matt S, Mesa

“This was my second Lomi Lomi with Debra, and just like the first, she listened to my concerns about pain I was experiencing and worked those areas to perfection. I would recommend Debra to anyone.” James G, Chandler

“It was above and beyond an amazing experience, I can’t wait to go back!” Shawna T, Chandler

“Great spa with lots of excellent services to choose from! Will definitely be back.” Mary T, Chandler

“I had a Lomi Lomi Massage for the 1st time! Debra was amazing! I would highly recommend her. All the staff were super sweet and professional! Can’t wait to come back.”  Evie B, Chandler

“The quality of massage, staff, education, cleanliness and expanded services offered sets the standard for other spa’s to obtain.” Steve D, Mesa

“Best massage ever! I’ve been getting regular massages for years and the double Lomi is the pinnacle of massages. If you have the opportunity, do not pass it up. It is pure relaxation. Heather and Debra make a great team.” John M, Chandler

“2nd time with Alyssa and she remembered all the areas that needed work. She does a great job of mixing the lomi lomi in with working on the areas of concern.” Ray L, Alberta Canada

“The Lomi Lomi massage is an experience that everyone should have – such a wonderful treat!” Chip S, Chandler

“I really like Jordan. The massage was tough because I had a bad link in my neck. Jordan does a wonderful job” Jen W, Chandler

“I’ve had spa memberships for years and never experienced a massage as awesome as the Lomi Lomi or a therapist as attentive as Zachary, who really tailors the treatment to what’s going on with my workouts. The showers and chocolate in the locker are nice touches, too!” Jenn, Chandler 

“Zach provided an extremely rhythmic and relaxing massage. He is very skilled and knowledgeable. I look forward to my next treatment from Zach. The team at Hawaiian Experience Spa is always friendly and welcoming. Every visit is wonderful. Thank you.” Dorice E, Chandler 

“As always, Heather was great. All the kinks worked out and feeling amazing.” Angenette V, Phoenix

“Maritza was amazing. It was my first time with her and she was fantastic! Knew just what I needed and was professional and friendly.” Megan C, Phoenix

“Jay did an excellent job, his knowledge and technique in Lomi Lomi was great! I thoroughly enjoyed my massage and came out extremely relaxed.” Linda B, Chandler

“Hawaiian Experience provides a rare kind of all-encompassing service. I really like the whole ambience and overall effect of the spa and its décor. Even the sink in the restroom is just so very lovely and the showers are exquisite. Top that off with the sincere and very friendly attitudes of the staff, and you’ve found quite a treasure.” Jen B, Gilbert

“Kaitlyn did an amazing job. The 90 minutes seemed to fly by. She always leaving me wanting more. And the showers are great! It’s a perfect finish to a perfect massage!” Tommy, Gilbert

“Everything was perfect as usual.” Bob C, Chandler

“The spa is a well-oiled machine. They have the unique service of Lomi Lomi down pat.” Ray L, Alberta, Canada 

“The product used was great. After the shower my skin was so so soft, even before the lotion was applied. I am going to tell everyone they need to get a salt scrub from you guys. I will be back at some point!” “P”, Chandler

“The couples Lomi Lomi message was perfection! It was the perfect treat to my boyfriend and I, who have been on a road trip to be home for the holidays. We left a lot more relaxed than when we arrived. The long strokes and hot oil really put us at ease and gave us the relaxation we needed. Juliana was extremely knowledgeable during my acne facial. Her expertise in the field was much appreciated, as she gave great tips on how to keep my face clean and clear.” Kelli J, Chandler 

“I am not normally a person who gets massages and facial stuff, but my husband gave it to me as a gift. I was a little nervous about it (I know I, how could I be) and also never really liked massages, but this place did great! All was perfect and now I do feel much better, highly recommend them” Lanci H, Gilbert

“Love it! Great atmosphere, relaxing, and everyone was very friendly.” Christi, Phoenix

“Alyssa was amazing, she knew what she was talking about and she knew what she was doing, I will be using her again in the future.” Christine, Chandler

“Maritza is an excellent therapist provided a therapeutic and relaxing massage. The team at the spa is always professional, friendly and customer focused. The atmosphere and service is fantastic; unlike any other spa. Highly recommend.” Dorice E, Chandler

“My husband and I loved our experience!!!!! Not only was our massage wonderful, our therapists were completely focused on us and the spa itself is beyond relaxing!!! Loved the amazing shower, loved the chocolates in our locker and LOVED our after massage sorbet dessert! Our therapists were Jay and Debra and they did an amazing job and they were extremely respectful of our needs, I would extremely recommend that you go and see them!!!!!” Jessica, Chandler 

“I have had the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience here! Definitely worth the money, and the amenities (the shower, locker rooms, bathrooms, etc.) tie the whole experience together.” Morgan, Tempe

“I drove 3 hours for this massage, amazing!!! You’re getting the spa experience; locker, robe, shower, beautiful view while I wait, the true Hawaiian Experience!” Chantelle, Safford

“Loved my facial. So relaxing and my skin feels amazing.” Leah R, Gilbert

“Excellent experience! Can’t wait to return. Maritza did a wonderful job.” Tom W, Chandler

“I had a great time, great treatment with great skin care products!” Nikki, Chandler

“This was an awesome experience. I will be back again for sure!” Sherri, Queen Creek

“Best relaxing massage ever!” Kim, Phoenix

“Debra paid close attention to my file info and to the discussion related to injuries and surgeries.” Mark, Kingman

“I can’t imagine anything being done better. I was very impressed with the lounge, the view of the lake, and the complete competence of the therapist who understood the condition I mentioned to him in my shoulder.” Robert C, Mesa

“Suzanne’s sense of being grounded was profound… I felt as if she was giving me her energy of calmness and peace. There was no sense of being rushed or pressured. She moved slowly and I felt her focused attention. She listened to my fears (concerns) and catered to me with great gentleness and validation. It was a perfect experience. Thank you Suzanne.” Dawn, Mesa

“I’ve consistently had amazing massages and positive experiences at Hawaiian Experience!” Patricia, Chandler

“Alyscia was great as always and is a delight to talk to.” Karen, Tempe

“I was thrilled by my experience at the spa today! My massage therapist was gentle, knowledgeable, and made sure to keep checking in on the pressure. She also gave me lots of tips on keeping my back happy and healthy (woohoo!). The whole place is so relaxing and also very clean, I’m very excited to try all the very many things they offer. I just can’t wait to go back!!” Ashley, Chandler

“I just fall in love with one therapist after another at Hawaiian Experience Spa! Though I feel guilty when I try a new therapist, not wanting my last therapist to feel badly, I have found that different therapists meet differing needs that I have. They each have their specialties and varying touches. This last time, I was with Heather, who performed the best neck work that I have ever had! The work that she did on my back and neck…after a full week of moving, lifting, and a yard sale…made it possible for me to get out of bed the next day, let alone walk around an art fest!” Sheri R, Chandler

“I am window cleaner so my shoulders and back tend to get pretty tense Jordan did and amazing job, will definitely come back, thank you so much.” Francisco S, Chandler

“Only possible thing I can think of to make that experience any better would have been to make it longer! Even at two hours, it went by too quickly! I’m already looking forward to my next appointment.” Lisa, Phoenix

