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“Aloha and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart -I received the “lost” certificate from my Friend today, and I am so happy. It’s such a relief to be treated with such great care, and I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of your efforts. Good customer service is still in existence-

Especially, w/ Hawaiian Experience Spas. Sincerely and With Lots of Gratitude, Jen B. 

“Coming to Hawaiian Experience Spa is like a mini vacation. The treatments help you forget about all life’s ups and downs, at least while you’re there. A great atmosphere and the view at the Chandler location is truly spectacular.” Scott F., Tempe

“The massage treatment was very effective in lessening a lot of the pain and tension caused by my conditions.” Kayleigh W., Mesa

“Loved this place! I have been to different spas since I have moved to this area, and this one is the best.” Laurie B., Gilbert

“Barbara is a treasure. I have had lots of massages over the years from many different people, but she is undoubtedly the best – by far.For some time Barbara has been gently suggesting that I ought to allow her to use more deep tissue manipulation. I have not been receptive to the idea, based on some uncomfortable experiences in years past. But as my trust in her has grown I told her this time that I was ready for her to incorporate some deep tissue body work as she felt it appropriate. Well, with her encouragement I was able to open up and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. She has an uncanny ability to seek out and find tension spots that need work. It was a great massage and the beneficial effects of it are still evident in the way I feel two days later. ” Hank T., Scottsdale

“Finally a therapist that really helps me not only feel better, but understand why I feel better! I have had issues for years with sciatica and other muscle related issues and I don’t think I have ever had a therapist so knowledgable and insightful. Not only does Brian know what he is doing, but he shares his knowledge so I know what he is doing as well, AND, what will help me in the future.” Ken P., Phoenix 

“Nikki(who is my regular massage therapist but was unavailable) was working the front desk and was very pleasant and helpful as always. This was my first massage with Stacy and she was great… very friendly, attentive and conscientious… another great experience!” Mike S., Scottsdale 

“This is an amazing spa that I felt comfortable in. So many times I chicken out of treating myself because I feel uncomfortable in places that make it seem as though you should be making six figures to even walk in the door. It is a very relaxing and inviting environment. The prices are reasonable and the products used on me were amazing. I will definitely be back for additional services. Thanks for an amazing experience.” Myra C., Chandler

“Wow she is great! She listened to exactly what I was dealing with and set out to treat my specific back pain. She gives a very different, but completely effective massage. She went about addressing my back issue in a unique way, and has some great techniques that really help, both on the table and afterward. Thanks Stacy!” Jenna G., Scottsdale

“She was awesome, she really helped me with my pain and how I can help myself between treatments.” Julie F., Scottsdale

“Tiffany gave me a great massage. She was very friendly and easy-going, she made me feel very comfortable. She listened to my concerns and paid attention to release the muscles in the areas we discussed. Then she recommended I give the waterfall shower a try w/the 15 mins I had b/t my massage & facial. It was awesome! Cheryl gave me a great massage and great extraction! At least twice, I was so relaxed, I almost dozed off! I love the waiting room with its scenic view and snacks. I love to hang out there after my treatment as well. The robes are super soft & comfy and smell great – I feel relaxed as soon as I slip one on!” Dancia S., Chandler

“The Double Lomi w/Nikki and Barb was great once again….the introduction of new stretching exercises is a winner and a keeper. Even though each therapist had a plan / area of focus, I still like alternating strokes/stretching by both, as necessary. Well done!” Ben H., Gilbert

“I had a massage for strained back, Tiffany has excellent technique gave me relief…Yvette gave a great facial-good touch, I was rejuvenating…Nikki was great getting me checked in, in addition she & another staff person were cleaning/dusting the Spa which I left me with the feeling your spa is well maintained…James J., Scottsdale

“Hawaiian experience feels like you just stepped of the airplane into a calming tropical paradise. All the staff at both locations are wonderful. I love the new view at the chandler location on the lake….. Breathtaking!” Nikki P., Mesa

“Love this place! Everyone is so nice and the treatments are top notch, the membership is totally worth it!!!” Lora B., Phoenix

“I had heard a great deal about Nikki and her Lomi technique and I was not disappointed. “Scott F., Tempe

“The last session with Nikki was the most sensual and relaxing session so far. I enjoyed the slower tempo that allowed her to work certain muscle groups very well. After experiencing no-drape sessions in Europe and the lomi style draping at your spa, I have learned to enjoy the freedom it offers and this is very conducive for the Waikiki style that Nikki uses. She is the best therapist I have ever had, and I have been getting massages for well over 20 years. She gets better each time. ” Andy D., Fountain Hills

“Noted release of chronic thoracic muscle tightness and spasm at 16 minutes into the 20 minute sauna. PT studies show reduced pain with repeated 30 minute infrared sauna treatments… I chose the lavender scrub/lotion massage in hope that it might synergistically support a night of rest. Combo was very good. Muscles remained quiet for about 24 hours. I benefited greatly from the entire experience. Thank you Steve. In exercise and stretch I work L and R sides together. Your technique focus provided a similar approach to my torso and I benefited. Thank you.” Diane W., Chandler

“Fantastic experience! The staff is fantastic! You are worth every single dollar! Thank you!”

“Everything, including the therapist Eric, was great… as usual! Couldn’t ask for anything better!!!” Joyce R., Fountain Hills 

“Jarid was great. He always pays attention and knows what areas need attention. He is very knowledgable. Very interested in making the client comfortable and doing a good job.”Katherine R., Scottsdale

“I visited the spa for my birthday and felt very special. It was one of the best spa experiences I have ever had and I told all of my friends about it.” Zuri B., Chandler

“I enjoyed my massage so much that I became a member and I am looking forward to my next massage. I will schedule it with Josh because he made me feel very comfortable.” Colette B., Fountain Hills

“I have been getting monthly massages by Eric for 3 years now and all I can say is “THANK YOU ERIC – this is my favorite hour of each month”. Consistently excellent!” Jill H., Scottsdale

“Nikki did an outstanding job. I was in pain when I entered and was pain free after my massage. I would highly recommend Hawaiian Spa and Nikki, they are the best!” Lonnie M., Scottsdale 

“Wonderful experience from a friendly staff in an exotic atmosphere. The “Super shower” at the end was fun too!” Ken K., Chandler

“The new spa is very comfortable and relaxing! The entire staff is very friendly and accommodating. The deep tissue massage I received from the therapist was excellent. The steam shower is great! I can’t wait to go back!” Christine M., Ahwatukee

“This was the first time I have ever had a Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage. It was amazing! The therapist explained everything before beginning. I will definitely do it again.” Kristine G., Chandler 

“I thought Stacy did an amazing job – one of the best massages I have ever had! I appreciated her talking with me before hand and helping me make a decision on what type of massage would be best for me that day based on my individual needs. My back was a mess and she worked extremely hard to loosen muscles and relieve my pain. I walked out of there feeling MUCH better, but know I need to come back for more help, which I WILL do. I am SO grateful I found you all…..Massage Envy just wasn’t cutting it! Pam also gave me a wonderful facial which was super relaxing and luxurious. I loved that she used all natural products which falls right into line with my own philosophies in self-care. Thank You!! The whole experience was great all the way around. I especially appreciated the calm, quiet environment of the place and the attention to detail such as the beautiful shower, clean and comfortable changing room, quiet massage rooms etc.”

