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Hawaiian Experience Spa Scottsdale Reviews

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Hawaiian Experience Spa, Scottsdale Day Spa

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First opened in July of 2007, our Scottsdale Day Spa was the first Hawaiian Experience Spa we opened. Since that time the spa has double in size and, of course, we have opened additional locations.

This would not have been possible without the support and approval of the spa’s guests. While some people first visit the spa because of its uniqueness, they only return because of the amazing experience they received.

We would like to say mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) to all of our wonderful guests who have taken the time to write a review or share their comments about their experiences at the Scottsdale Day Spa. Our number one source of new guests is referrals, and we are thankful for each and every one.

Guest Reviews Of Scottsdale Day Spa

All quotes are from clients who received services at the Scottsdale day spa.

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“This was a surprise from my husband and I have to say, it’s the very best secret he’s planned (or anyone has for me, for that matter) that actually exceeded my expectations. I’m a harsh massage critic after years of chronic pain and I work my body and neglect it hardcore as a nurse, that having really added up through working 7 days most weeks for over three years through Covid (which yes, kept my Respiratory Stepdown unit full for all of April 2020-June of 2023). Then, due to nursing shortage, I still worked 5/12s/week until January. Long explanation to say that, although I live massage, I usually still leave with my body needing lots more work. This is as the most effective and relaxing massage of my life. I usually do t care about relaxing, but the fact that this was both blows my mind. I will definitely be back even though I live in MO. It was pricey enough that my husband didn’t even want to tell me the cost, but, when we finished and he asked what I thought it was worth, I wasn’t far off. This is definitely an indulgence for people of our income, but, it will be a memory for my whole life, and the massage that no others live up to.” Tiffany Miller, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Jayde did an amazing job of making me comfortable and provided a great lomi lomi experience!” Scott Dean, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Amazing place to come and unwind.” Angela Iskhakova, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“The most relaxing massage I have had in a long time. Holly is amazing a true healer. Ive had many different types of massage but her lomi was a truly an experience that brought me to a place of peace. I recommend the shower after for sure. I will definitely try my best to come back!” Ceirra Trujillo, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“First time getting a massage. Loved it! Would recommend a visit to this place.” Cecilia Quiroz, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Cannot say enough good things about this place or our masseuse, Ariel. We did a couples “training” massage to learn some techniques on how to massage each other at home. Not to replace a massage, but just a few techniques to relax each other in between having actual massages and rub each other at home. We arrived and staff was super friendly. Had a separate room for us to change, provided a robe, sandals, and a chocolate treat. Ariel provided our massage and showed us her skills, all while allowing my wife and I to also massage each other to learn. It was an over all very sensual and fun experience. When done, they have a shower to wash off any oils off our bodies. Highly recommend the shower! Clean and well maintained. To top it off, they concluded our experience with a Hawaiian fruit sorbet that was delicious! They also provided a blow dryer and comb if needed. The wife and I left this place completely relaxed and enjoyed the experience. Highly recommend this for other couples! Great date night experience.” I am Gonzo, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“We had a wonderful experience here for our anniversary gift to ourselves. Holly and Ariel gave my husband and I one of the best massages we’ve ever had. Loved the touch of robes and slippers, the shower with luxurious shampoo, conditioner and body wash, and our favorite part was the frozen coconut and lemon sorbet at the end. This facility was warm, welcoming and very clean. We booked this couples massage (mainland with hot stone add on) during a promotion they were having and look forward to returning soon.” Courtney S., YELP 5 Stars

“Thank you Holly so very much!!!!. Really enjoyed your energy and I loved my Lomi Lomi so very much. I was super relaxed, it was such an enjoyable hour. I love your touch and you made my birthday special, made me feel special. The shower after amazing, that is my dream shower and the hot water, after the Lomi Lomi was AMAZING. The organic shampoo and cream rince and body wash. I loved so much and they smelled so good. The face cleanser was amazing too. I loved every minute there. The energy overall was so wonderful. I hope to be back again, and I would like Holly to be my therapist.” Tina Martinez, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“I love coming here! My skin looks and feels amazing.” Lisa F.,  Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Serenity found! Calm vibes here.” Margaret Z., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“It is a perfect place to get a couple’s massage or relax. Better than most other massage experiences I have had.” Nicholas R., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“We sent one of employees of 5 years and his wife for a couples spa day. They absolutely loved the experience and were thrilled with the service and total package. We had gifted the 2 hour Hawaiian massage, oil treatment and couples shower.” Howard H., YELP 5 Stars

-“I have been coming to HE for years and have never been disappointed. The services are beyond excellent, the therapists skilled and thorough, and staff friendly and helpful. I highly recommend.” Doug, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“I felt pampered, and extremely relaxed after the experience. Very greatly for this unique restorative experience.” Nicole, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“The Scents of Hawaii spa treatment was so relaxing!! My skin has never felt so soft! Great way to indulge and treat yourself to a lovely day!” Eryn, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Nell is a wonderful massage therapist!” James B., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Peaceful and very relaxing experience….” Kathy R., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Shaina & Gina are an unbelievable pair of talented therapists that continue to amaze me with their skills and abilities. Having received several treatments like “Double Lomi-Lomi” and “Kahuna Lomi-Lomi,” they consistenty exceed my expectations and leave me in such a relaxed and stress-free condition, that I not only sleep better, but I feel better as well. Their pressure and technique are virtually identical and exceptionally well coordinated throughout the session. I highly recommend both Gina and Shaina for any individual treatment sessions as well. Mahalo nui loa to you both!” Duane M., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

-“I just can’t recommend this spa enough. Everyone is so professional and welcoming. The Hawaiian atmosphere creates a very relaxing environment. The staff is so friendly. Easy 5 stars thank you!” J.Y. YELP 5 Stars

“It was an out-of-body relaxation experience. I absolutely loved it for my birthday and first massage, so much I bought a membership!” Erin L., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Everything was great! Amazing experience!” Leah P., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Great place” Nathan Aucoin, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Lovely place, super professional and friendly staff, the ambiance and decor were definitely Hawaiian themed, I recommend it!” jmkhughes, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Awesome as always” Seth Fink, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

-“The space was very welcoming and clean. Came here with my sister and she had a great time. Comfy robes, relaxing waiting area, and awesome showers provided. Emerald gave an AMAZING 90 minute massage and was so nice. All of the staff was friendly and accommodating.I’ll definitely be back!” Britt Orcutt, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Shaina has been absolutely wonderful. She is extremely professional and attentive. As I told her, her massage is the best I have ever had and I am not a youngster. Shaina is superb!!” Steve H., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5

“There is no other place in Arizona where I would rather spend a few hours.” Michael G., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“I booked a 90 minute Lomi Lomi massage with Gel. The staff was friendly and helpful. Gel was skilled and professional. She had me feeling like I was relaxing on the beach while the ocean waves gently worked away the kinks in my muscles and put me to rest. I cant wait to go back again.” Gary H., Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Very amazing experience, first time visit will be sure to be back on another visit to the area!”  Curtis, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Perfect place to take a loved one. I took my parents for their birthdays and they loves their experience and are interested in becoming members themselves!” Kara, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“A relaxing delightful experience that supported my body to de-stress and enjoy. Thank you!” Jacqueline Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Gina is absolutely amazing! She has been providing exceptional therapeutic massage services consistently each time I visit. Gina’s Lomi-Lomi skills are among the best in the business coupled with her friendly and nurturing personality. I always feel completely relaxed and stress-free after my session and highly recommend Gina to everyone. Looking forward to scheduling future appointments. Mahalo!” Duane, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“By far the best facial I have ever had and I have had many!!! Schaelee is AMAZING!” Kristy, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Love the spa experience, massage therapist expertise, and variety of spa offerings. Love that each product you sell plants a tree!” Tania, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars
“Great service, will definitely be signing up to become a member.” Carlos, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Relaxing place to get away and pretend you are in Hawaii” Erin, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Incredible service experience.” Nancy, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Great experience! Staff was super friendly and place was clean!” Katelynn, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Hawaian spa really does feel like it belongs in the islands. They have a huge variety of services and the atmosphere feels luxurious and relaxing. Everyone is very friendly and my therapist Emerald was amazing ! She is extremely knowledgeable and has an amazing ability to find problem spots.” Jo, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“Ariel really listened to my needs and gave me a thorough all over massage with extra emphasis on my neck! Thank you!” Cathy, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey 5 Stars

“The Hawaiian waves were calm and warm and the experience tremendous.” David, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey, 5 Stars