“Suzanne and Zachary made our couples massage the best! We have never had a massage prior to this one and they were very informative, friendly, and professional. We felt like royalty being in their massage room. They asked us specifically what our trouble areas are and they took very good care of us. Whenever we go back we will definitely be requesting them.  Hawaiian Experience Spa is amazing! The staff is very professional and friendly. I felt like I was in a romantic paradise, in the couple’s massage you are pampered even down to the smallest detail (example- a chocolate in the locker, water bottles in the shower, asking you if you have any trouble areas you’d like them to focus on, ect.) I am definitely going back and I will tell all my friends and family about this magical paradise. Thank you for making mine and my husband’s anniversary wonderful!”  Ashley K, Tempe

“Kaitlyn is an exceptionally talented massage therapist! I have suffered with severe muscle spasms in my upper back for over a decade. She works tirelessly at a consistent pace and communicates well. I can’t say enough and truly feel better than I have in years! I encourage anyone who suffers with chronic pain to make an appointment with her.” Jeremy S, Chandler

“Kaitlyn really focused on my shoulder as we discussed prior to the massage and because of that It was feeling thousand times better after.” Mike G, Mesa

“Great massage with special care taken to areas of injury which I had discussed with the therapist.” Mark B, Kingman

“Jordan did a fantastic job. I was so looking forward to my massage. It had been 3 1/2 months since my last one. I was ready to just relax and feel great, which is how I felt afterwards. Jordan is a great therapist!! We travel from Kingman just to get massages at Hawaiian Spa! You have such a wealth of well-trained therapists and friendly staff that the drive is well worth the time. Thank you.” Lynn B, Kingman

“Maritza once again provided me a wonderful, relaxing experience. I love the Lomi. And the scalp and foot treatment was a perfect way to end it.” Chris S, Tempe

“Had a double Lomi Lomi by Jay and April and it was awesome. Very relaxed when done!” Donna, Mesa

“Heather is fantastic! Excellent deep tissue work! For her attention to detail with the neck and shoulders, I’d recommend her to anyone who suffers with migraines or tension headaches.” Jeremy S, Chandler

“The spa staff here is amazing! Everyone from the front desk to the therapist have the true spirit of Aloha! The staff truly care if you had a great experience.” –M. Flores, Chandler

“Zachary was very personable and did a great, professional job with my body scrub. It was a very relaxing experience.” Louise G., Vermont 

“I end up having to come in at the very end of the night after our kids go to bed, but despite it being the tail end of what is probably a long shift, both Kaitlyn and Kayla are happy, friendly and give the impression the really care that you have a good experience. Good customer service is hard to find these days but they’re both great.  The search is over. Hawaiian Experience is the best of the best.” Nick L, Tempe

“Kaitlyn is fantastic! I hope you guys keep her happy! I’m so glad I re-discovered massage and made it a regular part of my routine. My overall wellbeing has significantly improved! I also appreciate Kayla for always providing such a warm greeting and for being so helpful!” Jeremy S, Chandler 

“I never imagined you could have a deep tissue Lomi massage. However, Heather found some way to merge the two into an amazing experience.” Travis M, Gilbert

“Jordan is a very knowledgeable and skilled therapist. The session was relaxing. My experience at the spa was excellent, as always.” Dorice E, Chandler

“All the staff is warm and friendly. Jay’s knowledge of his craft is amazing.” Lou C, Chandler

“I still adore Alyssa and appreciate her wonderful energy, caring, and expertise!” Shari R, Chandler

“Kaitlyn is awesome! She is the best therapist in my opinion. I booked my daughter a 90 min appointment with her today!” Jeremy S, Chandler

“Debra was an excellent therapist. She made me feel very comfortable for my first Lomi Lomi massage. Her therapeutic touch felt amazing. Thanks!  The atmosphere at the Chandler Hawaiian Experience Spa was very relaxing. The waiting room that overlooked the lake was a great way for me to get centered before the session. Debra was an excellent therapist. She made me feel very comfortable for my first Lomi Lomi massage. Her therapeutic touch felt amazing. Mahalo!” Bobby S, Gilbert

“Everything was PERFECT!! I love the pressure Maritza uses – it’s just the right amount. She really gets my trouble spots and gives great pointers for them also. I always feel AMAZING when she’s done with me – great massage! =)” Sandra G, Mesa

“Maritza was extremely knowledgeable and used the perfect amount of pressure to alleviate all my aches and pain. I’ve had terrible tension in my neck and shoulders for weeks. Now I feel amazing. Thank you!! I feel 10 years younger… Thank you!!” Robb L, Chandler

“Maritza was excellent and always makes me feel comfortable. The level of pressure was just right and the advanced therapeutic massage was exactly what I needed!”  Heather, Maricopa

“Had a great Deep Cleansing Facial today! Thanks very much Alyscia!” Kim F, Phoenix

“Heather is the best.” Janie, Sun Lakes

“I absolutely love Becky. She uses amazing technique and always knows when to be gentle and when to put pressure. She understands my pressure points.” Puja B, Fountain Hills

“Always a wonderful experience to go to the spa.” Jane L, Chandler

“Kaitlyn did a great job! I love the way she incorporates stretches into the massage. The pressure she used was perfect. I love the warm coconut oil used during the massage. And the showers are awesome! You never want to get out.” Tommy C, Gilbert

“An experience like no other. Great shower if you want one before or after your treatment. Very relaxing from waiting in lounge that overlooks lake to tea varieties and snacks to enjoy prior to relaxing facial. It was wonderful!” Jacqueline A, Chandler

“My facial with Alyscia was one of the best I’ve ever had. She has a great touch and readily answered any questions I had. Zachary is one of the best! He gives a great massage and tailors it to you needs. This was my third time with Zachary and it won’t be the last.” Julie, Tucson

“Another terrific lomi lomi massage with Maritza. Thank you!” Tom, Chandler

“I was very hesitant to try the lomi lomi massage but I read several great reviews about it so I tried it. I have to say it was amazing! Best massage I’ve ever had. I loved the hot coconut oil. I asked for medium pressure and that’s exactly what I got from Jay. I also really enjoyed the complimentary shower after the massage with all those shower heads! I can’t wait to go back again!” Jen, Chandler

“Awesome experience! Will be coming back again! Everyone is just so wonderful!” Grace, Queen Creek

“Alyssa was awesome – professional and knowledgable! It was a great massage!” Katie, Gilbert

“Zachary was very knowledgeable of his profession. He used the right amount of pressure and massage. Very satisfied.” Lou C, Chandler

“I added a sauna at last minute before my appt time and the staff was more the willing to accommodate my request. Thank you. Kaitlyn did a fantastic job really working out the areas of concern I had and spent some extra time focusing on them, it was very much appreciated.” Mike, Gilbert

“Zach was very friendly and professional as was the Terri at the front desk.  I don’t get massages often, but I will definitely come back to this place for the next one I get treated to! Really enjoyable and relaxing.” Pam, San Tan Valley 

“Excellent service with a friendly and comfortable atmosphere!” Don, Chandler

“Zach has the best consult before the massage! He reviews my chart while we are discussing my needs and ask questions! Alyscia knows Skin Care!” Sandra, Gilbert

“Heather always addresses my deep fascia with great pressure. At the end of my massage, I can feel circulation on parts of my back that are tight. This is what keeps bringing me back to the Chandler location.” Beverly, Mesa