“The back facial was great! Loved the complimentary lotion in the locker room. I put on a comfy terry bathrobe and sat on a comfy Hawaiian themed couch eating the complimentary fruit – like being on an island – while awaiting my therapist. The facial/massage room was comfy, dim lighting and soft music. Loved the fact that the massage table had a ‘face holder’ so i didn’t have to keep my head turned to the left/right. The therapist evaluated my back before deciding what treatment to use. I loved the exfoliators and hot towels. There is even a bit of massage included. Great experience. Will def go back!” Denisa S., Chandler

“Stacy did an excellent job. My lower back and right leg was really hurting and when my massage was completed my pain was gone. She is an absolute Miracle Worker! Stacy is Wonderful. Lonnie M., Scottsdale

“Excellent Job! One of the best massages I have ever had!!” Michael W., Mesa

“I am sure that this is the best massage I have ever had – anywhere! Jessica was a lovely young lady and I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the whole 2 hour experience…it was wonderful. Jessica seemed very intuitive throughout and the whole massage just seemed to be finely tuned and complete. Please pass on my thanks to Jessica for such a relaxing 2 hours! Linda L., UK

“Every summer we plan a girls vacation to the Scottsdale area with the intention of making a visit to your spa for some much needed relaxation and pampering. We have had many opportunities to plan vacations to cooler climates , but we consistently brave the Arizona summer weather so that we can come to the spa.I only wish that you could/would franchise to the Palm Springs area so that it is not such a drive. Perhaps it is time to make a Hawaiian Spa Tour and come visit California.” Teresa V., Palm Desert, CA

“My first double Lomi Lomi … and what a revelation! It was even better than I had hoped it would be. Everyone who loves massage should experience this sensational treatment. You’re going to want it again …as I do. Barbara and Nikki worked well together. Four skilled hands gliding over the body in synchronization provided a really delightful sense of relaxation. I felt it was an demonstration of 2 plus 2 equaling more than 4 – a real synergy.At the outset Barbara promised a couple of surprises. They came in the second half of the session when she combined several massage techniques on an imaginative and totally delightful way. It was a perfect ending to a great massage.” Hank T., Scottsdale 9/5/11


“Everything was wonderful! The therapists for our couples massage were so kind and accommodating. Loved the massage, robes, shower room, and yummy treat after the massage. Great experience!” Paige L., Scottsdale

“The spa was very clean and very tropical! The whole time I was there I was mentally planning my trip to Hawaii….” Christina Z., Chandler 

“Hawaiian Experience Spa is a locally owned GEM! I am a return visitor and very happy with the services I’ve received.” Tricia C., Scottsdale

“Thank you Nikki for recommending the two hour massage. I’ve never done it but you really took your time and worked every single muscle in my body! ” Max R., Chandler

“Excellent massage! The pressure was perfect and Stacy’s massage techniques helped me feel much better.” Annette D., Scottsdale

“Jarid is extremely knowledgeable. His deep tissue massage is awesome! He finds the spots that are bothering me and works them out.” Sherry G., Scottsdale,

“Stacy was great! My back and neck was really hurting before my massage. She did a great job in taking care of the problems” Jane M., Scottsdale

“Stacy is wonderful and is truly awesome in what she does as a therapist. She is very knowledgeable! My experience with the therapist (Stacy)and spa met all my expectations! Everyone should experience the wonderful treatment here.” Cheryl S., Scottsdale

“This was my first visit to Hawaiian Experience Spa and I absolutely loved it! My therapist was so kind, informative, and gave a very relaxing massage. I would definitely come back again!Thanks!!” Hailey G., Scottsdale

“My therapist is simply amazing! No matter how stressed or sore I am, after her Lomi Lomi massage all mmy worries melt away! I would make the trip from Atlanta to see Barbara even if my business appointments canceled!!!” Mike S., Atlanta, GA

“My husband and I really enjoyed celebrating our 10th anniversary by getting a Lomi Lomi couples massage. It was a very unique experience.” Katie M., Scottsdale

Hawaiian Experience spa was absolutely wonderful! Linda was outstanding and does an amazing job. The spa met all my expectations and more!” Cheryl S., Scottsdale

“Our couples experience with Rebecca was as amazing as I hoped it would be. My boyfriend enjoyed the massage while I was able to learn things to make our home massages more enjoyable. We will definitely be back…and next time he gets to learn and I get to relax!”Chrystal J., Tucson

“Jarid is a delight to work with. He is professional, knowledgable and attentive. I always feel good when I leave even if I am there for medicinal reasons.” Adrianne M., Scottsdale

“Very wonderful, felt marvelously integrated after the Lomi Lomi session. I appreciated that the spa was not as corporate as places like Elements and Massage Envy. Looking forward to seeing your expansion manifest. Also enjoyed the body care products in the shower, Eminence is a great line and I like the Hawaiian Organic line too. Looking forward to more relaxation with you!” Alaina S., Scottsdale

“The spa is both beautiful and relaxing. My wife and I come here as often as we can, passing up hundreds of other spas that are much closer because of the owners, staff and services offered. You have the best customer service and make us feel important.” Scott M., Casa Grande, AZ

“Eric is amazing! I cant say enough about him! Really, it is just an excellent experience and I will recommend him to my friends. He is perfect in the amount of pressure and sensitive to any needs I may have. It is a completely enjoyable and relaxing, stress relieving hour! Wonderful in every way. Eric is fabulous! I love your spa and feel it is a great place to come and get away from my crazy life. Highest marks on everything! Eric and Kendra are a winning team for me! Thanks!” Julie B., Scottsdale

“This is the best massage spa I’ve experienced (including any of the top resorts) because of the comfort and ambiance, as well as having an amazing body therapist . I was in “Blissville” when I left. I am delighted another spa is opening soon in Chandler where I live. It’s heartening to see a spa thriving and expanding in this economy and it’s certainly well deserved. I highly recommend Hawaiian Spa!” Sharon W., Chandler

“Awesome massage, I went in with some specific issues and Tiffany helped me not only with massage but what I can do to stretch out the areas that were especially tight. Very happy!!” Julie F., Scottsdale” Julie F., Scottsdale

“Jessica was awesome, she asked what you would like. She did a VERY good massage. I would recommend her to anyone but not when I want her..LOL” Sherri P., Scottsdale

“The double lomi lomi was unbelievable! It was like one person with four hands……..Amazing!!!!!” Lonnie M., Scottsdale

“Rebecca has a very healing touch. She not only calmed and worked out they physical stresses but my mental as well. Will book with her again! LOVED the cranial & lymph work she did….great on my sinuses!” Denise G., Scottsdale

“One of Barbara’s real strengths is her knowledge of various massage modalities. She is deft at incorporating elements of different styles into each treatment, depending on the client’s needs and preferences. As an example, she recently introduced warm lava rocks into the Lomi Lomi massage I had requested. It was a novel experience for me, and exactly right for my needs at that particular time. ” Hank T., Scottsdale

“Jarid did a fabulous job! An incredible 2 hour massage. I loved that he was extremely knowledgeable about physiology and knew exactly what kind of pressure to use on my sore shoulder.” Linda E., Scottsdale

“I was initially hesitate to try the Lomi Lomi massage as I am used to more tradition massages. However, I am so happy I did. It was amazing! The whole experience was great. Hawaiian Spa experience was such a great find. If you want an amazing massage in a comfortable and inviting setting, this is the place. Can’t wait to book my next appointment.” Amy V., Scottsdale

“The moment I walked in to your spa, I felt totally welcomed. My facial was soothing and wonderful. This was the first time I had ever had a hot stone massage and the Lomi massage and I loved both of them! Then followed by the rain shower was the icing on the cake! It was exactly what I needed & I will be back to book a membership! Thank you!!” Carrie Z., Scottsdale

“Over time Barbara and I have established a rapport. She has developed a good sense of my needs and the parts of the body needing special attention. Utilizing her vast repertoire of massage styles and techniques, she delivers just the right therapy and does it in a most pleasant way. I always end up on “cloud nine”, and as I have told her, every session seems to get better.” Hank T., Scottsdale

“Nikki was great, she was very attentive to areas I asked her to focus on…as always, it was a great experience!” Alice G., Scottsdale

“Everything was wonderful! Linda did a fantastic job and seemed to really enjoy her work! I felt so great afterward. Her massage was just what I needed! We spent 2 hours together, and I felt comfortable and relaxed the entire time :)” Kelsey K., Phoenix

“I came in for pain reduction and my deep tissue massage was extremely effective. I am hoping with a series of these sessions, I will not have to see an MD.” Catherine N., Scottsdale

“My husband and I were in AWE with such an AMAZING experience. From the minute we entered the door, it felt like we were in Paradise. All the little amenities like the robe, sandals, dessert, beautiful shower, all shower products supplied, clean and elegant bathroom, nice Hawaiian Music just made the Experience so much more Delightful. The Couples Massage was nothing like I’ve experienced before. It was worth driving from Peoria.We came out of there floating on air. It was the Most Wonderful Way to Celebrate our 14th Wedding Anniversary. We even purchased a Gift Certificate for my parents 50th Anniversary. Great Concept! We will be back!” Mirna B., Peoria

“I appreciate that Nikki continually tries new techniques and that she has grown comfortable enough with my body to proactively apply the new techniques she learns. This level of comfort puts me at ease and aids in relaxation tremendously. It is also admirable that Nikki acknowledges that she learns from her colleagues (for example Barbara) and that these new skills add to her repertoire. She is a credit to your staff. Nikki makes it easy to be a loyal client.”Andy D. Fountain Hills