“The entire experience was absolutely incredible. Terry was kind and accommodating over the phone. The spa was clean and quiet. It smelled fantastic. I booked the lomi for lovers. Unfortunately my significant other was unable to make it the day of our appointment so I brought a friend with instead. The spa was quick to accommodate the change of plans. The massages were absolutely mind blowing!!!! I’ve never had anything like it. Generally when i get a massage i get up off the table at the end and get dressed all pretty quickly. This time i definitely needed to take my time because I was in a pure relaxation trance. The pressure used was perfect as was the flow of the massage. The massage therapists were friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and very respectful. The sorbet that came with the lomi for lovers package I purchased was incredible and in frozen fruit peels. It was absolutely worth every single penny to treat myself on vacation. I will always book for this service when I visit here. Cannot recommend them enough!!” Sadie Olson, GOOGLE 5 Stars

“Having been a repeat customer of Hawaiian Experience Spa for roughly 10 years, my expectations have always been exceed with every treatment! There is such a variety of truly unique services that no other spa comes close to offering in a setting that makes you feel like you’re on vacation. Gina and Shaina are two of the best therapists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and their “Double-Lomi-Lomi” massage experience sessions are absolutely amazing! I am so relaxed and free of stress afterwards, that I found myself sleeping better and able to focus better on work the next day. Gina and Shaina work so well together and use virtually identical pressure during the “Double-Lomi-Lomi” massage. If I could give them a “10-star” rating, I would, and highly recommend the 60-minute Double Lomi-Lomi equating to 2 hours of massage therapy…FOUR hands are definitely better than two!! Mahalo to Gina and Shaina for your continued excellent service and I look forward to returning in the near future!” Duane Mills, YELP and TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

-“I LOVE Hawaiian Experience Spa! I have gone intermittently for many years and have always had the best level of experience with their massage therapists. I joined as a member this year, as i wanted to have monthly massages to keep me on track. I have booked with Shaina twice in the last several months and she is absolutely awesome. While the environment is not fountains and marble, it is a welcoming space that is relaxing and a true sanctuary of Ohana spirit, not polished, however, very real. The front desk, welcoming and helpful. I have tried many various types of spas for massages, and this is the most consistent with highest of standards with their services. And the massages are healthy doses of self care wellness booster!” Skidbaby, TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

-“Excellent Mahi Mahi Massage which also includes shower steam shower and sugar scrub. I have been to the Scottsdale and Chandler locations.” Jamie C., YELP 5 Stars

“Me an my girlfriend loved this place amazing rooms.” Brandon Baker, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

-“Shaina is fantastic and I highly recommend her. She has this hip decompression technique that is out of this world. There were many points during my massage where I was just hit with waves of relief as she knocked out tension I didn’t even know I had built up. Another awesome thing she does is lightly run her fingers across your back, arms, and legs as she moves around the table. It’s a subtle thing but it gives you a nice light and relaxing sensation in between areas and keeps the stimulation of the massage going at the same time. Not to mention she gave me the exact massage I had requested. I wanted to just relax, avoid working the knots, and she obliged no problem. This is not always the case with massage therapists in my experience.  While those were my favorite things she did, the entire massage was incredibly enjoyable from start to finish. Next time I book a massage, she’ll be the only therapist I’m booking with.” Bryce Castle, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

The place itself is great too. Everyone is incredibly friendly. It’s very clean and has a great theme/vibe. You get a locker to put your stuff in and they even give you a little chocolate with your robe and slippers. My wife found this place by chance and I’m very glad she did because we have found our new place for massages.

“I went for the first time today and was pleasantly surprised. Sean was professional, knowledgeable and very calming. I would highly recommend.” Lisa Stubblefield, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“From the moment you walk in the door, you can smell the scents of Hawaii and just start to relax. You’re greeted with a warm welcoming Aloha and checked in. They offer to show you around, show you to their changing/locker room where you get comfy in the super comfy robe provided. There’s always a little chocolate in the locker for you and there is lotion, deodorant, tissues and sanitizer for your use in the room. When youre changed and freshened up you go to the waiting lounge where there is complimentary refreshments and snacks for you. Everything about it feels Hawaiian and relaxing. You’re greeted by the massage therapist who introduces themselves and shows you the massage room you’ll be in. Sounds of ocean waves, and relaxing scents invite you in. I personally get the lomi Lori massage, and had Brandon as my therapist which was wonderful. He catered to my preferences, made me feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time and gave me great tips after for continued relaxation. I will be back for sure.” Kailey Lloyd, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“First time at this location and I loved it. Kristin was my therapist and she was amazing. Let me tell you I’ve had Swedish, Hot Stone and Lomi Lomi messages before but Kristin was spectacular!! No joke. I had never been so relaxed in my life. I would definitely recommend Kristin. I am for sure coming back again. Welcoming receptionist was also very friendly. 10/10 Hawaiian Experience Spa Scottsdale location” Tya Cyn, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“My husband and I went in for a couples massage. My LMT was Brandon and my husband’s was Cean. Both did an amazing job of being attentive to our needs. We both normally get deep tissue massages. I must say, you know a massage is great when you doze off in the middle. This was the first time I have ever been so relaxed that I dozed of during a massage and a deep tissue one at that!” Angie W., TRIPADVISOR and GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“I have been going to this day spa for years now as it is (was) the only place in town I could find to get an affordable lomi-lomi massage. Although my “favorite” massage therapists eventually move on, I am always pleased to find that another therapist can provide an excellent lomi-lomi. Facials are also great here.” Marion A., TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“Schaelee provides the best facials! I have absolutely loved every one I’ve received from her. This was at least my fourth one. Can’t wait for the next!” Leela S., YELP 5 Stars

“My wife and I vacationed in Scottsdale.  We always get a lomi lomi massages in Hawaii and when I saw this spa had them, we had to give it a try.  The result exceeded both of our expectations.” Mike A., YELP 5 Stars

-“Brandon is a great massage therapist!  He is able to maintain the deep tissue and firm pressure that I need to relax my tense muscles.  He pinpoints problem areas and focuses attention on them. His Lomi Lomi is especially wonderful!   Very relaxed after a session!” Irene C., YELP 5 Stars

“I have been a member at the spa for a few years now and always enjoyed my services. I have been taking advantage of the facial services in recent months and have really enjoyed the relaxation and improvements to my skin, and Schaelee does a wonderful job and is both thorough and relaxing. If you haven’t tried the spa please do! If you have been in for a massage please schedule a facial, they are amazing.” Carol Breton, GOOGLE Review – 5 Stars

“Another wonderful massage at Hawaiian Experience Spa! This time I had a two hour massage with Brandon, he did an excellent job. He was methodical and intuitive with his work. He listened to me as I explained my areas of concern and really addressed the issues. He took his time and was thorough and he provided a quiet and calming environment. I look forward to using him again!” Karen A., YELP 5 Stars

-“I absolutely love Hawaiian Experience! I’ve been a member for almost 2 years total and have tried many of their services and I have loved every single one. Love the fact that they use coconut oil to massage with. The showers after feel amazing too and they even provide organic shampoo, conditioner, body wash and face wash. Best value for a membership experience and exceeds any other company. Most recently I got a massage from Aubrey and she was great! Great at working through all the knots in my neck. You won’t be disappointed by this place!”  Emilie D., YELP 5 Stars

-“Small, Quiet, background waves, very relaxing. Make sure you experience the shower after..shower heads all over. Ask for Sara M., facial.” V.W., YELP 5 Stars

“This place is THE best place to go to. I struggle with Acne and EVERY time I get a facial here, my acne almost always goes away. The product Eminence are by far the best products that I have ever used. I can’t wait to go buy more of that brands products. You could literally feel and smell or the naturalness, and that’s why my acne has calmed down. Also, the facials keep your skin GLOWING. You feel so beautiful . I had Dalya as my esthetician. She is great and so sweet. They have sauna here, which is so nice to do after a massage. The massages here are so relaxing, clean, and the therapist are so friendly. The staff at the front desk are so sweet also.” Selene Barash, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

-“I had the amazing privilege of having Jill as my massage technician. She was so lovely. It was truly the best massage I have ever had. She was very aware about my pressure preferences and made sure I was doing okay throughout. Very professional, very healing and very GOOD. 100/100 would recommend!” Lauren Fabiero, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“This is a fantastic place to get a massage.” Kurt Kulwicki, Hawaiian Experience Spa Survey

“I have been going to this spa for several years and I always have a pleasant experience. Would highly recommend.” Patricia Davis GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“…Private locker, chocolate, interview of needs before treatment, unhurried massage and a comfortable room were special features. Overall, the staff is friendly and welcoming…” Andrew F., YELP 5 Stars