“I cannot wait to come back, I totally enjoyed my time spent with Alyscia, she gave an amazing facial!” Pam J, Chandler

“I am so happy to have found this spa! Everyone is so very friendly and helpful, and Maritza is truly the best therapist. If there was a choice on the survey that was higher than “excellent”, it would be her!” Lisa A, Phoenix

“Thank you so much. This is my first time with you and it was an amazing experience and it deserves the 5 star. I’m willing to try it again. The receptionist was so friendly and the therapist was amazing.” Adeem, Tempe

“The entire staff was professional and courteous. They made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed! Thank You!” Aubrey S, Gilbert

“I love scheduling a nice relaxing afternoon at Hawaiian Experience Spa. It’s a nice getaway.”  Jeanette S, Tempe

“Alyssa is such a love! She adores what she does, has the best positive energy and attitude, and always does a fantastic job. Her ability to read my mood and my body’s needs are uncanny. Thank you, Alyssa! You, and the entire Spa team, are awesome!” Shari R, Chandler

“People, I may be a little biased from my love of Hawaii, but The Hawaiian Experience spa has done phenomenal job from my first massage over a year ago to now (believe I’m on my 10th). The treatment from the front desk, ask the way through the total immersion shower provides complete relaxation and comfort. And the therapists are top notch. If they can get through this rock I call a back, they can definitely help you. I highly highly recommended this spa.” Kevin L, Chandler

“Perfect way to spend the afternoon!!” Sandy B, Phoenix

“This was my first time ever receiving a lomi lomi massage and Jay did a great job of making me feel comfortable and was very professional despite the minimal draping.” Kim M, Chandler 

“Massage was great! Left feeling very moisturized from the massage.” Lauren B, Chandler 

“Suzanne was WONDERFUL! Perfect amount of pressure, checked a couple of times to see that it was ok and she melted away the tightness in my muscles!! What a wonderful way to end the day!!” Kim M, Chandler

“Kaitlyn has consistently met or exceeded my expectations on every treatment I’ve had! I always leave in a very relaxed and pain-free condition. Mahalo Kaitlyn!!” Duane M, Chandler

“I ask Zachary to focus on my upper back and neck due to the extreme neck pain I have been having. He concentrated on what I asked him to and I have not had the severe headaches since my massage.” Martha P, Chandler 

“I’ve been a member for 4 years — that says it all!” Laurie N, Chandler 

“Alyssa is an excellent therapist. She has great technique and is very focused on her work. I hope to repeat with her in the future.” CDL, Tempe “The lomi lomi is the most unique massage I have ever experienced. I told Maritza it was BLISSVILLE and having two hours was a real treat. I received a gift certificate from my friend, Barb K. and went with the lomi lomi massage to experience it first-hand. Loved the warmth of the Coconut Oil and was so soothing.” Sharon W, Chandler 

“Becky is amazing!” Ginger, Mesa 

“HES is the best place for a massage. The Lomi Lomi is awesome! Kaitlyn does such a good job, she knows exactly how much pressure to use. She is a very skilled Massage Therapist.” Tommy, Gilbert 

“Heather was the perfect combination of professional and polite and had obvious real knowledge of her work. I went in tense, came out a wet noodle!” BH, Phoenix 

“Maritza did an excellent job of stretching out my tight leg muscles. I was totally relaxed and looking forward to my next Lomi Lomi.” Pam H, Mesa 

“I love the atmosphere and my therapist Debra was awesome.” Sherrie B, Chandler 

“The massage experience was fantastic and very comfortable. The whole experience was more intimate and I didn’t feel like I was being churned through the process like my experiences at the larger massage/spa chains. Looking forward to my next massage.” David C, Chandler 

“Heather tames notes and gets to know her clients’ needs. She is a true professional and she is kind and caring. I would ask nothing else of her.  Hawaiian Spa is a wonderful unique experience. I value my time spent there.” Lisa I, Gilbert 

“Wonderful spa! Very friendly staff. The sauna and showers are amazing! Come here to relax and unwind after a busy day!” Scotty A, Chandler 

“Thanks for the great massage Alyssa. I would highly recommend her as a therapist. Another great find H.E.S.” Joe A, Gilbert 

“I always look forward to my massages with Maritza – her pressure is AWESOME and she is just a great therapist in general. She’s great at addressing my needs and I always feel so relaxed when I leave. The whole staff is amazing and very friendly! =)” Sandra G, Mesa 

“You’re a fool if you don’t join this spa! Even if you only use your monthly credit, you’re getting a great deal. The staff, the atmosphere, the accommodations… This is a wonderful place, and it’s much less costly to use these delightful experiences as preventative medicine than to wait until you need a doctor (mental, physical, etc.)! And yes, as always, Alyssa was PERFECT. I gave her free reign and she found everything that needed attention, even things I didn’t know I had!” Shari R, Chandler 

“I have such a hard time relaxing and I can always count on my time at the Hawaiian Experience Spa to help me mellow out. I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.” Nikki M, Chandler 

“I have chronic tension headaches. Heather is amazing and is really helping improve my quality of life.” Jill, Gilbert 

“Jason was great. Will definitely see him again.” Steve C, Gilbert 

“Suzanne and the whole Hawaiian Experience Spa Team, thanks for the wonderful massage and a chance to unwind.” Megan H, Gilbert 

“The staff ask me if I wanted a spa treatment while I was waiting, if I would like a drink. They made my visit perfect. April did my massage perfect.” JoEllen R, Chandler 

“The information Maritza provided regarding my shoulder was very helpful and effective.” Traci W, Chandler 

“Kaitlyn is great! She knows just the right pressure and her massage is so relaxing. I would recommend her to anyone.” Tommy C, Gilbert 

“Very relaxing couples massage.” Cory P, Mesa 

“This is my happy place!” April H, Mesa 

“I had a 2-hour Lomi Lomi with Debra, my first time with her. She confirmed my likes/dislikes up-front which is appreciated. The massage itself was terrific, excellent pressure and she has mastered the long flowing strokes and the underbody strokes as well as anyone I have had previously. I would easily recommend Debra for anyone seeking a Lomi Lomi.” James G, Chandler 

“I have tried a number of different spas and I came back to this one because it was such a great experience. I was not disappointed. This is my spa of choice!” April J, Gilbert 

“I won’t spend any money at any other spa!” Elizabeth B, Gilbert

“The whole staff was amazing. It started with booking and making it a great experience by accommodating a large group. The staff was very friendly and professional. All of the ladies in my group of 8 loved their massages. It was a great afternoon.” Sara M, Tempe 

“Maritza took time after session to discuss problem areas she came across and offer suggestions to help.” Mike G, Mesa 

“It’s a two-edged sword, telling everyone how much I love Alyssa and the crew at the Spa! I want her to get the recognition (and business) that she deserves, but I don’t want to lose her for myself! Her deep knowledge and expert application are incredible. She always “gets the job done”, whatever my needs are each time I see her. She’s my preventative medical therapist, and is better than any chiropractor I’ve ever been to. That’s enough for now! I love you, Alyssa, and thank you for the magic you worked on my leg and back last weekend.” Shari R, Chandler 

“I feel very cared for and nurtured in just 50 min. Being a mom you get drained and I feel restored after a lomi lomi session. Thank you!” Kara J, Mesa 