” I had a Double Lomi Lomi massage with Steve and Jarid working on me at the same time. Between the scent of the coconut oil, the Hawaiian music and having four hands doing massage all at once, it felt like I was on some unknown tropical paradise island. Steve and Jarid worked in tandem really well together. Most of the time I could hardly tell who was where! It was an amazing, relaxing yet invigorating experience! ” Hope C., Scottsdale

“I booked a type of massage that I’d never had before (craniosacral) and Rebecca did a fabulous job customizing it for me. I feel great today (had it last night) and slept better last night than I have in weeks. Thanks!!” Dawn L., Gilbert

“Great Therapist. My first visit was exactly as I had hoped for, a wonderful relaxing environment coupled with a phenomenal Therapist! I am thrilled and I will be back. ” Debi T., Gilbert

“Pam provided a thorough and highly professional deep tissue massage. She worked particular areas and made sure the knots were released. First rate massage therapist.” Paul P., Scottsdale

“This was the first time I had Eric. I throughly enjoyed the treatment. The quality and professionalism of all the therapists cannot be surpassed. This is one of the reasons I keep returning.” Wendy B., Scottsdale

“I loved her attention to detail, they way she communicated things that were good and things that needed attention. She made me feel completely comfortable. She also stated the name of the product she was using and what it’s benefit/purpose was. i appreciated this alot.” Kathy A., Scottsdale

“Jessica did a wonderful job, she heard how miserable I felt regarding my sinuses, so she really focused on it and helped me a lot. Thank you. She was very thoughtful and listen to my concerns. She actually focused on something else (my sinuses) which was great. I am back home and without the migrane.” Marisa S., Scottsdale

“The facial I had with Yvette was wonderful. She was very friendly and I felt pampered the entire time. I’ll definitely be back for more! Eric reminded me why I chose to become a member on my first visit 2 years ago. Back then, he eased the pain I had in my elbow and wrists. Today he got rid of the knot in my neck that kept me up the previous night, while at the same time giving a fantastic relaxing massage. Thanks so much, I will sleep much better tonight! “Marilyn C., Scottsdale

“We had the couples massage for the 1st time ever. It was a very nice experience. Both therapists were awesome. We both agree that we would love to do the couple massage again even some single massages. You made our experience very plesant Thank you both Eric and Becca and Hawaiian spa! ” Patrica H., Phoenix

“I am so pleased that I visited this spa. I will definitely return. I got the standard facial and left with glowing skin, thanks to Yvette! She is so sweet and all of the procedures felt amazing and relaxing. I am 150% satisfied! My skin felt fantastic after the treatments–I haven’t worn makeup in two days because I love the glow! Thanks!” Jessica D., Flagstaff, AZ

“I thought Nikki did an excellent job. I like the peaceful environment, the quiet (no conversation!), and the therapy. I was sooo relaxed after my treatment. One of the best I’ve ever had. Thank you” Andrea W., Fountain Hills

“I have absolutely no complaints with the treatment. The Hawaiian Experience is a wonderful vacation/time out from life. The benefits are too numerous to name. Among the top, my overall health has greatly improved, and my frequency of visits to my family doctor have decreased. The treatments also are cheaper than a doctor’s co-pay. Also, I have ADHD with the hyperactivity in the skin. The treatments are so beneficial with helping the hyperactivity to slow down and to enhance my overall focus that I only have to see my therapist every 3 months as opposed to every month. My work performance has also improved greatly. I am a very happy customer!” Wendy B. Scottsdale

“Nikki’s skill level is beyong her youthful years. She seems to be comfortable with the human body and seems to know the body well and how to address problem areas.She also possesses a great sense of the pressure to use. She introduced me to the Waikiki style massage and also included some stretching motions that I had not experienced before.” Andy D., Fountain Hills

“I have had massages in many different states and absolutely the best hands are right here at Hawaiian Experience Spa.” Nancy B., Fountain Hills

“Rebecca is awesome! She listens to your every need, applies the right amount of pressure, is very thorough…just amazing! I will be back to see her again!” Lori D., Fountain Hills

“I don’t know how I survived all these years without this place. This is now probably the one thing I look forward to the most every month.” Joe E., Phoenix

“Coming to Hawaiian Experience Spa is like coming to a home away from home. They always make you feel comfortable.” Hope C., Scottsdale

” I felt comfortable and very welcome. I am now a member and look forward to my return. I mentioned to a friend and she asked for the website address. I could not be more satisfied. Thank you!!” Dorothy R., Phoenix

“Nikki is a wonderful therapist. She is caring, polite, knowledgable and skill with her techniques. She will find sore muscles that you were unaware you had. She is great!” Paul H., Phoenix

“Hawaiian Experience always goes above and beyond in every single area. I highly recommend them. It was a great experience!!!” Audra K., Scottsdale

“Pam was my massage therapist and I don’t know that I have ever had a better massage. Outstanding!!! The facility is clean and the staff knowledgable and friendly.” Laurie G., Scottsdale

“Barbara was AWESOME! Thanks for the massage. You took the stress out of my life for the next week. Lomi Lomi massage is very healing mentally, spiritually and physically. I wish you had a location closer to Casa Grande! It is still worth driving 1 1/2 hours to go.” Scott M., Casa Grande, AZ

“WOW!! This is an amazing massage, addicting in fact. Can’t wait to have another one! Thai massage is totally awesome. Thanks, Cathy, for recommending it when I said I wanted to try something new!” Diane G., Scottsdale

“The 90 minute combination treatment (Waikiki Massage) was absolutely one of the best massages I have experienced. Barbara really listened to my focus areas and had a great feel for my body issues!” Russ F. Phoenix

“I am incredibly pleased with your new therapist, Lee! I received an advanced therapeutic this weekend and it helped tremendously! Lee has a very gentle and healing touch, which actually made the massage enjoyable. Normally the therapeutic is pretty intense and painful, but she was able to release a ton of the tension and knots gently. I even found myself dozing off a time or two! Lee was also incredibly knowledgeable and recommended I go see a chiropractor because I was out of alignment. She also took the time to recommend Epsom salt baths, and to do stretching to help loosen my tight shoulders. Today I feel like a million bucks. It’s wonderful to have full mobility back in my neck! Lee is a great addition to the Hawaiian Experience Family!” Amber W., Phoenix

“This was a great experience to share with my boyfriend! He absolutely loved the couples massage! As a student in the health field, it was great to learn an alternative form of medicine. Rather than taking medicine for muscle soarness, we learned that these techniques worked well in decreasing soarness!” Karen J., Chandler

“I really like Hawaiian Experience Spa. I have already had multiple treatments there, and it is the only place I will go to get any massage, facial or any other treatment I might need. Everyone that works there is very pleasant and helpful, and I always have a good experience there.” Hannah B., Scottsdale

“Their was no room for improvement as I felt better than I ever imagined I could after just this one appointment.” Bonnie B., Fountain Hills

” I really enjoyed my time at your spa! It was a wonderful experience and different than any other spa that I have ever been to. The staff was professional and knowledgeable. The atmosphere was great! Thank you for a wonderful spa day!” Amanda T. Yuma, AZ

“Nikki did a fine job and it prompted my to make more appointments sooner. I feel great since the service.” Arnold B., Fountain Hills

“Julianna is a wonderful therapist, receiving about six treatments from her. Her care and attention to my aches, pains and soreness from exercising with weights and incredible. She allots the appropriate amount of time and energy to ease the discomfort and relax the muscles. She’s wonderful!” Paul H., Scottsdale

“I love the idea of a Hawaiian-themed spa. To my knowledge, we don’t have one in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I wish we did. You provide a truly unique and comfortable experience. I’ll be back next time I’m in town!” Michele W., San Francisco, CA

“Juliana was wonderful, she listened to my needs and areas of concern, since I just had hip surgery. She was able to loosen up some of those tight muscles and ligaments that I have favored for so many months now. This is my third visit to the spa and my husband and I decided to become members, as each experience has been pleasant and most of all relaxing.”Bonnie B., Fountain Hills

“Eric does a great job! I get the stress buster and I feel like a new person when I leave. I wish he come come to my home everyday around 7PM and put me to sleep with his back massage alone!!!!!Just joking. Thank you! See you on my next visit!!!!” Sandy H., Mesa

“Everything is always great, on time, great massages with experienced massage therapists. Like snacks and awesome Hawaiian theme. ” Sherri P., Scottsdale

“My daughter and I had a wonderful time today. The therapists were very responsive to our needs, and we both felt very relaxed and happy with our treatments! I have recommended your spa to several of my friends – and even posted a great review on my facebook page. I look forward to coming back soon! Hopefully next month! Thank you so much!!” Samantha B., Peoria

“The therapists who have worked on me at Hawaiian Experience Spa give the best medical massage I have ever had. These are true professionals. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a little stress in their life and needs to get the humors flowing again.” Karen S., Scottsdale

“Nikki was great. Came in after a totally stressed out and week and left feeling like a new woman. I highly recommend both of the massage therapists and your business.” Patricia M., Phoenix

“Steve addressed my particular problem areas and was very forthright and honest regarding my issues and treatment. I came into this knowing it would be an ongoing process, and he did not sugar coat it, but treated me with respect and concern, assuring me he will remedy my issues. I have the upmost confidence he will.” Karen G., Cave Creek

“My Scottsdale spa party was wonderful. We enjoyed the atmosphere, the massages, and your staff. Everyone was so friendly. The spa party was perfect. See you the next time we need a spa party in Scottsdale.”