“What a great massage I had at the spa from Kristin! Great services, knowledgeable staff, reasonable prices!” John W., TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“Have been visiting this Spa for five years, and the experience, from check-in to check-out, is the most relaxing I’ve had anywhere! Staff are all very efficient and friendly, everyone observes appropriate safety protocols, and Kristin gives an awesome lomi lomi!!” DC M, TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“Great massage from Saeng! I also felt very comfortable as the spa observed all safety protocols. Can’t wait to come back.” saj5771, TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“Michael M is an excellent massage therapist! He is able to maintain deep tissue and firm pressure with the Lomi Lomi massage. I need this level of pressure to release the knots I get from sitting at a computer all day. I am so relaxed after my session with him. The staff at Hawaiian Experience Spa Scottsdale are all very friendly, knowledgable and helpful.” Irene C., TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“I have been going to the Scottsdale spa location for several years. I always have an enjoyable experience.” patriciaddavisaz, TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“…We have visited several spas in the valley. When we found Hawaiian Experience Spa we were surprisingly intrigued! We love getting the Lomi Lomi massage for 120 minutes. It’s like being transported to an island retreat. If you haven’t tried it yet I would recommend you do!” Jim H., TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“Had a great Lomi Lomi massage with Maricela. I highly recommend her and Hawaiian Experience Spa. Great spot and awesome staff!” Chad Nikkel, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Makayla saved the day for me when my scheduled therapist was not able to make it to the spa. She very quickly notified me, and arranged a terrific lomi lomi session with Maricela in the same time slot! Maricela is quite gifted at this modality, and has great intuition on pressure level and focal points. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a lomi appointment!” DC M, YELP 5 Stars

“I just had the best Therapeutic massage ever! The staff was friendly the ambiance was perfect and I definitely recommend Jackie to be your therapist!” Courtney Wilson, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Got to have fabulous massage from Ashley. It was the best ever.” Tracy Myers., GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Ashley M is a GREAT therapist!! This is a very relaxing experience – I frequently catch myself dozing off as she addresses any tightness I might have with her firm yet gentle massage.” John W., TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“I has some gift certificates and wanted to combine them for services. I knew they had a new tip included policy, (which I strongly support), and needed an appointment due to throwing out my sciatic.
It was so easy and all went well, joined the wellness club, good rates, fairly priced. The best part was a recommendation from Mike for a therapeutic massage. I had Cheri C as my therapist- AMAZING RELIEF. went for a follow up today and feeling so much better. Surrounding are calming and wonderfully welcoming.” Melissa S., YELP 5 Stars

“Another great session at Hawaiian Spa!! Therapist Karli was exceptional, the treatment being body scrub and Lomi Lomi. Karli was extremely personable and welcoming, always checking in to ensure the treatment was to my satisfaction. Highly recommend Karli and Hawaiian Experience Spa, definitely 5 star in every way.” Rob S., YELP REVIEW 5 Stars

“We have visited several spas in the valley. When we found Hawaiian Experience Spa we were surprisingly intrigued! We love getting the Lomi Lomi massage for 120 minutes. It’s like being transported to an island retreat. If you haven’t tried it yet I would recommend you do! Ask for Maricela at the Scottsdale location for a spiritual, enlightened, transforming experience she has amazing energy and technique with a perfect understanding of anatomy! If you are looking for a more sports based massage to work on your stress and aches I recommend LeAnne. You can’t go wrong with either Therapist! We have visited several spas in the valley. When we found Hawaiian Experience Spa we were surprisingly intrigued! We love getting the Lomi Lomi massage for 120 minutes. It’s like being transported to an island retreat. If you haven’t tried it yet I would recommend you do!” Jim H.,YELP 5 Stars –

“Great massage and facial!! Definitely will come back. I recommend this place to anyone who wants a true Hawaiian experience.” Aiden S., Scottsdale, YELP 5 Stars

-“We went for a couples massage while visiting in Scottsdale and we both had a great massage. Erin and Leeann were very professional and considerate and addressed our requests for extra work on our aches and pains. Great job ladies! We will include Hawaiian Experience Spa on our next trip to Arizona.” Mark and Roseann -Cleveland, TRIPADVISOR 5 Stars

“I really like this place. It is clean, the people are very friendly and the prices are reasonable. They have become an important part of my journey towards better health.” Ray P, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars

“Never attended such an awesome atmosphere for a spa. With a staff that’s well trained and shows they enjoy what they do. Dodger Dave in Mesa!!

“You can’t go wrong with a massage from H.E.S.” Tommy T., Phoenix 

“I have had massages in many different countries and Hawaiian Experience Spa is consistently the best! I look forward to getting a massage here every time I am in Scottsdale!” Jean L., Scottsdale

“Nani was amazing. The pain and tension in my shoulder feels so much better.” Joe, Chandler

“One of the best massages I’ve had. I came in stiff and sore, and Nani applied the right pressure, right technique for the right amount of time. I feel 100% better after my massage. Thank you!” Michelle S., Scottsdale

“First time with the Lomi massage. My husband and I were a little nervous about what to expect. Turns out, there was no need to be nervous. Even though we were mostly nude it was a wonderful, professional massage.” Hannah E., Mesa

“Perfect.” Jacqui, Fountain Hills

“Sue has experience & knowledge of her industry, have been getting massages for 40 yrs., I would say she’s definitely at the top!!” Sheryl W., Fountain Hills

“Fantastic customer service and my Hawaiian Experience massage was amazing! Tina H., Scottsdale

“Michael is an extraordinary therapist. He never disappoints and I always feel better after a Waikiki massage.” Judy, Fountain Hills

“My first time will definitely not be my last!!” A.P., Dewey

“Massage with Nani is amazing, as always! She is personable and a great therapist.” Kathleen A., Scottsdale

“Mari was very professional and pleasant, and very skilled.” JoAnne G., Phoenix

“Hawaiian Experience by far the best place to get a relaxing massage ( lomi Lomi). No other place offer what they do and at great value prices.” Nick T., Gilbert

“Michael was amazing. He helped relieve all the tension and was excellent.” Dianna R., Irvington NY

“Michael is a wonderful therapist! I always leave there feeling relaxed and in a state of euphoria! I look forward to my next appointment!” Irene, Phoenix

“Mysti was fabulous … as always!! She’s absolutely the best!” J.W.

“Experience like going to Hawaii, atmosphere, music, Staff, fresh fruit and nuts.” Bonnie B., Fountain Hills

“Just a super unique, relaxing, and enjoyable spa! Highly recommend the lomi lomi massage!” Karen P, Scottsdale

“Great experience! Came in after a cross country drive with very tight muscles in neck and back. I left completely refreshed.” Julie, Georgia

“Michael was awesome. One of the best massages I’ve ever had.” Heather, Phoenix

“This was a top 3 out of 30 massages I’ve had in the last 3 years. Try it – you’ll like it.” Bob

“Michael was extremely professional and has a gifted touch. It was the best massage I have ever had!” B. Thomas, U.K.

“They were absolutely perfect. Both of these ladies are amazing. I had a double lomi lomi that was awesome. I am glad I experienced it but not sure I would do it again. It was not as relaxing as one therapist because so many places were being stimulated at once. It was awesome to have so much time and attention spent on problem areas.” Dspeed

“We both so appreciated the attentiveness of our therapists and felt incredible afterwards.” Joshua A., Phoenix

“Michael never disappoints. A perfect Waikiki massage took away the aches and pains.” Judy, Fountain Hills

“As always Mysti is amazing at helping work out the stress and making me feel amazing.” Joe H., Chandler

“Nani is a pro. Her Lomi Lomi provided me with a perfect blend of therapeutic massage and relaxation!” Greg

“I have never had a bad experience at Hawaiian Spa. All the therapists are top notch and the spa itself is lovely. My current favorite therapists are Jaclyn and Jamila.” Karen, Scottsdale 

“Mysti is amazing!” Nancy B.

“Linda gave me the best facial I’ve ever had, loved being in the hands of an expert. The products used in the spa are unbelievable.” Patricia, Phoenix

“I am a member at Hawaiian Experience Spa and I am rarely disappointed with the services or staff. I had Nani as a therapist for the first time and she is wonderful! She focused on my areas of concern so the massage was perfect. I love this place! It’s a mini-Hawaiian vacation right here in Arizona.” Amber C.