“My 4 handed treatment was so good and professional, followed up with a steam/sauna sesh, boom I’m healed!” Quinton J, Mesa 

“I had the 90 minute “Coconut Sea Salt and Lomi Lomi’ with Alyssa. This was my first time with Alyssa, and from the start I could sense she was motivated, as she had already reviewed the notes from my previous massages and was aware to avoid the soles of the feet. Just knowing she took the time to do that was notable, maybe this is standard but I can’t recall this occurring previously with first-timers. The scrub was excellent, good pressure, and I did notice before she and I discussed her technique, but she incorporates some of the Lomi strokes during the scrub, which is perfect. The Lomi Lomi was also excellent; good pressure from the start and working the large muscles to the point of discomfort but not pain. Extra attention addressing the lower back was expertly done. I get from Alyssa that she is 100% committed to massage as a career, and it comes through in her techniques and mannerisms. I will definitely book with Alyssa again, and would highly recommend her.” James G, Chandler 

“Jason was fabulous. I left feeling on top of the world.” Charity D, Scottsdale 

“Top notch all-around service throughout the spa.  Alyssa is fantastic as an advanced therapeutic massage therapist, specifically addressing my bodily needs. This is the day after the massage and I’m feeling so much better as a result of her attentiveness and skills.” Lois S, Tempe 

“Such a warm and relaxing experience from all of the staff from the moment you walk in at the Chandler location! I recently referred you to a friend. Mahalo!” Heather, Maricopa 

“Zach has a firm yet gentle touch. Very soothing.” Lou C, Chandler 

“Sue was very friendly and made me feel comfortable the entire time.” Danielle V, Chandler 

“Maritza is an outstanding therapist who I trust completely and am extremely comfortable with. Her therapy and guidance has helped my body feel as good as it has in two decades. She has great hands and fabulous technique; pressure application is expert. Jodi and Kayla are also outstanding in the office and make me feel like family which enhances the value of my membership.” Will, Mesa 

“It was a very relaxing session and I felt comfortable the whole time!” Brittani, Mesa 

“I only wish it could have gone on longer.  The chocolate smelled so good I thought I had become a brownie.” Armand B, Peoria

“Maritza is an outstanding therapist who I trust completely and am extremely comfortable with. Her therapy and guidance has helped my body feel as good as it has in two decades. She has great hands and fabulous technique; pressure application is expert. Jodi and Kayla are also outstanding in the office and make me feel like family which enhances the value of my membership.” Will W. Mesa, AZ October 2015

“Jason was fabulous. I left feeling on top of the world. Charity.” Charity D. Scottsdale, AZ

“This location has always been a great experience and well worth the price. I get a very positive vibe and my mood is lifted every visit.” Carroll G, Chandler 

“It was a very nice experience.” Laura L, Chandler 

“Every therapist I have had at Hawaiian experience has been good. I have been with Jay a few times now and enjoy his ability with the art of massage and how incredible I feel every time I leave Hawaiian Experience Spa. I look forward to experiencing Jay’s expertise, scientific knowledge of the body, and ability to listen to body specifics during the massage. The spa staff is always welcoming and inviting. The front desk helps create the type of environment that prompts me to want to return to Hawaiian Experience Spa.” Stormy R, Chandler 

“Jay is very educated and talented in massage therapy. His skills and professionalism are exceptional too.” Steve D, Mesa 

“I had a 50-minute Lomi Lomi with Suzanne. I came in with a flare-up of lower back pain, and she was able to alleviate it noticeably.”  James G, Chandler 

“April was fabulous. I have some pain in my shoulder and she worked it out so I have less pain the following day and more mobility. She was wonderful. This spa is such an enjoyable experience. I would visit for a treatment every day if I could! I recommend it to all my friends!” Sandra D, Glendale 

“Peaceful & relaxing couples massage! Thank you so much!” Aimee E, Tempe 

“Mary is fantastic! Very focused and attentive. I felt wonderful after 120 minutes of the advanced therapeutic massage. I hope she’ll continue to be available in Chandler every once in a while!”  Jeremy S, Chandler 

“Alyssa and the rest of the staff in Chandler are top notch. They care about their clients and it shows.” Nate E, San Tan Valley

“Relaxing evening! Maritza really loves what she does and is very attentive and focused on the areas I requested. Kayla was friendly and welcoming!” Heather, Maricopa 

“Very professional staff and services. I will definitely be back!” Rolene S, Chandler 

“As always, Heather is the best! Highly recommend her and Hawaiian Experience.” Lisa B., Chandler 

“The whole spa experience is always great. Every single therapist has been excellent, and I’m just about through all of them. Never had a bad experience, with the therapists, the staff, scheduling.” Troy Y, Queen Creek 

“I’ve been seeing Heather for a while now for massage treatment and she is very professional, uses very good pressure and seems very knowledgeable! She is a great asset to your spa 🙂 I’ve been coming to this spa for quite some time and began a membership late last year. Recently, I’ve been experiencing sciatica pain really badly after giving birth. Heather has been providing advanced therapeutic massage to help me with that pain. I’ve also used Heather in the past for deep tissue and lomi lomi massage therapy. She is very knowledgeable, uses amazing amount of pressure and is very professional too. I’ve been extremely impressed by this spa and their therapists. Mahalo!” Leslee O., Chandler 

“My lomi lomi session with Maritza was one of the most nurturing and relaxing massages I have ever received. Exceptional!” Partha C, Tempe 

“This was a thoroughly relaxing experience I greatly enjoyed. The atmosphere is so welcoming and everything about the staff, décor, music, and scents of the treatment oils and lotions reminded me of our trip to Maui. I look forward to my next appointment and have recommend this spa to all my friends.” Sandi D, Glendale 

“Perfect end to a long week.” Erica M, Mesa 

“Therapeutic and relaxing!” Patti S, Chandler 

“Ryanne did a great job with working on my sore spots as well as the full body, Lomi Lomi massage I requested. I was able to relax and found the massage very beneficial. Thank you!” Denise M, Mesa 

“I love HES! The Lomi Lomi is special. Kaitlyn’s massage is so good.” Tommy C, Gilbert 

“I always enjoy my time at the Spa. My Lomi Lomi massage was excellent and relaxing, as always!” Dorice E, Chandler 

“This was such a great firsts time limit lomi massage and what a peaceful at ease place to relax and unwind! April was consistent with her pressure and helped relieve a lot of knots and muscles in my shoulders and neck that needed it after a long bike ride through the Petrified Forest the day before! I was sunburned and she avoided any spots I had and was attentive to my legs and shoulders as they had the most need for massage! I feel great and my back is looking forward to coming back for the next massage! Thanks to all the staff for making me feel very comfortable!” Rebecca S, Mesa 

“I have been so happy with the spa since I started going a couple years ago, but love it even more after yesterday! They went above and beyond to get me in and take care of me after I strained my neck. Can’t thank Jodi and Zach enough!” Patricia D, Chandler 

“Jodi is Awesome!” Debbie, Chandler 

“Love the variety of services and therapists!” Kami, Tempe 

“I continue to be extremely happy whenever I enter Hawaiian Spa Experience Chandler. The staff members are ALL so nice and seem to genuinely care about provided a wonderful experience. And, Alyssa, is the bomb! Her energy is magical and she knows exactly what she’s doing; my body thanks her!” Shari R, Chandler 