“I look forward to coming to the spa whether I come for medical therapy or relaxation. I never leave disappointed and always look forward to returning.” Adrienne M., Scottsdale

“As a triathlete, I have certain areas that periodically become an issue during training or racing (sports massage). Eric did a great job at identifying and releasing certain tight areas, and I’m hopeful it will allow me to train pain-free. Wonderful treatment!” Kristen W., Scottsdale

“The staff at Hawaiian Experience Spa always go out of thier way to work me into the schedule. Everyone at the spa goes ABOVE and beyond the call of duty to make the experience absolutely wonderful. Impeccible customer service, and treatments.” Jessica G., Scottsdale

“My nephew, Jason, and I went for a 1 hour massage back-to-back with Barbara. This was Jason’s first time. Jason’s comment when he came out, “Amazing!” I really like the combination of Lomi-Lomi and stretching. Our only regret is that we didn’t book for 90 mins! We love you Barbara!” Ralph W., Scottsdale

” I was very pleased with my overall experience. My fantastic boyfriend surprised me with a therapeutic massage appointment because my neck and back pain was so intense it was keeping me up at night. Jarid, my massage therapist, was very knowledgeable, polite, and professional. He performed an excellent massage focusing on the areas where my pain was the most severe, and also gave feedback on how to maintain my relaxation at home. This was by far the best massage I’ve ever had! I will be back, and I will be requesting Jarid. Thanks, Hawaiian Experience! :)” Karen R., Phoenix

“Barbara is always very pleasant and caring. I enjoy her massages. She did the head foot and neck massage quite differently this time and I am not sure which way is better!!” Pinky K., Scottsdale

“I had a great Sports Massage today. I feel like I can run an extra five miles!” William T., Mesa

“I was very satisfied with the Waikiki massage I received from Julianna. The pressure was just right to work out the sore spots on my back. I left feeling very relaxed and can’t wait to come back again.” Kathy J., Scottsdale

“This was definitely not a “generic” massage. I felt that Eric customized the treatment very well to what I needed medically, and I had a more relaxing massage experience as a result.”Denise B., Scottsdale

“This truly is a Hawaiian oasis of relaxation and healing right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. Although I have fibromyalgia, my massage therapist was able to do a very relaxing Lomi Lomi massage with less pressure and positive, healing intention. Wish I could have one every day…ahhh!” Hope C., Scottsdale

“Juliana’s Lomi Lomi treatments are so relaxing and therapeutic, she allows you to unwind and destress and feel recharged upon leaving the spa.” Paul H. Phoenix.

“Not much to improve upon. We were greeted well and immediately led to our private dressing area. We felt expected. The dressing area was spacious enough for both of us to change and each of us was given a locker. Jarid and Juliana were well-coordinated, like they had collaborated on how to deliver our treatment. Treatment was excellent! My skin still feels smooth and my muscles still loose from the massage. Oh, and the shower is perfect for the space available. ” Matthew C., Santa Clara

“My first visit to the spa was a completely comfortable and relaxing one. The staff was very friendly and helpful. My boyfriend and I completely enjoyed our date night experience and are already figuring out when we can next visit the spa together!” Andrea M., Scottsdale

“The facial is a very relaxing treatment. Gosia is a fantastic therapist.” Lori D. Scottsdale

“It is such a pleasure to come into the spa, to be recognized and greeted, and to bask in the peaceful in the surroundings! ” Diane G., Scottsdale

“Don’t let your emotions hijack you…release them through meditation and/or massage. Being touched spiritually and physically gives us the permission we need to let go.” Denise G., Scottsdale

“I loved the massage that Pam gave me. She has very strong hands that really released a lot of the tension I was experiencing in my neck and back. I would definitely go back again to try some other exotic treatments. They all sound fabulous! ” Julia T., Scottsdale

“I absolutley love when I can make time to visit the spa. My massage with Pam C was amazing and I can’t even remember the last time I felt so relaxed. All of my stress melted away the moment the massage began! “ Heather W., Phoenix

“I always feel wonderful when I leave the Hawaiian Spa!!! ” Joyce R., Fountain Hills

“Such a wonderful and relaxing experience. I loved every minute!” Melisa L., Scottsdale

“No matter what type of massage I receive from Steve he nails it every time. I always walk out in a better frame of mind, body and soul. Thank you for your attentiveness. ” Adrianne, M., Scottsdale

“I was in for a 90 minute massage last Saturday with Pam C. and was more than happy with the service she provided. Not only did she take time to listen to my needs, but even suggested options to make me feel more comfortable as I am recovering from foot surgery. Very professional and was so in tuned to my poor body’s need as I had been pretty limited in my movement for 9 weeks. My husband gave me a very nice gift certificate to the spa and I will be back for another service. We go to Kauai and it is nice to be able to drive a few miles from home to receive a comparable spa experience. Look forward to trying other services that you have to offer.” Bonnie B., Scottsdale

“A wonderful way to treat yourself and relax. I spoiled myself with a massage followed by a facial – the utimate treat! ” Diane G., Scottsdale

“Always a very pleasureable experience. Very good for relieving stress. I am a member and am very happy to be one.” Laura D., Scottsdale

“The facility was very clean and comfortable, everything was very nice. Shower was great, robes and slippers work fine. Very enjoyable experience. “ Larry M. Scottsdale

“Jarid is a great asset to your company. He does deep muscle work that is some of the best I ever had and I am a massage junkie.” Jeff R. Scottsdale

” I came in before my hockey game to relax…and I almost fell asleep! Very intoxicating…wish you had hammocks to fall asleep in afterwards”. Scott M. Casa Grande

“This massage made me feel renewed and invigorated. Steve addressed my hip pain and I have been able to have a better range of movement since them. I can’t wait to go back. “Marisa S., Scottsdale

“I always walk away feeling refreshed and noticing a difference. Other massages don’t compare–don’t even come close. “ Mary J., Phoenix

“Friendly, personable, cozy, comfortable. I recommend Hawaiian Spa to all my friends. Hawaiian Experience is so much more and less. Less space (building,not the rooms) and not conglomerate franchise-look, warm decor/soft music/waterfall and not sterile, personable and not just a customer, membership prices affordable. Thank you. ” Vicki W., Phoenix

“Today I went to Maui, and it only took five minutes to get there. Thanks Hawaiian Spa! “Audra K., Scottsdale

“Everything was great – I really love coming to your spa. All of your therapists are great – you do a really nice job and selecting your employees. Jessica G., Scottsdale

“Barbara is a great therapist! She has a unique technique that I thoroughly enjoyed!” Lori D., Fountain Hills

“It was such a wonderful Hawaiian experience I literally had to remove the lava from the bottom of my shoes so I may return again to enjoy another wonderful facial. ” Shawn S., Cave Creek

“The atmosphere, staff and service made this the best spa experience I’ve ever had.” John C., Cave Creek

“This was one of the best massages I have had. Jarid did a great job of concentrating on the problem areas and applied just the right amount of pressure. I love the large selection of massages you have to offer and left there feeling very relaxed thanks to Jarid.” Kathy J., Scottsdale

“The Hawaiian Experience Spa is personal, unique, and the staff is real and relatable unlike other high-end spas. I like that I don’t feel pressured to look a certain way or have enough money to come in.” Amee H.

“Brooke’s Lomi Lomi Massage is mesmerizing, relaxing and recharging! It’s wonderful!” Paul H. Phoenix

“I enjoyed my massage and the entire experience. Your facility has a nice ambiance and professionals. ” Jennie D.

“For the first time I really feel like my chronic aches and pains will be greatly decreased in a natural, wholesome way. As I told Steve, I’m really looking forward to the day when I can come for the therapeutic, ‘fun’ massages 🙂 ” Marga F.