“The Hawaiian Experience Spa is the perfect place to take care of yourself…and the perfect atmosphere for total relaxation. Be sure to ask for Mari or Nani. They are both fantastic therapists and special people.” Drew G, Scottsdale

“Ashley was amazing! I think she fixed my back.” –John, Scottsdale July 2017

“For me Lomi Lomi is a sacred form of massage therapy. I have had a number of therapists that are technically proficient but did not have the sacredness of the massage. Ashley did. She was amazing.” Terri F., Scottsdale

“Nani was fantastic! A perfect 90 min relaxing massage, and she focused in some problem areas. I left feeling amazing. And the shower after the massage is a total amazing perk!” Jessica, Scottsdale

“As always Michael does a great job and takes his time working on each area. I have Lyme disease (it affects the connective tissue) as well as back problems, and he is cognizant of my issues and spends extra time working on my back and is careful to ensure he doesn’t cause me any pain. Today he remembered from the last appointment (four weeks ago) that I had done foot surgery and inquired how I was healing! I find my results are better if I do a two hour massage every month and I leave there always feeling relaxed and that each part of my body has been thoroughly worked on. He’s always a delight and I look forward to the next visit!” Karen, Scottsdale

“Jaclyn did a great job. Perfect amount of attention on all body areas. Re-worked my problem areas effectively. Perfect amount of pressure, which surprised me since it was my first visit. Probably the best therapeutic massage I have ever had. I would recommend Jaclyn very highly.” Rob C. Scottsdale

“Great place to take a time out and relax! Thank you, Becca, for always making me feel fabulous!”, Susan R., Scottsdale

“Ashley did a great job focusing on some problem areas while still giving a relaxing massage.” Matt

“I am thrilled Nani is back. She is fantastic.” Jacqui C., Fountain Hills

“Staff was very professional and friendly. Ashley did a wonderful job and was kind and attentive to my needs. Thank you for everything!” Danielle M., Scottsdale

“Loved the option of the shower, and super cool to get to try the water fall and wall heads.” Wendy H., Scottsdale

“Very relaxing treatment. Felt like I went to Hawaii without the 6 hour plane ride.” Todd, Scottsdale

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and appreciated Nani’s care and expertise. Our group enjoyed being able to schedule services to meet our specific needs while being able to go together. Mahalo!” Lisa, Colorado

“Very pleasant experience!” Tami W., Urbana, Ohio

“Linda is amazing – very attentive and concerned with providing the best facial ever!” Pati A., Scottsdale age therapist.” Sue, Cave Creek

“Michael never disappoints. Perfect pressure and an all around perfect massage. I always feel better after a Waikiki massage.” Judy 

“Becky, thank you very much for helping me to recover from several injuries and aches!” Jim H, Scottsdale 

“Another great massage by Becca.” Jim S,Scottsdale.

“Jaclyn was great-she really listened to what I wanted. I wish I had booked a longer massage! I will definitely come back when I am back in town!” Lori J., Illinois

“Best massage I have ever got. Friendly and helpful people at the front. Excellent massage therapy, highly recommend.” Boris Z., Scottsdale

“Amazing experience! As a mother of eight, this was exactly what I needed.” Tara, AZ

“”Hannah gave a fantastic massage, she did a great job listening to what I needed and was able to modify the massage to my needs. I will definitely be seeing her again.” Scott, Scottsdale

“Perfect vacation relaxation activity! Can’t wait to come back next year!” Claudia H, Glenview IL

“Sue did a great job on the therapeutic massage! I walked in with overstressed muscles due to a neck issue, and they feel very relaxed. My pain level is definitely down, and I am feeling great!” Denise B., Scottsdale

“Amanda is fabulous – just what I needed today”! Jill H., Scottsdale

“I love that they don’t judge me for being so messed up. The therapists just set to work and break up all my knots.” Karen RS

“I have had many massages in my life, but this being one of the best! My therapist was receptive, professional and amazing at her skill. Hands down to the staff.” Lisa F., Bozeman Montana

“Intuitive and responsively appropriate.” RR Scottsdale

“Ashley was very nice and made me feel very comfortable. I had never had a lomi lomi massage before and would do it again!” C.W., Scottsdale

“My massage treatment experience at the Hawaiian Spa Scottsdale location was amazing. I atmosphere was relaxing, customer service was friendly, and above all, Ashley the therapist was great! She was extremely attentive and have magic hands! I truly enjoyed my massage time.” Christina Hirmiz, Peoria, AZ

“Find a little bit of Serenity in the middle of Scottsdale at Hawaiian Spa!” Lisa, Scottsdale

“It’s now been a couple of days. My hips have never responded so well to a massage. Thanks, Mysti. I will miss my visits to the Spa while in Montana.” Scott J., Bozeman MT

“Total heaven.” Tony W., Scottsdale

“This was a new experience and loved the massage method and spa atmosphere” Terry F., Scottsdale

“I had best message today. My therapist did a wonderful job. I highly recommend her.” Sean F., Scottsdale 

“I’ve never been disappointed with the service. I highly recommend Hawaiian Experience Spa!” Louie

“Another awesome Amanda massage.” R. Scott, Scottsdale

“All was amazing and perfect very relaxing!” Lonnie L., Phoenix

“Rebecca was great!” Bobby H., Fountain Hills

“I had a Kahuna Lomi – Mysti for the first hour and then Amanda joined her for the next hour. Then Mysti left and Amanda finished the final hour. They worked together perfectly and each alone was great! It was like getting 3 massages!” John W., Fountain Hills

“Hannah is amazing and knowledgeable. Made my experience so pleasurable” Dan, Scottsdale

“The most comfortable Spa Experience. Great Atmosphere, Great Therapist.” Robert

“My massage was amazing! Nothing like I have ever had before. I felt awesome afterwards and I loved the warm coconut oil and hot rocks – such a treat! Everyone should try this massage, it is the best!! Amanda was wonderful!!” Cindy B, Phoenix

“Excellent facial, Linda was very friendly and knowledgeable” Amy S., Scottsdale

“You get a lot of bang for your buck! The high end spas that I have been around town have nothing over this place!!! Clean & cozy ! I love this place ran with the Hawaiian theme!!??” Linda, Scottsdale

“Best massage ever!” Dan J., Scottsdale

“Michael is skilled at giving a deep tissue lomi lomi massage…the best I’ve had. Loved the shower afterwards with all the jets and products. Felt like I was back in Hawaii!” SA from Scottsdale 

“Jaclyn was amazing! She knew exactly where the muscles were, followed them with appropriate pressure and found place especially I didn’t even know were sore. I will definitely go back to her again and would highly recommend her!” KZ, Phoenix

“I was really amazed by Ashley’s professionalism and knowledge and skill. I wish I could take her home with me! Everyone there was really helpful and kind. (And you HAVE to experience the shower! Just take my word for it and check it out. Amazing!)” Kathy from Seattle

“Hannah was very intuitive in diagnosing my physical issues, treating them during the massage, and helping me to identify why I have them and how to prevent them. Time well spent! Looking forward to my next session.” Will, Queen Creek

“Hannah is an awesome practitioner and knows the body very well. I highly recommend” Chris – Scottsdale, AZ

“Wonderful facility, great atmosphere, awesome experience…10/10 would recommend!” – Emma H., Scottsdale

“Michael’s Lomi Lomi massage was an incredible experience. I’ll definitely be back!” Wes,   Scottsdale

“I’m happy to say I had my very first (but not last) facial with a professional and well qualified esthetician who used high quality organically grown products. Linda’s passion for her work shines through all she says and does. (all the staff was great) Thanks for such a great first experience with Hawaiian Experience Spa. I’ll be back.” MaryAnn

“Another great anniversary treat for my husband and I. This is the second time at the spa and we thoroughly enjoyed it!” Loretta R, Scottsdale

“Linda was attentive to my needs, timely and very skilled.” – Anne from Chicago

“As usual the Waikiki massage by Michael was 5 star. He’s a pro and ranks with the best of the best.” Judy, Fountain Hills

“Jason focused on the areas that were giving me trouble, but still succeeded spectacularly in making the massage especially relaxing and pleasant.” Denise B., Scottsdale

“Our couple’s experience was amazing. After using the sauna and their beautiful shower we were treated to an amazing massage experience. Thank you Hawaiian experience!” Haydon T, Mesa

“I always enjoy my visits to the Spa while I am in town for the winter. Tonight was no exception. Thanks Hannah. I look forward to my next massage.” Scott J., Montana

“Linda always focuses on making my treatment better each time. She tries different skin products to determine what works best for me. I am glad that she is part of the staff there and I look forward to my monthly appointments with her.” Greg N., Fountain Hills

“Mysti is an amazing therapist and her massages are always great. After a week of aggressive skiing last week, my legs and hips were super tight and sore, and her massage helped me immensely. Mysti always finds a way to provide me with not only a therapeutic massage, but a relaxing and stress-reducing one (which is usually my goal/request) as well. She is definitely (in my humble opinion) one of your top therapists, and I look forward to receiving a massage from her again in the near future.” Bob F., Scottsdale

“Becca is consistently awesome! Always a treat.” G. Maxwell, Glendale

“Very relaxing massage that hit my tight spots.” Tim Griffin, IL

“Ashley worked out the “kinks”. She was very nice and did a great job.” Denise…Scottsdale

“I highly recommend this spa to anyone looking for massage therapy! The staff was friendly, helpful, and very attentive to my needs as a guest! Samantha Patton, Avondale

“Linda is very helpful and very educated. I appreciated all of her information and advice.” T.S., Scottsdale

“As a former pitcher and quarterback up to the collegiate level, my throwing shoulder has been a chronic source of pain and problems. An hour with Jason gave me more movement and freedom in my shoulder than 6 months of prescribed physical therapy had accomplished. I would recommend him to any athlete looking to increase flexibility and reduce pain.” – Chase M.