“We visit once a year and this is first on our list of things to do. Love the spa.” Audree T, TX 

“Probably the best massage I ever had. Suzanne was awesome and very professional.” Rich B, PA 

“Love this spa! Every treatment has been consistently great, love the ambience, soothing Hawaiian music, staff and the large stone showers with amenities provided to wash off the oils afterwards. It’s a nice extra service provided. Mahalo” Denise H, Phoenix 

“The Maui Relaxation massage is wonderful. It is such a different experience than just a standard Swedish massage. I loved it!” Lauraine D, Gilbert 

“Alyssa was a very professional therapist she did her job very well I have been a therapist for 12 years and was impressed with her technique and her flow and ability to do her job was much better than the average therapist! I’m very picky because of being a therapist and there was nothing that I could’ve had her do any different she was perfect in every way. Awesome job!” Amy J, Mesa 

“Fernando is an amazing therapist. He is very skilled and made sure I was comfortable throughout my massage. I highly recommend him!” Summerr R, Chandler 

“Suzanne’s massage skills are in the top 3 that I’ve ever experienced. Very relaxing. She helped ease my migraine and neck pain.” Karyn L, Gilbert 

“Kaitlyn has consistently provided exceptional treatments every time and works extremely hard to relieve my tension and improve my overall well-being. My only challenge is to find a way to come in more frequently than once a month which I will work diligently to overcome! Mahalo nui loa Kaitlyn…see you again soon!”  Duane M., Chandler 

“Kaitlyn S. provided one of the best massages I have ever received! I’m so impressed and grateful for her immaculate focus and attention to detail. She used warm coconut oil on my upper back and she does fantastic deep tissue work! I have not been disappointed by any of the Hawaiian Experience therapists, but I have to say Kaitlyn is a gifted healer who puts heart and soul into her work!” Jeremy S, Chandler 

“Every experience is excellent! The spa is comfortable and relaxing. Sessions are personalized and client focused. Highly recommended.” Dorice E, Chandler 

“A lovely massage that was professional yet personal. The spa is so relaxing.”  Chris C, Mesa 

“I’ve had many massages over the years and none compare to the massages at Hawaiian Spa…Zach is great.” Terrie S, Chandler

“Amazing Lomi Lomi Massage!!!” Shauna S., CA 

“Love the spa–front office people are welcoming and the facility is always very clean throughout. I enjoy the waiting area as it makes one feel they are in Hawaii with the lake and palm trees in view, and the jars of yummy treats. But most important is that Alyssa gives a very therapeutic massage which my body and I appreciate.”  Lois S, Tempe 

“It just keeps getting better! This was my first time with Alyssa, and SHE…IS…AMAZING! She read my body perfectly and worked it accordingly. Her strength and control are impressive, not to mention her knowledge of the anatomy. I asked her if she practices Reiki…not yet, but she’ll be incredible at that too. I love the way she balances the movement and pressure of her opposing hands/arms to expand the sensations and benefits of energy flow. Can you tell that I’m happy with Alyssa?!”  Shari R, Chandler 

“Kaitlyn did awesome! Her routine is the best I’ve ever had!”  M. Flores, Chandler 

“Becky’s ability to pinpoint and apply the right amount of pressure to my various aches and pains is remarkable! I would recommend her to anyone.” RJ W., Chandler 

“Heather is excellent! She takes the time to cater the massage to me, so I can have a “lomi lomi” experience with the prenatal massage. Thank you, Heather!” Alisha, Gilbert 

“I’m a long time member of the spa and every time I come in I feel welcome and leave waiting for my next appointment… Which I now schedule on my way out the door.” Lisa S, Mesa 

“Suzanne does a wonderful job, very relaxing massage but also works thru the stress in my body leaving me feeling wonderful after. I recommend Suzanne!” Megan H, Gilbert 

“Zachary is very good at what he does. Very knowledgeable.” Julie N, Tucson 

“She did a GREAT job! I have had a few lomi lomi massages with your great therapists and Alyssa was one of the very best! Great knowledge and terrific work. Really exceptional. Will be requesting her again. She said she really loves her job and it shows! Thanks again for a fantastic massage.” Lauren L, Tempe 

“Awesome, awesome, awesome way to start my day! I always leave refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated! Kaitlyn does a wonderful job!” Kim M, Chandler 

“Suzanne asked if there were any areas that needed to be focused on and I said my back and neck were tight. She incorporated both areas in every massage technique she used. Unbelievable, never experienced that. 2 big thumbs up to a great experience.” Tanya M, Chandler 

“This was my first spa experience and it was great!!” Amanda S, Avondale 

“Nani is a natural. I can’t believe she just started lomi lomi a month ago! Our session was very enjoyable and my sore muscles feel much better. Looking forward to my next massage with her!” Will, Queen Creek 

“Had an awesome experience. My massage was amazing and really enjoyed my facial.”  Leah R, Gilbert 

“I’m truly grateful for you guys going out of your way to schedule not a one, but a TWO hour advanced therapeutic appointment for me on such short notice. I was suffering with a terrible migraine this morning and left feeling so much better. Zach is a true professional and was great about explaining what he was doing after he located the trigger point below my left shoulder blade. That is so important to a massage novice like me, because it wasn’t altogether pleasant – but, I felt so much better afterward.” Jeremy S, Chandler 

“Our experience at this facility was amazing and we would not only recommend it to others – we plan to go back. It is a one of a kind experience great as gift for others too.” Temple B, Phoenix 

“Heather is the Best!! Always professional and caring.” Bruce B, Chandler 

“I liked Zachary he is great at making you feel comfortable. My Hawaiian Experience Massage was great!!!! Zachary make sure you feel relaxed, and enjoy your massage. He is GOOD at what he does to be so young. My experience was a blast!!!!! My experience at the spa was a blast and everyone was very friendly. My niece and I felt right at home!!!!! The lounge is the highlight of the spa!” Ruby W, Queen Creek 

“I have never been this happy anywhere. I have tried and tried and finally I found a tropical type spa that actually defines the word spa and relaxation. Thank you!!!!!!! I almost cried in happiness. Joy. Alyscia was perfect.” Sarah L, Ahwatukee 

“This was my first time with Suzanne, 60-minute Lomi Lomi. All was good, no complaints at all, and I left feeling a whole lot better than when I arrived, which is the point of massage, eh! I would recommend Suzanne and would not hesitate to book with her again.” James G, Chandler 

“Ryanne gives an amazing Lomi massage. Very relaxing and therapeutic!” John M, Chandler August 2015

“My therapist Heather worked on my problem areas and I feel wonderful.” Jane, Sun Lakes 

“Great therapist, and experience altogether! Truly the best massage I’ve ever had.” Lisa A, Phoenix 

“Great service, really like the membership and the perks associated with it. Massage therapists are great!” Patrycja K, Chandler

“Zachary did an amazing job on my massage. I have been to numerous different spas and this one is definitely my new favorite!”  Tia G, Gilbert 