“Hawaiian Experience Spa lives up to the name…it really is an experience. Steve’s Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage is authentic and is wonderful. Their products are top of the line. I’ve been to other spas and this one is truly unique!” Hope C.

“Everyone here is so friendly and knowledgeable and willing to make each experience the best it can be. I love knowing that I can come stressed out and leave completely relaxed!” Heather W.

“This a very special place, as soon as I walk in I can feel the tension leaving my body! Everyone is so pleasant, the ambience is delightful and the massage experience with Eric is amazing!” Lori D.

“Hawaiian Experience offers treatments you won’t find anywhere else. The staff’s professionalism and geniality create a warm atmosphere. The therapists are exceptional. If you try anything, I highly recommend a massage treatment. The ‘untraditional’ techniques are new and exotic and completely wonderful. ” Lisa D.

“Beautiful environment, restful, relaxing,stimulating. Like a mini vacation in the islands. Such a wonderful gift to give myself and others! Mahalo.” Nancy M.

“Brooke is a wonderful therapist, her Lomi Lomi massage is the best!” Paul H. Phoenix, AZ

“Fantastic atmosphere and a wonderful massage – I can’t wait to come back!” Shannon M.

“Great Spa. I have never left there dissatisfied. Love the place.” Carol S.

“Serenity, tranquility, and relaxation is just inside the door.” Doug M.

“I love coming to Hawaiian Experience Spa – the staff are so friendly and caring. I feel very comfortable there, and it’s easy to relax! So far every therapist that I have encountered has been TOP NOTCH, and extremely knowledgable and talented. Jessica G.

” I can honestly say a Lomi Lomi massage revitalized me after what should have been a grueling and tiring event. I was completely re-energized and enjoyed the rest of my day. The therapuetic massages have greatly enhanced my understanding of muscles and how they work, why they work the way they do and how to continue the benefits of their treatment on my own.” Mary J.

” Brooke is a wonderful therapist! She has demostrated her skills and knowledge for the Lomi Lomi and Honu massage with confidence and great relaxation and care for her patient.” Paul H.

” I’ve been to Hawaiian Experience Spa three times, each time I tried a different therapist and the result was the same… An enjoyable, relaxing and therapeutic experience. Mike S.

“Very relaxing massage, the 2 hour Lomi Lomi was excellent, I will definitely be back for another session.” Tom S.

“Lomi lomi is totally relaxing and exotic!” Swan T.

“Sarah was a wonderful massage therapist. I appreciated how she listened at the beginning of our session to make sure she knew exactly what I wanted and then gave me great tips to keep my back and hips from getting so tight until our next session. I can’t wait to have her work with me again.” Mary L.

“During the Lomi Lomi treatment with Sarah, she found sore muscles that I didn’t realize were sore. Another wonderful Lomi Lomi with Sarah.” Paul H.

“I’ve been looking for a little day spa for a long time, and trying many out along the way… I’m so happy I finally found one with experienced, talented therapists, a friendly staff, and I love the vacation in Hawaii feel every time you walk in!” Jenna G.

“My husband and I shared a great experience at Hawaiian Spa for our anniversary. We have a 90 minute Couples Massage that was very refreshing and romantic.” Janet H.

“The Lomi Lomi massage is my favorite so far! I’m working my way through all the good things
offered!” Diane G.

“I’m so glad I found this wonderful spa! I am always pleased with the different treatments I have received. Most recently I had a neuromuscular massage, and Eric was extremely knowledgable, professional and friendly, and the massage was incredible and really helped my neck pain. Thank you!” Debbie R.

“I really enjoyed my treatment. The therapist even gave me the option of what type of music I would like. It was very relaxing!” Emily L.

“Wonderful environment, very relaxing.” Vicki M.

“The therapists really make you feel special and attended to during the spa treatment.” Heidi H.

“She was fantastic and knew all the areas to focus on – excellent therapeutic massage.”Danielle I.

“This is where you can have the best therapeutic massage in Scottsdale.” Martin C.

“This was only my 2nd or 3rd facial ever. I really enjoyed it. Joanna made me feel so at ease. I loved when she massaged my scalp and hands also. And my face feels so clean and fresh. I will come back for another facial in the future.” Elsye R.

“I had the Lomi Lomi massage. WOW! Amazing is an understatement, I was in heaven!” Ken P.

“The Anti-Aging Derma Lift Facial made all of me feel much younger! It was great!” Gina B.

“It’s such a great atmosphere there that I feel like I’m in Hawaii for a couple of hours! Mahalo”Adina F.

“An oasis in the desert of busy lives!!” Julie H. MD

“The experience was a total escape from the daily routine! I had both a body wrap and a Limu Lomi massage which was like no other massage I have previously had.” Nanette H.

“She was awesome as usual! Very consistent and always pays attention to your needs.” Lori D.

“I used to live in Hawaii (Waipahu, HI) … and with the authentic island music, island aromatherapy, and sounds of trickling water I feel transported back to my paradise while I receive an incredible treatment. Freda F.

” I’m just a big lavender puddle by the time I leave. Relaxation accomplished.” Melissa D.

“Steve is by far one of the most phenomenal massage therapist I have ever met…I literally felt like I was melting into the table!!!” Lara H.

“Sarah was magnificent with the Lomi Lomi massage stokes, paying attention to my request of greater pressure of strokes to my shoulders, chest and arms!!” Paul H.

“While Steve can provide a relaxing, exotic Lomi Lomi massage experience, he is also very knowledgable in so many areas of medical massage that are helpful for many medical conditions.” Hope C.

“A visit to the Spa is like a real trip to Hawaii…Very knowledgeable Owners and Therapists. Great place to recommend to anyone.” Charlotte H.

“It had been a while since I had the Stressbusters Swedish massage. I had forgotten how good it felt. I won’t wait as long to have this fabulous massage again. Kudos to Steve!” Elyse M.

“I had the chocolate body scrub. It was very yummie and left my skin so smooth!!! The multi-head shower was great.” Sherri B.

“A little slice of heaven!” Vicki M.

“My visit was wonderful, as usual. The Honu massage treatments are not only relaxing, but more importantly for me, also help to relax some of my very tight (and painful) muscles.”Kristen S., MD

“Lomi Lomi is a most awsome experience. she is a great ahola massage therapist. She is very knowledgable in the history of Lomi Lomi and she even dresses the part. Everything about her vibrant spirit gives you the aloha spirit and and relaxes you and makes you feel as though you are in Hawaii with this wonderful experience and music. I was so relaxed with this Lomi Lomi experience that I did not even want to move off the table when treatment was done. It is such a peaceful and relaxing experience that you feel as though you don’t have a care in the world. The shower was great afterwards with all the multi shower heads spraying in all directions. It was very refreshing. I have had many different massages before but this is great. Don’t miss out on Lomi Lomi!!!” Sherri B.

“She always makes me feel like I can surrender body and mind as part of the massage experience. She approaches a massage like an artist. I look forward to her massages. A true escape from the stressful world.” Andy D.

“My husband and I did the date night. It was so worth every dollar spent. I will definitely be going back anytime I need a massage! Kendra C.

“I felt that Sarah perfectly addressed my needs and thoroughly attacked the problem and treated me
professionally and aggressively. I do not feel that I could have had a better treatment at any other
spa around.” William K., MD

“Amazing! I experienced the Lomi Lomi for the first time and didn’t know what to expect. All I can say is that I wished it could have gone on for hours. What a wonderful experience. Ken P.

“The atmosphere gives a true tropical feel that sets the mood for a total relaxing experience.”Jeff R.

“For the best skin in town, get a sea salt scrub from Hawaiian Experience Spa and Ellen.”Susan P.

“The experience took me back to Hawaii, a place that I relate to total relaxation. Thank you for the wonderful atmosphere and knowledgeable message therapists.” Karen M.

“I always enjoy coming to “Hawaiian Experience Spa”. My favorite type of massage is the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, a relaxing and exotic type of massage with long strokes, connecting the whole body simultaneously. It creates a feeling of riding the ocean waves. Combine this with outstanding music selection, fun snacks to choose from and the ambiance of the Hawaiian islands, this creates a place I highly recommend. Lots of different types of massage and other services to choose from. It’s an oasis in Arizona!” Hope C.

“For the best skin in town, get a sea salt scrub from Hawaiian Experience Spa and Ellen.”Susan P.

“The atmosphere gives a true tropical feel that sets the mood for a total relaxing experience.”Jeff R.