“Great atmosphere! Great therapist! Great staff!” T. Garcia, Scottsdale

“I really enjoyed my first visit, I will definitely be back.” Carole, Fountain Hills

“just an awesome lomi lomi massage from amanda. magic hands – and magic forearms. thank you.” R. Scott, Scottsdale

“One of the best massages I’ve ever received. Michael’s neck stretching and massage technique is glorious.” K. Nagle, Scottsdale

“Mysti actually listens to my areas of need and applies her skills wonderfully. She is strong and energetic and I look forward to future visits.” Ben H. Gilbert, AZ

“My massage today was amazing, only wish I would have booked a longer appointment. Michael is an awesome therapist and good at listening to what was said (Amt of pressure, areas that are bothersome, etc) I love to get massages and nothing worse when you leave feeling like, ‘eh, that was OK, I guess.’ Definitely not the case today. This place is THE best.” Amy V, Scottsdale

“I love Hawaiian Experience Spa in Scottsdale. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I had some difficult TMD problems and my massage therapist was wonderful in helping relieve my symptoms. Great atmosphere and very relaxing.” Brenda, Scottsdale.

“Mysti is the best of the best at Hawaiian Experience Spa.” Ted, Mesa

“The Scottsdale Hawaiian Experience Spa, go ahead and write it down. Good, now here’s why, in one word Mysti! My last visit there I had the Body Scrub for 50 min and the Lomi Lomi Massage for 90 min. For those of you and this includes the men, who haven’t had a Body Scrub, this treatment leaves your skin feeling so smooth and rejuvenated. Besides Hawaii’s many wonders, one of their gifts to us is the Lomi Lomi Massage. Watch the Video the Spa has on their website. Each therapist is taught the same techniques you’ll see on the video, however and this is why Mysti stands apart from the rest, through out the massage there are moments where she adds her own little twists. Consider them an intuition if you wish, because each of these added ‘twists’ are just what I would have asked for. Besides her great skills as a therapist, her personality is sweet, funny, caring and calming, all attributes you would wish upon anyone you are going to be spending the time nearly naked with, for 1 to 3 hours.” Tony F. Phoenix

“Wow. Best facials that I have ever had and the best products as well.” Hazel C., Phoenix

“Great therapists and great atmosphere. Very relaxing and pleasant front desk and therapy staff.” Ronnie C., Scottsdale AZ

“Jaclyn was wonderful and did a great job!” Cyndi W.

“Jason was great pleasure to work with! I really enjoyed my facial by Linda” Tiffani G., Gainesville FL

“Mysti was great and worked my shoulders which are extremely tight and have issues from injuries and surgeries. Looking forward to more massages with her.” Joseph H., Chandler
“My opinion is that Linda is very skilled at what she does. Her knowledge and years of experience shine through. I really appreciated her skills/tools that created a perfect, individualized facial and neck/arm massage for me. I look forward to scheduling with her again and would highly recommend her.” Amy — Queen Creek, AZ

“Love the service and relaxing environment.” Jackie H., Scottsdale

“I really love going to Hawaiian Experience Day Spa. It is always so relaxing and everybody is friendly and helpful.” Jackie H., Scottsdale


“Best spa in Scottsdale.” Jim S. Scottsdale.


“I just received my best massage to date from Michael! This is coming from a massage therapist who is a world traveler that receives massage regularly. Great therapist, great spa :)”-Jamila T., Scottsdale


“Never had any type of Hawaiian massages before, but the Lomi Lomi was fantastic! I wish I had gotten the 90 minutes massage instead of the 60 minutes. Pressure was just right. Michael did an awesome job! Would definitely recommend it if you are in the Phoenix area”. Terri W.


“Both of our therapists were amazing. This was probably the best time we’ve had at Hawaiian Day Spa. Carolyn up front did an amazing job of settling an issue I had last visit and she went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and comfortable as well as the therapists. I can’t wait for our next visit!” A. B., Fountain Hills


“Jason was awesome, I get massages on a regular basis and he is by far the best therapist I have every had!” Brigitte H, Winston-Salem NC


“My masseuse, Michael, was so professional and had hands of magic! My esthetician, Linda, was very knowledgeable and made my face feel amazing!!! Also, Jodi, the manager, was very nice and made me feel welcomed! Overall, I had a beautiful experience and I will definitely be returning back!” Sherina, Scottsdale 


“Great Hawaiian facial” Geri, Phoenix

“Best lymphatic massage I’ve ever had! I practically fell asleep!” B. Dodge, Phoenix

“The massage by Amanda was awesome. very, very relaxing. she soooo knows what she’s doing. thank you, Amanda.” Rob S., Scottsdale

“Shay was amazing and loved how she listened to the areas I wanted addressed. She was truly focused on making sure my massage was awesome!” Kris V., Scottsdale 

“I highly recommend Becca.” Mike M., Phoenix

“All was exceptional. Greeting upon arrival very welcoming!!! Jackie completely relaxed me. Best massage I have had in a very long time. Thank you Jackie” Denise, Scottsdale

“Never has two hours gone so quickly. A great experience.” Irene M., Phoenix

“I had a great scrub/massage with Sue. I was impressed with the spa’s amenities.” Jill C., Scottsdale

“A great experience that I look forward to doing again soon.” Terry M., Phoenix

“Mysti is great, and it’s been awhile since I had a massage from her, so I forgot how great she is. She was able to use the heater fan when I started to get cold (and I remembered to tell my therapist this time 🙂 ), and she blended the right amount of Lomi Lomi technique with therapeutic massage for a wonderful experience. I will definitely make a reservation with her again soon.” Bob F., Scottsdale

“Great experience, relaxing environment.” Laurie

“Elisa does top-notch facials!!!” Cindy B., Fountain Hills

“I’ve been to Hawaii a dozen times. You could say I’m addicted. When I need a “fix”, I’ll go back to the Hawaiian Experience Spa!” –David B. Peoria, AZ

“Michael in Scottsdale is the bomb. His 2 hour Waikiki massage was amazing. And he gives the best foot massage I’veever had. I felt like I was in the forest getting my feet rubbed while tiny woodland creatures played the guitar. Wait. That might have been the music although he did say I might have an out of body experience. Anyways it was the perfect ending to a long stressful day. Thanks Michael!” Tracy S., Phoenix

“Sue has experience, knowledge and talent – all wrapped up in one professional and kind person!! I always feel relief after a session with Sue!” Linda G., Scottsdale

“Mysti was great! I’ve have several Lomi massages in the past but Mysti exceeded my expectations. Will definitely be booking with her again!” John W, Fountain Hills

“Nani was friendly, nice and professional. I had an excellent experience with her. Thank you!” D.B., Chandler

“Excellent, friendly, competent staff. I would definitely recommend them!” Michelle J., Arizona

“Best massage experience I have had in Arizona. Hawaiian Experience Spa is not to be missed.” Eugene, Scottsdale

“Excellent service, clean, friendly and knowledgeable staff, best SPA in the area!” Heidi W, Fountain Hills

“The lomi lomi massage is pure relaxation!! Justin is fantastic and practically put me to sleep on the table. He created such a relaxing environment. Excellent experience!” Whitney N. Scottsdale

“If you work-out daily as I do, then you know the benefits of a great massage. When in need, you must go to the Hawaiian Experience Spa in Scottsdale. I make it a practice on the day of my massage to work-out prior. I also seem to push the envelope at the gym, knowing that I’ve got Mysti scheduled for a 90 minute massage right after. After my many visits with Mysti, I’ve come to look forward to the Lomi Lomi massage most. All of her massage modalities are top notch, but now I have a personal preference. Besides the basics to this type of massage, her intuitive and improvised moves are in a word, phenomenal. Massage, you gotta’ love it.” Tony F., Phoenix

“Fabulous!” Heidi W., Fountain Hills

“As always Nani addresses all the problem areas and makes sure are in better shape than when you arrive.” Erlendur, Chandler

“Another awesome lomi lomi at Hawaiian Experience. thanks, Becca” Rob S., Scottsdale

“I usually ask for Nani for my massages – she is very knowledgeable and is strong enough to make a difference on me.” Brian B., Phoenix

“WOW!” Mike M. Phoenix

“Always a great experience! Thank you!” Trinda, Scottsdale

“A great escape from all the stress of life …” Bonnie, Fountain Hills

“Fantastic and relaxing experience. The lomi lomi massage was a wonderful thing to experience. If I lived locally, I’d be a member!” –Kristine, Ohio

“Wow! Great service by Nani again.” Neil

“Nani works so hard to ensure complete client satisfaction. Incredible!” John D Scottsdale.