“I have no complaints. I usually like to talk throughout the massage — unless I’m really tired — and Alyssa was very pleasant and engaging. She made sure to ask how the pressure was throughout the massage and also helped me to understand why I was experiencing back pain as well things I could do to alleviate the pain. I mentioned to her that I was prepping for a triathlon and she asked how I was training so she could tailor the massage to areas that were sore. Furthermore, at the end she recommended the Waikiki massage saying that it would be very beneficial to someone who was training for a triathlon. She did an excellent job. I’ve been going to Hawaiian Experience Spa for the last two years and look forward to saying that again in two more years.” Tom H, Mesa 

“Alyssa’s massage was fantastic and she is a lovely young lady. To experience an advanced therapeutic massage from Alyssa was simply “over the top” with her masterful hands in finding the knots in my body which relieved me of tightness and pains. She’s a gem in her field!”  Lois S, Tempe

“Ryanne was great and the spa experience was awesome – signed up to be a member on the spot.”  Katie, Gilbert 

“Becky is a first class massage therapist.” Chuck L, Tempe 

“Heather did an outstanding job! I am totally relaxed – she is EXCELLENT!” Bonnie B, Tempe

“Ryanne embodies what the lomi lomi massage is all about. I’ve never experienced such intense focus throughout a massage as she put forth. Every stroke was thoughtful but effortless. Every motion, brought timeless relaxation. I definitely will be visiting her again. She has the intuitive skills I look for in a masseuse.” Joe B. Gilbert.

“My therapist Ryanne did a fantastic job. Her pressure was perfect, and her knowledge of the body and techniques was spot on! She put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable. It was a heavenly experience!” Jen W, Chandler 

“Becky did a wonderful job, I walked out feeling completely de-stressed and so very relaxed.” Karen B, Chandler 

“I had lots of tension and soreness in my neck and shoulders. Maritza was able to release all of the stiffness using the perfect amount of pressure and stretching. I will be going back to her again!!!!”  Angela H, Laveen 

“I received a sports massage for 60 minutes and my massage therapist Kaitlyn was excellent. She relieved my lower back pain and some other tight muscles and I highly recommend her to athletes and non-athletes alike.” Jordan, NYC 

“First time for a Lomi Lomi!! It was wonderful and very beneficial. Highly recommend for others!” Dee B., Mesa 

“Great location, friendly reception, clean rooms and showers, excellent service!” Elena, Tampa FL 

“Alyscia was very attentive and addressed all of my goals for treatment today. My skin feels and looks great. Thanks!” Karen W, Tempe 

“Hawaiian Experience Day Spa is the best in AZ! I always look forward to my appointments, the front desk staff are very friendly, Alyscia’s facial and Zachary’s massage are excellent!” Sandra N, Gilbert 

“Best message I have ever had! Becky is fantastic!”  Marty B, Gilbert 

“I always enjoying talking with Heather. She will always converse with me when I start talking…and will let me zone out when I get relaxed. She follows my lead very well and is very engaging when I do bring up something to talk about. Heather works very hard and makes sure that I have the best experience possible (she maintains deep pressure even during a 2 hour massage). I’d be devastated if she ever left the spa… she is a gem!”  Michael K, Laveen 

“I was transported back to Hawaii for a 90 minute treatment today! I am blessed to be given this gift!” Lorie A, Phoenix 

“Becky was a great therapist. She provided the right amount of pressure while making the massage relaxing and enjoyable. I’d definitely book another appointment with her again.” Karen, Tempe 

“I continue to love Fernando and his wonderful touch. I always look forward to the next time, before I’ve even left the spa!” Shari R. Chandler, AZ

“Very pleasant experience from the moment you walk in to the time you really don’t want to leave.” Lou C, Chandler

“Heather is incredibly skilled at giving a Lomi Lomi massage. She makes each massage a very special and extremely relaxing experience. I can’t wait for my next appointment.” Tom E., Chandler 

“Becky spoke only when necessary to give instructions, which was perfect for the relaxation element of the massage. Alyscia asked ahead of time if I preferred her to explain what she was doing during the facial or not talk and summarize everything at the end. I chose the explanation route and it was just the right amount of talking. She also answered all of my questions about my skin care. I left the spa feeling like melted butter! Wonderful!”  EJ B, Mesa 

“A lomi-lomi massage is unlike any other massage I’ve ever had. Once you’ve tried it, nothing else can compare! Heather was an amazing therapist. She found tension in places I didn’t know I had and worked them out. Her pressure is just right and extremely relaxing. Definitely my favorite therapist there!” Ale V., Phoenix 

“Jason was AWESOME!!” Kami L, Tempe 

“Maritza is a great therapist and has a very relaxing demeanor about her. I enjoy her technique. I almost fell asleep each time on a 60 minute massage, now which is relaxed.” Ted H, Chandler 

“Jodi works miracles! I feel wonderful and very pampered after leaving Hawaiian Experience Spa. Can’t wait for my next visit!” Debbie U, Chandler 

“Heather took time to listen to where my problems areas are and focused on them during my massage. She also developed a plan for future visits. Love that she takes the time to focus on me 100% while I’m there. She’s the BEST!!!” Lisa B, Chandler 

“The 30-minute sauna session helped loosen some very tense muscles behind my shoulder and Kaitlyn did an amazing job at working out the rest of the tension throughout my 90-minute lomi treatment. Kaitlyn has been consistently providing excellent service and I will look forward to scheduling a future visit with her soon. Mahalo Kaitlyn!!” Duane M, Chandler 

“My first appointment with Alyssa was great. She was knowledgeable about my issues from my file, and asked if there was any change. I could tell from the massage she knew her stuff. Will definitely recommend and see her again.” Larry L. – Gilbert 

“Zachary is amazing! Jeannette M., Chandler 

“I really enjoyed the facial that I got yesterday, and my skin looks fabulous now. Thank you!!”  Elizabeth M, Phoenix 

“Fernando is a dedicated therapist who provided a thorough and focused massage that provided the relaxation and release of muscle tension that I needed.” Dorice E., Chandler, AZ 

“Maritza may be new at the spa however, the Lomi Lomi massage she gave me was terrific.” Tom E., Chandler, AZ July 2015

“Heather is excellent at deep tissue work!” Heather, Maricopa, AZ

“Fernando was easy to talk to. His approach was calming. His pressure- perfect. He focused on the areas that needed work and recommend preventive measures after the massage. Relaxing but effective massage!” Joe B., Gilbert, AZ   

“The whole experience was great. My massage and facial were excellent. I really like that they have showers. What a nice touch.” Dorothy W., Chandler, AZ

“I do not need to go to Hawaii when I can go to the Hawaiian Spa” Robert C., Chandler AZ

“A wonderful experience, as always! Becky was great.” Mollie L., Phoenix, AZ

“I had the 60 minute Lomi Lomi and it was wonderful. It is so relaxing and exciting all at the same time. When the warm oil hits my body at the beginning its like my whole body exhales. They never disappoint. I always come away feeling relaxed, decompressed and invigorated all at the same time.” Chip S., Chandler, AZ

“Heather’s lomi-lomi massage was fantastic” Chuck L., Tempe, AZ

“I should keep Fernando a secret, to myself! He is a perfect fit for me. This last visit, he gave me the best massage I’ve ever had!” Shari R., Chandler, AZ

“The spa continues to be one of my favorite places and offers professional, affordable services” Laurie N., Chandler, AZ