“Amazing! I experienced the Lomi Lomi for the first time and didn’t know what to expect. All I can say is that I wished it could have gone on for hours. What a wonderful experience.” Ken P.

“I felt that Sarah perfectly addressed my needs and thoroughly attacked the problem and treated me professionally and aggressively. I do not feel that I could have had a better treatment at any other spa around.” Dr. William K., MD

“An oasis in the multitude of Scottsdale strip malls – great therapists and nice and peaceful surroundings.” Daniele L.

“The technical skills of the therapists at Hawaiian Experience are to be commended, you have to really care to be so good.” Jolene S.

“Eric figured out exactly what I needed. I will definitely be back.” Ann K.

“I think my sense of modesty has drastically lessened as I age; I absolutely love the Waikiki Therapeutic! I feel cleansed and totally relaxed and transformed!! And I wouldn’t have anybody but Eric, the entire experience is amazing!” Lori D.

“At the risk of sounding cliche, after two hours under Eric’s masterful touch and a wonderful shower, I left the spa feeling revitalized, energized, as though I were floating on air. I am so thankful to have found this spa, not only are the people are warm, kind and generous they are deeply human and eager to help. I am so grateful. Thank you.” Madeleine N.

“Steve is a very knowledgeable massage therapist, who helps me manage my painful conditions.” Jen S.

“Wow! What a great experience! I highly recommend Hawaiian Experience Spa!” Lonnie M.

“Not only is she an excellent therapist but she really pays attention to your specific needs.”Lori D.

“This was my first visit with Nora. She was absolutely excellent.” Therese H.

“It really is a full complete & truly unique experience…from the moment you walk into the door & are greeted…all the way through to the end of your phenomenal treatment & waterfall shower-you always look forward to your next time!! :)” Lara H.

“At Hawaiian Experience Spa, you truly can relax and unwind. I am always so refreshed and renewed after a treatment and just love the staff.” Heidi H.

“Always feel I get 110% each visit.” Mary J.

“60 of the most relaxing minutes of my month.” Abby S.

“This was so much more than a Facial – it was truly an EXPERIENCE!” Nancy B.

“Outstanding. Service, Attitudes and Style. would recommend to anyone for relaxation or therapy.” Adrienne M.

“I went in for a single massage and left with a membership for monthly bliss!” Jenni C.

“So happy I found the spa – the people are extremely friendly and the location is perfect!”Natafia E.

“Small, intimate atmosphere which makes me comfortable.” James M.

“The Hawaiian Experience is akin to being in a time capsule of complete relaxation and peace until you cross the bridge to leave – Delightful!” Barbara, K.

“Most relaxing hour of my entire month”, Abby S.

“No words can completely describe the feeling I have after visiting and enjoying a treatment at the Spa. It’s almost addictive.” Carol S.

“Pam was great. I would highly recommend getting a facial from her if you have never had one before.” Laura D.

“This was the first time I felt so relaxed after a facial – “seemed to be in another space”. The hand
and foot massage was a real bonus too. Diane G.

“She did an absolutely marvelous job! I have never had by back massaged like that before!”Scott C.

“I had a facial and it was great!” Jane M.

“Top notch therapists that have been there for a long time. They must like working there as much as I like going there.” James M.

“This was the best massage in Scottsdale and truly is the Best Day Spa in Scottsdale!”Jasmine T.

“Perfect ending to a stressful day.” Tea M.

“It’s my once-a-month Sunday morning retreat I look forward to all month long.” Melissa D.

“I always enjoy coming to the spa and always look for reasons for going!” Christine F.

“Pam does a wonderful job.” Sherri P.

“Hawaiian Experience Spa is like a mini get-away, where you feel taken care of and are free to simply enjoy yourself and the surroundings.” Heidi Z.

“This was my first massage with Eric and I was extremely impressed by his knowledge and professionalism.” Heather W.

“Relaxing, soothing and very satisfying. facility was very accommodating for the customer needs. will definitely return!” Julie Z.

“Totally relaxing, left feeling great. loved the ocean sounds” Steve Z.

“Nora was great. I hadn’t had a massage from her before but will use her for my next one too.”Lisa M.

“This was the first time my husband got a treatment together. It was such an awesome experience for us. We were pleased with the “Aloha” spirit that radiated through the spa. We will defiantly come back again!” – Rosie H.

“We loved the couples Lomi Lomi massage….may never have another kind of massage again!!” Denise B.

“Steve was great. The neck face and head massage was great. The whole setting was great and made our valentines day wonderful.” Jessie S.

“With such a wide array of treatment choices, there is always something new to experience – how fun
is that!” Diane G.

“She is an outstanding therapist who pays special attention to my needs. I highly recommend her!” Lori D.

“I enjoyed the whole experience. I was very comfortable the whole time and felt very relaxed. Sometimes going to a spa I have never been to is a little intimidating. That was not the case here.
The staff was very professional.” Wendy L.

“I look for two things when I get massages. #1 – I am kept modestly covered, which I had less clothing than I am am used to but my therapist did a great job adjusting the towels as keep me covered and comfortable. #2 – that no stroke is left unfinished. I hate it when a therapist stops mid arm and goes to another spot. Every stroke was followed through and perfect. It felt as if my therapist had 3 arms, because one stroke would go across my back and then out of no where she was back at my feet. It was amazing! I have had many massages, but I have never been attached to a therapist, but I will go no where else when I want a massage!” Jennifer K.

“I received a combination of a body scrub first, hot stone massage second, and lomi lomi massage third, and it was incredible! My skin was felt so soft afterward and I believe the combination of the massages really worked out the tension, more so than one massage alone. This is a wonderful spa with a friendly, professional, knowledgeable staff and “resort” atmosphere, and I highly recommend it! Debbie R.

“What a wonderful way to spend a rainy morning! So cozy and comforting.” Melissa D.

“I was happy to discover this fantastic spa. It is a wonderful experience from the comfy robes to the rainhead shower and everything in between!!” Jamie S.

“Hawaiian Experience Spa was a wonderful experience- the people there are all so nice and the treatments were excellent!” Hannah B.

“Well appointed spa with cheery staff.” Bruce P.

“Your facility has a better and more relaxing spa atmosphere than the best cruise ships I have been on. I will definitely be back!”-Jennie D.

“Best massage ever! I will recommend Hawaiian Experience Spa to all my friends.” Jane M.

“If you haven’t been to the Hawaiian Experience Spa yet you are missing the best therapists in Scottsdale at a very reasonable price. I have been suffering from hip and low back pain as the result of an accident for over seven years. I think I’ve tried almost every spa or massage place in Scottsdale. After only three neuromuscular sessions with Eric, I am 98% pain free. Great atmosphere & staff.” Therese H.

“Between the sounds, the atmosphere and the aromas, this is a place where you can truly get away to the Hawaiian tropics.” Susan P.

“My massage was wonderful! She is the best!!!!” Lonnie M.

“The experience far exceeded our expectation. The staff was extremely professional and attentive to our needs. The Lomi Lomi massage was a welcome alternative to the traditional spa and hot stone treatment received at other high-end spas. We are looking forward to returning soon.” Nancy P.

“Hawaiian Experience Spa (Healing Touch Spa) is a great escape from stress, which helps me relax and manage my chronic pain conditions. The atmosphere is very peaceful, tranquil and Hawaiian. The owners have put great thought into every minute detail to make it a true relaxing Hawaiian spa. They also accommodate to each individual’s needs, to make it a truly individual experience. The Spa offers such a variety of treatments it is hard to choose just one and has me coming back week after week. I have had many of their treatments, ranging from facials to scrubs to the different types of massages, and they have all been great! They have many massages that are not offered anywhere else in the valley. Their therapists are well trained and really want to help their clients with any problems they are having. I have seen a couple of their therapists and they have all been wonderful, however I mainly have Steve work on me. I have chronic pain and if it wasn’t for my massages at Hawaiian Experience Spa, I wouldn’t be able to do many the things I am able to do. The massages are part of my pain management treatment plan. It has been hard to find a massage therapist that could understand my unique problems and that would take the time to learn about my problems. Steve even takes time to research ways to help with my problems and pain. It is amazing to have found a massage therapist that cares so much about his clients. I recommend the Hawaiian Experience Spa to anyone to who wants to have a nice relaxing massage, facial, or treatment. Their therapists are especially great if you have a medical problem, like I do, and are in pain.” Jen S.