“Justin is amazing! He was extremely knowledgeable and my back is already feeling SO much better after coming in for a massage with him.” Heather, Phoenix

“Becca is awesome and amazing at Lomi Lomi!!” L.L., Phoenix

“I was very happy to find another superb therapist. I was seeing Kaitlyn for a long time after going through a few looking for someone doing a true Lomi. Becca did an awesome job start to finish, so I’m very happy to find a good fit again. It’s tough spending the money for a good massage when you’re used to great, so this is a relief.” Nick, Tempe

“I love coming to this spa! The desk staff is very nice and helpful! The music is relaxing! Mysti is my regular therapist and she is so nice and friendly, and provides the best message! I love coming here” Trinda, Scottsdale

“The Hawaiian Experience Spa has given me the extreme pleasure of looking forward to my 2 to 3 visits per month. And why you may ask, in one word, Mysti! I am addicted to her massages. As addictions go, she is my pleasure pill. Her Lomi Lomi massages have to be experienced.” Tony F. Phoenix

“I could barely pick up my son this morning and thankfully Nani had an appointment available. Within fifteen minutes I could already start to tell the difference and by the time I left the spa I was feeling a million times better! She is amazing!!” Amber C., Phoenix

“I’ve told all my friends about how excellent this massage was! I can’t wait when I come back to town, I’m definitely scheduling another Hawaiian Lomi Lomi I never experienced anything like it! Thank you, Nani for your expertise.” Paula MB, Michigan

“Nani is an amazing masseuse! Every time I see her I leave feeing relaxed and rejuvenated” Evan K., Tempe!

“My spa of choice from now on.” Katrina S, Mesa AZ

“Nani was so amazing, this was my first Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, it was the best massage I have ever had!” Paula, Ray MI

“Ashley was very knowledgeable in her Massage therapies. I am very much satisfied with her service and looking forward for more appointments with her. Her meticulous work and pleasant humble nature made me become a member at Hawaiian Spa.” F.A., Phoenix

“Very satisfied with my massage.” Kris V., Kent WA

“I can’t think of anything she could have done to improve my massage. The temperature of the oil was perfect, the room temperature was perfect, and the massage was excellent. This was the first time I had booked the Waikiki Therapeutic massage, normally I get the Lomi Lomi. Merita did give an excellent massage. So much so I booked my next massage with her.” G. Nelson, Fountain Hills

“I don’t want to let on how awesome is the lomi lomi as done by Becca. If people experience it, she won’t have available bookings anymore . . .” Rob S., Scottsdale

“Mysti is a real competent pro. I recommend her highly.” Louie, Phoenix

“A treatment from the therapists at Hawaiian Experience is worth every penny you spend there. They are experienced professionals who have helped keep me healthy.” Karen RS, Scottsdale

“Hawaiian Experience Spa obviously provides excellent training for their new therapists.” Jim S., Scottsdale

“Nani never disappoints. Great Waikiki massage! You are so skilled.” Judy

“Hawaiian Experience Spa is a neighborhood gem.” Grace H, San Francisco

“The environment, staff, and treatment were wonderful. I would highly recommend this spa and it’s services to anyone seeking relaxation, pain relief, or clearer skin.” Bruce, Scottsdale

“You don’t hear this often, I have been going to the Hawaiian Experience Spa for quite a few months now. I have yet to have an experience below a 10. This of course is helped by Mysti my massage and body treatment therapist. You’ll know what I mean when you indulge in one of her Lomi Lomi massages. Mysti’s Lomi Lomi massage is a must for all of you who require a magical experience. Just do it!!” Tony F. Phoenix

“Lomi Lomi Massage by Becca is excellent!” Jim, Scottsdale

“Linda is an amazing esthetician! Her knowledge of skin care and products is second to none, and she’s a pure joy to be around!” Dori, Phoenix, AZ

“Jason did an excellent job with my most recent massage – the best I’ve had at Hawaiian Experience. He made me feel totally comfortable and at ease – I felt very cared for and in great hands!” Dori, Phoenix, AZ

“Merita made my first Lomi Lomi a wonderful experience! I was so glad I got 90 minutes – I kept wanting it to not end! Give it a try – you’ll love Lomi Lomi!” Adam, Phoenix, AZ

“Jaclyn is awesome. A great therapist with lots of knowledge. Can’t wait for next time. Thanks.” Jordan N., Phoenix

“Nani did a great job with my therapeutic massage. She focused on the problem areas we discussed pretty intensely, but still left time to provide a nice massage for the rest of me!” Denise, Scottsdale

“Becca gives a great massage! Thank you, Becca!” Susan, Scottsdale

“A very comfortable experience.” Stephanie M., Scottsdale

“I went in for a facial & received so much more! The added touch of the hand & foot massage was a delight. I was so relaxed. Elisa, thank you.” Susan Reed, Phoenix

“My therapist Nani was fabulous! I highly recommend her. She went above and beyond to make my treatment perfect. I purchased two 120 minute treatments for two of my family members before I left the spa. The front office staff were very friendly and helpful. I haven’t felt this relaxed for a very long time!” Sharon, Arizona

“Amanda’s massage was wonderful. Relaxing and just the right amount of pressure and attention to my problem areas.”

“The therapist and staff are welcoming, professional, and help create a comfortable experience.” Tim B., Scottsdale

“After 30 years of massages, I’ve discovered a new addiction, Lomi Lomi!! What can I say, if you’ve never experienced one, just do it, you’ll thank me later. As usual my therapist was Mysti, her Lomi Lomi massage is in one word, phenomenal!! Besides the basic rubs, her intuitive and innovative style is a head above.” Tony F., Phoenix

“Thank you Nani for a wonderful massage. I haven’t had a massage in some time and really needed one. You helped me so much.”

“The Lomi for Lovers massage is like a mini vacation. Becky and Michael are excellent therapists.” Stuart S., Phoenix

“Another fantastic massage today by Becca. I would highly recommend her. She has the magic touch!” Mike, Mesa

“One of the best massages I’ve had in a long time!” Chris, Scottsdale

“After a summer hiatus, it was great to have another session with Nani…the 90 minutes seemed to flash by.” Neil, Scottsdale

“Michael was EXCELLENT! Mahalo!” K.P., Scottsdale

“What an amazing experience I had at the spa! I don’t know how anyone could go back to a “regular” massage after experiencing the relaxation of a Lomi Lomi massage done by a skilled and professional therapist. Thank you and I can’t wait to come back!” Bob F., Scottsdale

“Jason was WONDERFUL!!!! Very knowledgeable!!!” Kim from Indiana

“Becca is an amazing therapist who loves what she does and performs such an amazing job.” M.M., Phoenix

“Another perfect massage from Mysti!” L.T., Phoenix

“Michael gives a great massage!” Jackie, Scottsdale

“I’ve been a member for a couple of years now. Whenever I make it in, I’m so grateful and only wish I could get there more regularly. Hawaiian Experience is truly an oasis in the desert!” L.S., Phoenix

“The lomi lomi massage with Sue was AMAZING!! I will definitely be back.” Melissa B., Scottsdale 

“I had a great massage with Michael.” Dee A. Scottsdale

“Second massage from Mysti and there are no words that can describe how perfect they both were. I was so relaxed I felt like I was teleported to another dimension! Amazing!” Larry, Phoenix