“I went in because my muscles for extremely soar from working out. Maritza was great! She focused on the areas I needed and applied the right amount of pressure. She also made recommendation after to prevent soreness.” Kristin T., Gilbert, AZ 

“A unique and special experience that always leaves me feeling better than when I walked in… A little patch of paradise.” Monica H., Chandler, AZ

“Fernando is fantastic! I think he’s the perfect match for me. I was so upset to learn that he’ll be working in the Goodyear spa soon. THANK YOU for trying to have him here in Chandler once a week or two! He has wonderful hands, a thorough knowledge of the anatomy, makes great suggestions for at home care, and is easy to communicate with.” Shari R., Chandler, AZ

“The therapists are excellent and truly focus all of their attention on you.” Deirdre A., Chandler, AZ

“I really enjoyed my massage and Heather was awesome as usual. Can’t wait for my next one.” Emil U., Queen Creek, AZ

“The un-matched quality of service and amazing skills of the variety of therapists and aestheticians is the reason I have been a satisfied member for nearly 3 years! Hawaiian Experience Spa is definitely the best in Chandler! Mahalo nui loa to Kaitlyn and Alyscia for spending much of their Sunday with me and providing a most relaxing finish to my week long vacation!” Duane M., Chandler, AZ

“Fabulous! Nothing compares to a Hawaiian Spa massage – it truly is a Hawaiian spa experience.” Lynn B., Kingman, AZ 

“Alyscia was fantastic! She has a caring touch and was very knowledgeable about product and skin care. I was very impressed with my facial. I appreciate that she took the time and consideration to specialize the treatment to my needs. Overall, it was the best facial I’ve ever had, the epitome of indulgent self-care. I’ll definitely return to her for future treatments.” Jessica C., Chandler, AZ

“Heather as always did an outstanding job. I have recommended her to others.” Mark B., Kingman, AZ

“Another terrific massage by Heather! It was just the right cure for the end of a long week.” Tom E., Chandler, AZ

“Been many years since I had the Lomi Lomi massage. I forgot how relaxing it was and loved the oil, scents and massage. I’ll be back and will tell my friends!” Ken A., Chandler, AZ

“I was extremely pleased with my treatment today. Maritza eased the tension in my shoulders and neck with the the right pressure while providing a wonderfully relaxing massage. I always love the relaxing time I take for myself at the Spa from when I walk in the door to the time I leave to go back to my hectic world.” Christine S., Tempe, AZ

“I have been a member for over 2 years now and I love it! The management always works hard to help me find a great massage therapist and the facials are amazing! Kali D., Chandler, AZ

“Exceptional Lomi Lomi Massage by Jordan. Very professional and knowledgeable about massage.” Steve, Mesa, AZ

“Thank you so much for a lovely experience. The massage was perfect and I really enjoyed getting to experience such a relaxing massage right next to my husband. We will definitely be back!” Petra D., Chandler, AZ

“Zachary gave me a great massage!” Sandra N., Gilbert, AZ

“So happy I found Hawaiian Experience Spa” Angela G., Chandler, AZ

“Maritza was a very attentive and wonderful therapist. She worked on each area with amazing attention to detail. The spa itself is amazing with all the amenities to make my day extra special.” Anna L., Gilbert, AZ

“I thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Zach. It was extremely relaxing, but when I left, I felt more energetic. It was a terrific experience! Thanks Zach!” Debbie R., Phoenix, AZ

“I have yet to be disappointed and highly recommend Hawaiian Experience Spa! All of the staff is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. They really want to be helpful. Every massage therapist that I’ve had the pleasure of receiving services from has been amazing. I can’t wait to return!” Shari R., Chandler, AZ

“Great customer service. Always looking out for their customers. A business that looks for feedback and uses it to improve. Most impressive!” Karyn L., Gilbert, AZ

“Becky was fantastic! She applied the right amount of pressure and her technique was relaxing.” Kristin, Gilbert, AZ

“Becky is a great therapist” Chuck L., Tempe, AZ

“One of the best massages I’ve had in a long time! I have been using Groupon for other places, they weren’t worth the money. I’ll just come here.” Tannas T., Phoenix, AZ

“I keep coming back to Hawaiian Experience Spa and it is no surprise why; they are the best in the valley.” Tom H., Mesa, AZ

“Took the Lomi-Lomi challenge and Zach was great. His Reiki is ‘out-of-this-world’! Hawaii is now just a couple of miles away. Thank you Hawaiian Experience Spa for actually being a spa. The full range of services are exactly what the other places are not.” Chris P., Chandler, AZ

Reviews Prior to July 2015

Prior to July 2015 we did not record client reviews and comments by spa. The below spa reviews are from real clients of the spas but some are from client’s who visited the Chandler day spa and some are from clients who visited the Scottsdale day spa.

“I love Hawaiian Experience Spa! The entire staff are so nice and accomodating! My best find since moving to Mesa, Arizona 4 years ago!”

“If you have never experienced the relaxing pleasure of a Lomi Lomi massage you need to book an appointment now. They are amazing and Hawaiian Experiences is very professional.”

“Keep up the excellent work! My wife and I are now spoiled for life. Not sure how we’d ever not have a massage membership like this.”

“When my wife and I decided to celebrate our wedding with Lomi Lomi massages, we had no idea what was in store for us! From the moment we arrived at the spa, we felt welcome and at peace, and our treatment were completely tailored to our preferences. The decadence of the hot oil and amazing massage, combined with the incredible steam shower together that followed was an experience that involved all of our senses. We felt relaxed and happy, and were so grateful that we were so pampered. Thank you SO MUCH to Kara Jordan for arranging this special day for us, and thanks to Dennis and Mary for an incredible service!”Sara O., Seattle, WA

“Prior to booking my couples massage (Lomi for Lovers), I spent a lot of time reading reviews on the spa. I was astounded by all the amazing reviews on the therapists, massages, and the entire spa in general. After reading all the reviews, I had very high expectations set and was excited to come in. Every staff member at Hawaiian Experience Spa is extremely friendly. From the moment you arrive till the time you leave, you feel very comfortable. I loved all the personal touches the spa had- the leis, soy candle, the robe, and the sandals. Everything felt so luxurious. The lomi lomi massage is beyond incredible. I had Jordan as my therapist and he did such an amazing job. My boyfriend had Kim and he was very pleased as well. After the massages, couples are able to shower together in their waterfall shower room. Totally romantic! The shower is amazing and the spa provides everything you could ever need in the shower. After the shower, we had dessert waiting for us in the lounge. The perfect way to end the night. I am so beyond pleased with my experience here and I will definitely be coming back. If you are thinking about visiting the spa, believe what people say. This place is the real deal.” Lori R., Mesa, AZ

“Everything was great! I only wish you had a day spa in Avondale, AZ.”