“Hawaiian Experience Spa (formerly A Healing Touch Spa) has it beat over those larger spas here in Scottsdale. From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave, you’re brought into a world of peace and tranquility, and treated as you should be…special. I come for the great authentic Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage as well as for the ambiance of the place. I just love the way the owners put so much thought into how to make it a relaxing Hawaiian spa and a great place to be. They go to the Hawaiian islands on a regular basis, and bring back the most wonderful products which they make available to their customers. I love the coconut vanilla lotion! I’ve had several different types of massage and services there. They have so many to choose from! My favorite is the Lomi Lomi massage. You haven’t experienced Lomi Lomi if you haven’t gone to Hawaiian Experience Spa. I should know, as I’ve had many massages, including this type in different spas. I also loved the sea shell massage. They have one type where they combine Swedish Massage with Lomi Lomi. They’re always coming up with new and wonderful types of massages and treatments. They have someone who also does energy work. The therapists are well trained, friendly and professional. They’re able to adapt to your individual needs. If you have medical concerns, just let them know as some of the therapists are specifically trained in medical massage. Whether it’s for helping an injury or just a wonderful relaxing massage, I highly recommend Hawaiian Experience Spa!” Hope C.

“I have to say that I had the best experience ever at a spa at this place. Everything in the spa is so much different then your regular boring spa and really looks like a little piece of Hawaii. The whole atmosphere is just relaxing, which is a great start to a massage. I had an organic coffee body scrub from Hawaii followed by a full body massage. The scrub made my skin feel incredible and the shower they have to rinse the scrub off in is to die for. I have to put one of those in my house! The massage therapist was very professional, attentive, friendly, and skilled. I wanted a relaxing massage and that is exactly what I got. Not too deep, but not too light either. The therapist did not keep talking to me (I hate that) except to check in a couple of times to make sure the pressure was ok, etc. The price was well worth the treatment. I joined their membership program (you don’t have to join) and got a discount on that treatment and on all the future ones. The owner, Cathy, works the front desk and makes sure everything is perfect. Her husband is a massage therapist (I had someone different) and I think that really helps them understand the client’s needs so everything can be just right. Hawaiian Experience Day Spa gets my A+++ highest recommendation.” Ann B.

“For a brief time I actually felt like I was in Hawaii. The spa is beautifully decorated, the Hawaiian music very relaxing and the staff were friendly and inviting.” Heidi A.

“I joined this spa when it first opened in July 2007. Other than when I travel (and get massages), I have never been to another day spa in Scottsdale since joining. I absolutely love every treatment I have received, whether it be a regular Scottsdale Swedish massage or an exotic one, like the Lomi Lomi. I just had a 90 minute total relaxation massage this week and I was very impressed. And when I am done, I can use the giant shower, complete with body sprays and a rain shower head. The membership program they offer is also great. If you don’t use your monthly massage, don’t worry. It can roll over to the next month. And you can either get a free massage each month, or use it towards credit of a more expensive treatment. But it’s not limited to just massages. You can have a facial, body wrap, waxing and more. This is a day spa you should definitely try!” Elsye R.

“Each time I have visited I have received the same great service.The consistency and prices have kept me coming back.” Kristen B.

“She heals my body and my soul!” Kelly I.

“Ellen did a great job and I will be back when I need a thorough relaxation or deep tissue.”Randy S.

“Thank you, I had the Waikiki therapeutic massage done, and she did a wonderful job releasing alot of my muscle tension. This massage was a wonderful combination of therapeutic and a taste of the lomi lomi. Cathy like I told you – keep up the wonderful job with the marketing, I enjoy seeing the weekly specials via email, and when I can get in I do. Thanks for the wonderful job you have been doing.” Tammy C.

“My husband and I came to Hawaiian Experience Spa to try the Kaua’i Clay Couple’s Ritual. Hawaiian Experience Spa has a fun, Hawaiian atmosphere and professional staff, creating an environment that is very relaxing, yet exotic and romantic. We had so much fun during this couple’s massage, we plan to return and try some of the other couple’s massages. Thank you for such a wonderful experience and a great start to our anniversary getaway weekend!!! I told my co-workers how wonderful it was, and how your robes are the best on earth! They’re like being wrapped up in a cuddly teddy bear. Oh, and the waterfall shower room has become inspiration for a future remodel to our master bathroom!” Deanna R.

“This was the first neuromuscular massage that I’ve had and I will definitely be back for more! Ellen was very knowledgeable and paid very close attention to my needs.” Lori D.

“My time at Hawaiian Experience spa was as close to spiritual as I can describe. My every need was met and all of my expectations were exceeded. After a skillful massage and a refreshing shower, I left feeling like a new woman! Many thanks for a wonderful experience! Cathy and Eric were lovely. I really enjoyed my time at Hawaiian Experience spa and look forward to future treatments. I really liked that you provided samples of your products in the shower and dressing room. That made me far more likely to purchase them in the future.”Madeleine N.

“This was an exquisite experience!!!! All couples should try it!” Kelly S.

“It was most enjoyable! I very much look forward to my next visit!!!” Susan L.

“A most enjoyable, relaxing experience. The message treatment was perfect for me.” Mimi R.

” I had the most unique and best massage ever at this Scottsdale spa or anywhere. Hawaiian Experience Day Spa is very nice inside and has so many treatments to choose from. I had the lomi lomi massage. The male therapist (they had females available also) was very professional, and very knowledgeable. The massage really helped by back and helped me relax more then any other massage I ever had. In this massage they massage the whole body at the same time. You are only covered with a small towel so they can massage everywhere at once but believe me – you won’t care! I didn’t have a care in the world as he worked on me from head to toe in one movement. He also did a lot of massage by sliding under my back when I was face up. This felt incredible. I definitely give this spa my highest rating due to its great therapists, friendly owner who runs the front desk, and super atmosphere. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” Sue S.

“I really enjoyed my experience! The therapists are very friendly and do an excellent job. I feel fantastic!” Emily L.

“It is sooo relaxing. TREAT YOURSELF ONCE IN AWHILE!” Mary N.

“The massage and Therapist was wonderful. Looking forward to my next visit. I will recommend Hawaiian Experience Spa to everyone. My massage from your Therapist was the best massage I have ever had!” Lonnie M.

“If your are looking for the best massage in Scottsdale, you have found it. I have been to lots of day spas in the valley and find Hawaiian Experience Spa to be the best day spa in the Phoenix area.” Ann B.

“In the 20 years I have been getting massages, my Lomi Lomi treatment was the best massage I have ever had. Her technique shows why Lomi Lomi is my favorite style of massage. I was able to let my mind and body totally relax in her skilled hands.” Andy D.

“My husband surprised me with a massage for my birthday. It was a wonderful, relaxing tropical experience, complete with the sounds and scents of Hawaii. It made me feel like I was back in Maui again for my wedding. I can’t wait to come back!” Stephanie C.

“What a great place to visit. Local ownership, great facility,good prices and great treatments”John and Shari C., Scottsdale

” I really like the atmosphere & decor. So very different & pleasing.” Theresa H.

“This is a great spa and will definitely come again.” Irma M.

“I had Pam for a massage and Emily for a facial and they were both excellent” Marci K.

“Excellent service!” Kristen B.

“I loved this place! It was my first time I ever had a massage and I think now I’m totally hooked. It was wonderful and it totally made my birthday.” Rebekah M.

“Beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.” Jennifer M.

“Very satisfied with the service and treatment we were given. I have fully recommended Hawaiian Experience Spa to my very close friends. I’ve shared our experience and how amazed we left afterwards. This was our first experience ever for our 12th year anniversary gift.” Angelica P., Mesa

“Nora was a wonderful therapist. The music carried me back to my childhood My father made steel guitars and he and my mother listened to Hawaiian music quite often. I spent my hour of massage with many happy memories.” Christen S., Scottsdale

“We had a very relaxing and enjoyable experience at the Hawaiian Experience Spa. We will definitely be back. Thank you!” Jane H., Anthem, AZ

“Safe area of town, clean and neat surroundings in spa office and treatment rooms, friendly staff, excellent massage results — totally relaxing atmosphere.” Adele D. Houston, TX

” Very comfortable, relaxed, Hawaiian atmosphere. Most enjoyable. Loved the decor.” Wanda Kehl, Scottsdale

“I have had many other facials, however, she (Emily) is much better. She’s wonderful! I can see why people come back to her.” Diane G. Scottsdale

“I am extremely pleased with Hawaiian Experience Spa and recommend it to all my friends and co-workers! I also appreciate the fact that Cathy was able to accommodate my request for a massage on the same day that I called. That is excellent customer service and I thank you very much!