“I HIGHLY recommend!!!!!” Jim C., Colorado

“Love this place, and therapist was excellent!” KP, Scottsdale

“My first facial here…loved it! Very relaxing and soothing!” Heather, Maricopa

“Great experience, loved my facial!” Shannon B., Phoenix

“Fantastic experience all around! My wife and I loved every minute at the Scottsdale location, and Becky couldn’t have been more helpful, fun, and professional. Thanks for a great time! Charlie S., Phoenix

“another awesome lomi lomi with becca. Thanks” Rob S., Scottsdale

“Amanda gave me the best massage, I need hard pressure, and she kept me so relaxed at the same time.” Marissa, Scottsdale

“Great value for the services, would come here again when in the area.” Jolene, Colorado

“I’m usually pretty squeamish about being touched, but I was treated so well here and was able to leave feeling great. It was the best massage I’ve ever received.” –Julie

“I had an excellent experience and would recommend the Hawaiian Experience Spa to anyone. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely professional.” Ed, Phoenix

“I have seen her many times for Therapeutic Massage. She is extremely professional and finds and treats the concerning areas very competently. She does a great job of asking clarifying questions when needed. Highly recommend!” Denise, Scottsdale

“Jaclyn brand new to the Team amazing Lomi Lomi massage give it a 10!She rocks book a 90 minute you will enjoy every minute very detailed!” Lonnie, Scottsdale

“My second session with Michael and I couldn’t be more pleased. He makes a 90 minute session feel like eternity and that’s a good thing! I have not had a bad massage since joining this spa!” Shakira, Peoria

“Best facial I have ever had. Sheena is fabulous!!!” T Butler, Phoenix

“Outstanding massage! Thank you!” Kevin, Scottsdale

“Nani is an excellent therapist and very knowledgeable about anatomy, which allows her to optimize the to what really matters.” Erlendur K, Chandler

“Amanda is amazing she is the best!!” Lonnie L., Scottsdale

“You can’t go wrong getting a massage from Michael…he’s great as are all the staff in Scottsdale!” SR 

“Lomi lomi at Hawaiian experience is something everybody should experience in their lifetime. Kaitlyn knows lomi lomi so well, and sixty minutes on her table will do wonders for your body and mind. thanks, Kaitlyn.” Rob, Scottsdale

“I have to say Amanda exceeded my expectations with my therapeutic massage!  I have had sciatica & hip pain for a year and a half.  I get massages on a regular basis & the hips are targeted, but pain remains.  She targeted all my areas of pain very well, but especially my hips!!  Tonight for the first time my hips do not hurt!!  Thank you so much Amanda!!” Tama P, Phoenix

“Extremely knowledgeable and professional staff, would highly recommend to anyone.” Joanne M. Scottsdale

“I thought I knew what a great massage was until I came to Hawaiian Experience!! The lomi lomi is by far the most amazing massage EVER!!” Karen P, Scottsdale

“Joanie did an excellent job at making me feel relaxed throughout the massage. I was looking for a place to make me feel like I was on a luxury vacation and they definitely did that. I loved the rain shower!”  April O, Chicago 

“Always an amazing massage!” Monte H., Fountain Hills

“Matt is an amazing professional, and his years of experience show up every time I treat with him. He got into my knotty neck, so sore from hours of studies and work hunched over books and my computer. I can hold my head up high again, and left the Spa feeling calm, relaxed, and reinvigorated. I highly recommend Matt – he will take care of your issues, and you will leave very glad you booked your appointment. Also, the front desk staff could not be more friendly or helpful – such a great Spa experience!”  KK, Phoenix

“This was my first visit to this spa, I was treated extremely well. From Carolyn @ the desk and more importantly by Jessica my therapist. She performed 2 treatment for me. A body scrub and massage. Jessica’s attention to detail, her incredible touch, soft hands and her calm and assuring demeanor, helped me through an amazing 2 hours of treatment. When you go, be sure to see Jessica.”  Tony F, Phoenix.

“I never have to wait for a treatment and things are always ready the second I walk in the door. I can’t say that about most of the other places I’ve been. The staff is very friendly and the treatments never fall short of my expectations, in fact they often exceeding them.” Gary H., Phoenix

“Amazing place, a must if you want to relax!” Alicia A., Corona, California 

“A perfect Mother’s Day gift that I received from my daughter, Elizabeth Ferington. I enjoyed my massage by Sue and I will be back.” JoEllen F., Fountain Hills 

“I love Hawaiian Experience Spa!” Melissa A. Fountain Hills

“ Nani is the perfect combination of a great massage therapist, and nice, courteous person. She is the best!” Todd B Phoenix

“Great message. Very professional and feel awesome afterwards. Highly recommended!” Rick S., Texas 

“Matt does a Great job.. very personable and very focused on providing the best possible massage” Daniel F.

“Sue gave a great massage and the scrub left my skin feeling awesome!” Kerrie O., Cave Creek 

“The couples massage experience was the perfect end of the week and kick off to the weekend.”  Jon M., Fountain Hills 

“First facial experience and it was wonderful.”  Bonnie, Michigan 

“You know, I think my experience was PERFECT— so I really do not have any suggestions as to how it could have been better. I needed assistance getting ready for my massage, and Becca assisted me perfectly, then my massage was performed PERFECTLY by Kaitlyn, so I am extremely pleased and do not feel anything could have improved my session.

I am EXTREMELY please with the staff, and extremely pleased with my therapist—-Life is GOOD, and I personally than your staff members for taking good care of me!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!

I highly recommend Hawaiian Experience @ Scottsdale. I have a “protocol” set up by my cardiologist & physical therapist, and Becca & Kaitlyn follow that protocol perfectly. I am extremely happy!!!! Jim “ , James R. C., Scottsdale

“First lomi lomi and it won’t be my last! The post-massage showers are the cherry on top for me! The entire spa experience is awesome!”, Aimee M., Phoenix

“Taking a vacation doesn’t have to include airfare and packing luggage and long lines through security: Just spend a little time at Hawaiian Experience Spa and you’ll feel like you’ve been on vacation and still get home just in time for dinner!” – Alex, Scottsdale

“Lauren is a wonderful aesthetician and a real pro! I’m glad she came to be at Hawaiian Experience Spa because I don’t want anyone else but her to do my facials!” Marilyn C., Scottsdale

“Hawaiian Experience Spa, first class service, and staff. The lomi lomi massage is absolutely the best, as are all their massage therapies and treatments. Highly satisfied every visit!” Fran L., Phoenix

“As usual Matt did an outstanding job…always a pleasure to have his massages and body scrub.” Sandy R., Scottsdale

“Yes….don’t ever let Michael or Sue leave the spa! They both are definate assets to your business. By far the best massages we’ve ever received have been with them!!” Debbie J., Idaho Falls

“Matt is an awesome therapist and very in the zone. Really enjoyed Lomi Lomi”. Mark D., Scottsdale

“I had the Lomi Lomi massage. Such an amazing experience and easily the best massage I’ve ever had. Kaitlyn was incredible as my therapist and the staff was all friendly. My new massage spot.” Anthony F., Scottsdale 

“I loved the hot stones and appreciated the attention to the problem areas I mentioned. It was a wonderful massage. Thank you for pampering me, my sisters & Mom on our vacation!” Kathleen R., Cedar Hills

“I love the ease of making appointments online. The available hours and therapists are very convenient.” Jeanette S., Scottsdale

“Lomi lomi is the way to go!” – Marion A., Scottsdale 

“My facial with Loren was wonderful. I loved how she customized the facial to my specific skin care needs and answered all my questions thoroughly. I also really appreciated how she offered me information without aggressively up selling me on products and services. I will be back.” Tika M., Scottsdale 

“Went yesterday, April 9, 2016, best massage I have ever had! I would not hesitate making an appointment and trying them out. I also highly recommend Michael and Sue, they were great!! See you next year!!” Patty M., Lake Elmo

“The lomi lomi massage was fantastic! Highly recommended and a do-over.” Pam Z., Phoenix

“Lauren was very knowledgeable with my skin care issues, she walked me through her steps on my first facial so I could learn. She made my skin look/feel amazing! Thanks Lauren!” Shari C., Scottsdale

“I love this spa. Staff is friendly and my massage therapist is incredible. I always leave feeling happy.” Teya L., Phoenix

“Really great place to get a high quality massage. Great local business. If you can’t make it to Hawaii this year, go here.” Rich S., Scottsdale

“Nani is an excellent therapist that takes effort of understanding what needs to be worked on and how much pressure is needed. Highly recommend her for anyone that needs help with back problems.” Erlendur K., Chandler