“I really enjoy myself when I come here. The environment is very relaxing which makes the massage all the more enjoyable and eager to return for more!” Jennifer R., Phoenix, AZ

“Overall great experience! This is my 3rd time at the spa and I am now a member. I enjoy the staff, they are knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely recommend the spa to any of my friends.” Melissa D., Gilbert, AZ

“Really enjoyed my experience and told my husband all the way home. Can’t wait to try another treatment as I am sure it will be great.” Jane B., Scottsdale, AZ

“I frequently book several treatments to make a day of it. It such a wonderful experience and the staff makes me feel so welcome when I am there. They are extremely accommodating with the desires I have (like booking a lunch into the schedule, etc.) I refer people to the spa with great confidence. Thank you for your service.” Scott F., Mesa, AZ

” I am thoroughly happy that this type of spa exists!! The other chains (mostly run as corp) don’t compare! And I do hope I can recruit some people I know that would benefit from a monthly massage. Your prices are right along with the competition’s but I feel like you get more bang for your buck. You actually feel like you’re in an oasis. A geta! way from the everyday. And to have a sauna and those amazing showers to use on top of the excellent massage, it just blows the competition out of the park!! Truly a unique experience to be found in Arizona! Thank you for having the vision to bring a slice of heaven to us! :)” Vanessa S., Scottsdale

“Absolutely loved the Spa! Love that it is very easy to make an appointment online and the therapist are very respectful and attentive to all requests.” Brandy H., Phoenix, AZ

“I have experienced the therapeutic benefit of massage therapy for many years. The Lomi Lomi double I had with Nikki and Jackie was hands down the best massage I have ever received. They addressed key aches and pains and a sports injury as well. They also work together with an amazing harmony! It was an excellent experience.” Garth B., Peoria, AZ

“This was my first experience getting a Hawaiian massage and it was by far the BEST massage I have ever received. The facility was great, the showers were fantastic and my massage therapist did wonderful. I will definitely return!” Tracey M., Mesa, AZ

“Thank you for another great experience. Hawaiian Experience Spa is always enjoyable in every way from start to finish. I always feel like I am on a day retreat while at Hawaiian Experience. ;0) Stormy R., Chandler, AZ

“Absolutely loved the Spa! Love that it is very easy to make an appointment online and the therapist are very respectful and attentive to all requests.” Brandy H., Phoenix, AZ

“My massage therapist was amazing! He was professional, personable and skillful in helping me with relaxation as well as pain in my shoulder! Also, the shower is the best 7 head shower I have ever taken! It really add something to the experience that I was not expecting!” Rachel R., St. Paul, MN

“If anything, I want to compliment your staff and therapists for always providing me with an amazing massage. I have never been disappointed. I can’t wait for you to open in the west valley…you’ll see me often! Jordan was fantastic. Can’t wait to come in again.” Nora G., Surprise, AZ

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I was running a few minutes late and was welcomed at the front desk. I was also given the extra minutes at the back end of my message. My massage was excellent. I was treated with professionalism and care. I was also given very good advice by my therapist, Kim, on how to deal with my back issues that will help me in the future. I also enjoyed the steam sauna and shower at the end. Thank you! I will definitely come back when I am in town again.” Jim K., Englewood, KY

“Such a great spa! I normally feel uncomfortable going to a spa because the attitude of the staff, they were all so nice and made me feel completely comfortable, not to mention how clean the facility was! The amazing shower after just added to the awesome experience! Loved kim!” Rachel F., Chandler, AZ

“Such a great spa! I normally feel uncomfortable going to a spa because the attitude of the staff, they were all so nice and made me feel completely comfortable, not to mention how clean the facility was! The amazing shower after just added to the awesome experience! Loved kim!” Rachel F., Chandler, AZ 

“This was my first visit to the Hawaiian Experiences Spa – and i have to say I completely loved it!! The massage experience was awesome. I say ‘experience’ because the one I chose (Maui Experience I think its called) was more than a simple massage. Lovely ocean sounds, hot towels, essential oil infused massage oil, and of course the massage itself. After the massage I spent time in the waterfall shower – which was a great way to end the experience. That shower is AMAZING! It was very relaxing and healing. I will definitely be back and have already told my friends they must try this place!!” Gretchen B., Mesa, AZ

“My massage was AWESOME….very relaxing, just the right pressure and the room temperature was perfect!” Lynn B., Kingman, AZ

“This was my second visit to the Hawaiian Experience Spa and will not be the last. This is my new favorite spa. My therapist was Amanda. She was the same therapist on my first visit and did such a great job I decided to select her again. Both times I had the Maui Relaxation Massage, but this time I elected to have the Lomi Lomi on my backside which was very nice and relaxing. The showers offered after the massage are a nice bonus as they are huge shower rooms with multiple showerheads along with everything you need: shampoo, conditioner, body wash and facial wash. The tiki room with water view is very soothing both before and after the massage. Mahalo Hawaiian Experience Spa. I will be back!” Denise H., Phoenix, AZ

“We came in for our first couples massage, and it was amazing! Everything was above and beyond what I expected, and we will definitely be coming back.” Robin E., San Tan Valley, AZ

“We have been going to the Scottsdale spa for the past 3 years when we winter in the area. I have seen several therapists in that time and all have been been very, very good! This winter we have relocated to Chandler and we felt like we were cheating on our therapists in Scottsdale when we went for our first Chandler treatment. The therapists I have seen are Julie, Zach and Kim. All have been wonderful, have their own strong points for massage and are all caring, professionals that I would not hesitate to return for services from any of them. It is nice to know that when you book an appointment it doesn’t matter who you see they are all very good. Heather L., Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

“Ever since my wife and I first visited the Hawaiian Experience Spa in 2012, we knew that it was the closest place to let go, relax and imagine actually being on one of the Hawaiian islands.  Having never visited Hawaii in the past, we felt that it was definitely time to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in Kauai for 2013.  Nikki Ibach and the other therapists at the spa encouraged us to try the “Hawaiian version” of the ‘Lomi-Lomi’ while we were visiting Kauai and much to my surprise, the couples Lomi-Lomi massage performed by our Kauai  therapists at our resort were quite disappointing compared to those provided at the Hawaiian Experience Spa.  After researching at least 6 or more of Kauai’s massage therapy locations, it’s my belief that there are very few truly “Hawaiian native” massage therapists on the island.  The couples Lomi-Lomi we received at our resort had none of the long, flowing motions, used very little oil and also used more conventional draping techniques.  I couldn’t wait to come home and let Nikki and the others know that the Lomi-Lomi services they provide at the Hawaiian Experience Spa by far exceed what my wife & I experienced in Kauai.  Each of the therapists whom I have received Lomi-Lomi sessions from have obviously been trained very well and have mastered the true art of Lomi-Lomi the way I am sure Hawaiian natives would have intended.  I am sure to plan a return visit to Hawaii with my family in the next couple years, but in the meantime, having the close proximity of the Chandler Hawaiian Experience Spa just 2 minutes from my home, will allow me to enjoy the “aloha” spirit and “ohana” vibe at any time during my future visits to HES.  See you again soon…Mahalo nui loa!!” Duane M., Chandler, AZ

“I always feel special and well taking care of when I have a massage here. Making an appointment is always very easy. I love walking in and my key to my locker is right on the counter waiting for me. I love the little chocolate in my locker, these added touches really brighten my day. I always feel very comfortable with my therapist Kim and leave feeling very relaxed. I enjoy being able to relax in the waiting area or being able to take a shower after a lomi lomi massage. All of these things just make it something unique and special and I look forward to coming in again.” Alicia M., Chandler, AZ

“Every therapist who has worked on me at the spa is a true professional with very deep knowledge of physiology. I am always very impressed. I have been to the “other guys” and really, they don’t compare with the therapists at Hawaiian Experience Spa.” Karen R., Scottsdale, AZ

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