I was also very impressed with the exceptional massage I received from Pam Coffman. She was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. She also took that extra care to help with my very painful neck, which I appreciated.

Steve & Cathy – I think you have a ‘top notch’ place and will definitely come back!!!” Debra R., Fountain Hills

“I have been to many day spas over the years and I was instantly impressed with Hawaiian Experience Spa. The decor is unique and completed with the highest quality materials. You can tell a lot of love goes into this place. The therapists were great and it was honestly the best massage I’ve ever had.” Jamie W. Scottsdale

“The lymphatic drainage massage that I received was amazing, I felt more energized the next day.” Carolyn B. Scottsdale

“Hi Steve – I just wanted to say that me, and my sister and her husband all really enjoyed our treatments at your spa on Thursday. The service was fantastic and I would definitely come back and recommend Hawaiian Experience Spa to anyone. The lymphatic detox massage was great! And Emily was WONDERFUL, I really enjoyed the facial she gave me, she is an asset to your spa. Thank you again! Take care!” Linda T. New York

“I am so glad that you opened! On a scale of 1-10 my Lomi Lomi was a 100!” Wendy S. Scottsdale

“Thank you so much for helping me to provide my wife with a wonderful Mother’s Day gift and a beautiful experience. She was greatly pleased with your services. We hope to use your facility again.” Marquis S. Mesa

“I have experienced many massages but nothing like this…hot towels, warm oils, Lomi Lomi, shower, quiet(no conversation), and NO soreness! 12 hours later I am still so very relaxed. Thank you!” Vicki W. Phoenix

“Exceptional service in a comfortable, luxurious environment.” Marie W. Phoenix

“Awesome Experience….never felt so relaxed!” Bertha A. Phoenix

“The Ocean Facial was very relaxing, so much that I fell asleep, but that is a good thing!” Lori D. Fountain Hills

“Once I stepped over the bridge, I felt I was in Hawaii….the music, the decor, the ambiance.”Wendy L. Scottsdale

“This was wonderful. I usually do the resort spas but I definitely like this better!”, Kristin C., Scottsdale

“Steve is very knowledgeable about the muscles and how they work and interact. I have really noticed the benefits of neuromuscular massage.” Lisa M., Scottsdale

“My husband and I weren’t sure what to expect. We get a lot of massages and were pleasantly surprised not only of the great atmosphere but also the great massage! We had the Lomi lomi and it was so relaxing and invigorating at the same time. It made us want to plan a trip to Hawaii!” Sharrie C. Scottsdale

“I love being able to make appointments online. It is easy and very helpful to see the availability of all the therapists at one time. I really enjoy coming to your spa. I think it is so much better than the plain boring spas that are all around Scottsdale.” Rebekah N. Scottsdale, AZ

“I loved it here. I have never had a Lomi Lomi massage and I loved it.” Jade J. Phoenix, AZ

“This is definitely the Best Day Spa in Scottsdale!” They have the best massage therapists and the nicest staff at any spa I have visited.” Susan S.

“Very relaxing treatment, I especially enjoyed the Hawaiian music-very appropriate!.” Jane C., Scottsdale

“I had never experienced a couple’s treatment before; not only was it very relaxing, it was also extremely enjoyable and fun!” Channon V., Chandler

“As soon as I walked into Hawaiian Experience Spa I forgot about everything else. The atmosphere is so relaxing and inviting and very unique. For the 2 hours that I was there, I didn’t have a care in the world.” Carly V., Chandler

“During my massage, I felt like I was on a Hawaiian surfboard with the waves swirling around me.”Gena B., Scottsdale

“Wonderful relaxing atmosphere!!” Bonnie C., Scottsdale

“The Lomi Lomi massage is like ‘a slice of heaven’. If I could afford it, I would be back once a week for this treatment.” Elyse R., Scottsdale

“Therapists and Treatments were FABULOUS!” Joyce R., Scottsdale

“I refer everyone I know to Hawaiian Experience Spas! I have health problems and Steve has been able to customize a massage to address my special needs. They are so knowledgeable about what they do!” Meghan R., Scottsdale

“This was our first time at the Hawaiian Experience Spa, and we really enjoyed our time. Our massage was very unique and extremely relaxing. The atmosphere was fun, inviting and soothing. They definitely captured a Hawaiian experience. The staff was professional and listened to our needs. The overall package was more than we expected and worth every penny. We will definitely go back.”Carrie, Phoenix

“Loved it! Very relaxing and unique experience. Love the “Hawaiian Theme”…excellent. :). I hope to become a regular! Very professional therapists and extremely aware of serenity and a peaceful atmosphere.” Amee H. Mesa

“Thank you very much for the awesome experience!!  Very deeply relaxing and clearing.”Vicky P., Apache Junction

“This was a fantastic experience. The Lomi-Lomi was amazing. This was definitely worth repeating.” Vicki H., Mesa

“Spectacular Experience; The ultimate in relaxation” Rhonda H., Tempe

“Steve’s delicious Lomi Lomi massage is incredible.  I never wanted it to end!” Hope C., Scottsdale

“Everything about the spa is wonderful.  My massage was excellent and your products are fantastic.” Susan M., Scottsdale

“VERY RELAXING AND SOOTHING.  I have highly recommended to co-workers and friends.” Bill H., Scottsdale

“Wonderful relaxing experience.  Your attention to detail is great”  Connie H., Scottsdale

“ My massage was great!  Ellen did a good job and met all my needs!  To Relax! J“ Lori C. Fountain Hills 

“A seasoned massage goer, and have experienced many treatments, Hawaiian Experience Spa is the best neuromuscular massage I have ever had.”  Lori J., Scottsdale

“Relaxing facial!” Nancy S, Scottsdale

“It was lovely!  I will be back!” Bonnie H, Scottsdale

“Great experience at your place on Saturday. I just wanted to let you know that I would definitely come back there and use your services. The environment was wonderful!!!” April P., Phoenix

“Hello Cathy, Wanted to let you know that from the time we arrived to the time we left you made us feel very special. The ambience is very relaxing and your staff was wonderful and delightful. I wanted to thank you for everything you did to help make our time there special. We would definitely do it again and recommend it to everyone we know.” Bianca W, Glendale

“Hawaiian Experience Spa is great. Their facility is spotless! Their selection of massages makes it hard to decide what kind of pampering you want. They are very helpful if you need something specific worked on. I went there with severe neck pain, and later that night, I could actually move my neck! I highly recommend this spa! Thanks so much!! I can’t wait to come back for my follow-up massage!” Theresa C., Scottsdale

“My first experience at Hawaiian Experience Spa was great!  Cathy was very welcoming and the atmosphere was warm.  I thoroughly enjoyed my massage and the great shower afterwards.  Would recommend to friends and surely visit again.”Lisa Mc.,  Scottsdale

“I have used Ellen twice for my custom full body massage. I normally like male therapists, but she was wonderful and I highly recommend her. She listened to what I said about having some upper back and neck pain and massaged accordingly. I will definitely use her again.” Elyse R., Scottsdale

“I really enjoyed my experience at Hawaiian Experience Spa. The decor is fun and different, you won’t find anything like it, this side of the islands! My therapist was very professional and knew exactly how to help me relax. I will definitely be back for more great treatments.” Audra K., Scottsdale

“I have had lots of massages in a Scottsdale Day Spa, but this Scottsdale Massage was absolutely the best.” Ann B. Scottsdale

“Absolutely one of the best massages ever!” Jill H., Scottsdale

“My experience at Hawaiian Experience Spa was the perfect end to a long week. The staff was very welcoming and friendly. The facilities were immaculate and created a very relaxing environment. I would definitely recommend this Spa to friends and family.” Jen B.; Scottsdale

“Steve and Cathy really know how to run a client friendly spa business.  From the moment you walk in the door of Hawaiian Experience Spa, A Hawaiian Experience, you’re treated with the warmth and kindness of the island spirit.  Their products are high quality.  I love their yummy scented candles, lotion and bath products.  The decor and Hawaiian music take you into the feel of the islands right away.  They provide snacks for you while you await your relaxing experience.  Steve’s incredible Lomi Lomi massage takes me into a world where I’m able to release all my cares and just be.  Thank you Steve and Cathy for providing this wonderful mini vacation right here in Scottsdale!  Aloha,”  Hope C, Scottsdale

“I had a very enjoyable and relaxing experience at Hawaiian Experience Spas. The service was very professional and the atmosphere was very fun and I actually felt like I could be in Hawaii rather than the desert! I’ll definitely be back :)” Katie- Scottsdale