“It was a wonderful experience! Michael did an amazing job, I can’t imagine a better way to spend my vacation. Hawaiian Experience hasn’t seen the last of me! –mahalo” Debbie B. Tacoma

“Kaitlyn was first class, and give an amazing Lomi lomi massage. Very professional and I highly recommend her. Worth every penny!” Tyler T. Washington

“Michael gave one of the best massages I’ve ever had.” Cindy D. Scottsdale

“I got a native full body massage from Jessica and it was just the right balance of traditional and Hawaiian. Her Lomi Lomi technique is awesome!”- Partha C., Tempe, AZ

“Our couple’s spa service was perfect, and exactly what we needed!” Mark/Cristin., Scottsdale, AZ

“Mary was great. I appreciate how she told me what to expect, asked about pressure during the treatment, and explained how to use the shower after. I hope to come back next time I travel to Scottsdale for work.” Brian R., Pittsburgh, PA 

“Mary is my “go-to” therapist. Experienced and knowledgeable…great touch/pressure…fixes the problematic places.” Neil C. Scottsdale, AZ 

“Lauren gave a great facial, and the arm and face massage was so relaxing!” –Laura. Phoenix, AZ 

“Nani started my week off to a great start with her magical hands!” -Amber C., Phoenix, AZ

“Kaitlyn is a gift from Heaven!” Cathy R., Scottsdale, AZ 

“I’m really glad I tried the Lomi Lomi massage. Only thing that would have been better is to add a nap afterward 🙂 Alexandria did a wonderful job. Thank you!” Mike B., Scottsdale AZ

“Alexandria is a fantastic therapist. I always fall asleep during the massage and wake up feeling absolutely WONDERFUL.” Dan- Scottsdale, AZ

“Thanks again, Kaitlyn! I can finally see the light at the end of the pain tunnel. I felt so much better after my massage, and my hip and back felt much better.” Cathy R. Scottsdale, AZ

“I have had massages at 5 Star Spa Resorts that did not come close to the service and experience my wife and I received at your Spa Thanks and we will be back next time we visit Scottsdale.” Joe H. Angola, IN

“Amazing first Lomi Lomi massage, great therapist and overall ambiance. Exactly what I needed to de-stress! P.S. I loved the shower after the massage.” –Michelle L. Peoria, AZ 

“Wow- if you do nothing else at the spa (which would be a shame!!) get a facial with Akash! He is so knowledgable about the products and really customizes the facial, and on top he gives the best foot massage I’ve ever had!” –Amber C. Phoenix, AZ 

“Went for a relaxing massage three years ago. Have been members since. Always superb.” Jacqui, Fountain Hills, AZ.

“A truly wonderful Lomi Lomi experience… in Scottsdale!” Gregory N. Mesa, AZ 

“I love my visits to the Hawaiian Experience Spa. The staff is friendly and my treatments always leave me relaxed and rejuvenated. Many of the treatments cannot be found in other spas. I always look forward to my next visit.” Gary H., Phoenix, AZ

“What a pleasant surprise to have Mary back in the Scottsdale Spa! Mary helped me avoid shoulder surgery 4 1/2 year ago and I’ve been treated here ever since! Therapeutic massages, scrubs, and sauna – all of the services have been awesome and professional. Call and book with Mary – she is incredible!” Linda Scottsdale, AZ 

“The whole staff was friendly and attentive, and Jessica really helped me loosen my muscles and relax and enjoy the moment” Marissa B. Scottsdale, AZ

“Kaitlyn is a hidden gem of the masseuse world. I wouldn’t get a Lomi Lomi massage from anyone else but her! Fantastic!” CG Gilbert, AZ

“Escape and pamper yourself to Hawaii without stepping on a plane.” Bonnie B. Fountain Hills, AZ 

“I was thoroughly impressed with Alexandria’s therapeutic touch and skills! I will definitely be back to see her soon.” Steve D., Scottsdale, AZ “Best couples spa date. Try it out, definitely a unique experience.” Christina T. Sedona, AZ 


“Matt has a gift of knowing exactly how much pressure to use without have the muscles tense. I truly appreciate a therapist with this type of knowledge and gift.” Terri F. Scottsdale, AZ

“Stop wasting time looking at other places and make your appointment!” – Mike G. Tequesta, FL

“The place was clean, the staff was friendly and Becca was awesome! I had the native massage and it was wonderful! Thank you! Jackie, Scottsdale” Jacquelyn S. Scottsdale, AZ 

“Stop wasting time looking at other places and make your appointment! – Mike G. Tequesta, FL

“The anti aging facial was fantastic! It was so relaxing and I left with my skin glowing. I’ve never had such a wonderful facial! Thank you Akash!” Gail P. Scottsdale, AZ

“Heavenly massage and great facility!! Definitely one of the best I have ever been to!” Divya M. Scottsdale AZ, September 2015

“Darius might be new, but he is very experienced in effective Lomi Lomi massage. He worked on my tough areas with the right amount of pressure and my neck feels better than it has in a very long time. Best Lomi Lomi massage I have ever received here!” Patti. Cape Elizabeth ME,

“Becky made me feel so much better. Totally relaxed with aches and pains massaged away! The highlight of my weekend. Thank you. Jane B, Scottsdale AZ 

“Nani was great. My usual therapist was unavailable for my massage and I booked with Nani at the last minute. Nani exceeded my expectations. She was attentive to my needs, using the perfect amount of pressure and focusing on my problems areas. She is clearly an experienced massage therapist. I will definitely be going to see her again.” Jill R., Scottsdale AZ

“Better massage and employees than any resort!” Monte H. Fountain Hills AZ


“Mary & Kaitlyn provided an absolutely heavenly double Lomi experience I will not forget!” John W. Fountain Hills AZ

“Mary is without any doubt the best massage therapist I have ever seen and I have lost count of how many different people have worked on me. I expect immediate results from my sessions but she exceeded my expectations. I am standing taller, walking straighter and feeling considerable better.” Shannon C. El Mirage AZ

“From Diana at the front desk to Darius my therapist, the service, professionalism and friendliness were top notch. Darius located my troubled spots and took care of them right away. No need to look around, these folks are great! Will be back next time I’m in town!” Heidi W. Ferndale, WA

“Kaitlyn is a superior massage therapist; kind, caring and so skilled!” Cathy R., Scottsdale AZ

“Mary is a favorite of mine. I go determined not to fall asleep but rarely make it. Soooo relaxing!” –Chris, Scottsdale AZ

“I love this spa. The facials with Akash are amazing. The spa is beautiful, and the staff is very friendly. No matter how stressed I am when I walk in, I always walk out happy, relaxed and pampered.” Jessica M. Scottsdale, AZ

“Matt never disappoints. Always full session excellence, perfect pressure, attention to feet and hands. Thanks Matt.” Judy L. Fountain Hills, AZ 

“The soft touch of Hawaii close to home!” Kathy B, Scottsdale AZ

“Coming to Hawaiian Experience Spa heals my body, mind and soul!” Debbie Z, Cave Creek AZ 

“In the past 5 years, i have had 60+ massages; the only 2 I have had with Nikki here rank as THE top 2 amongst all those…. Best to you, Nikki. You are special, you are truly gifted.” Alan M. Queen Valley, AZ

“I was so pleased with my experience, I purchased a membership.” Barbara, Scottsdale AZ

“I came in not feeling my snappiest and the moment Darius began my massage I melted into blissful rest and relaxation! Really an excellent massage therapist!” Charity. Phoenix AZ

“Kaitlyn is extremely professional, highly-skilled, warm, and personable. She is at the top of her profession, and I recommend her to every prospective client”. Gary Phoenix AZ

“Our couples scrub and massage was amazing. Bethany and April provided a wonderful experience for our 25th Anniversary. We cannot wait to visit again”. Mahalo, Jeff & Michelle, Mesa, AZ 

“Nikki is the best massage therapist I have ever seen, anywhere. Her hands are awesome and her touch perfect. Only problem is the time goes by way too fast”. –Brad, Scottsdale, AZ

“I have suffered with chronic pain due to sciatica and the two massages have enabled me to be pain free for two months”. Nina M. Phoenix AZ

“Mary did an amazing job!! I had so many kinks and knots in my back I could barely function! I left after my hour massage only wishing I would have booked the 90 minutes!! I will most certainly be back, and have 2 other people who I have recommended attend your spa! Thank you!!” Tim M. Scottsdale, AZ

“Hawaiian experience is always, predictably, the best experience from minute one, through the most awesome massage, to the paradise in a shower. Thanks again”. Rob S. Scottsdale, AZ 

“A great massage. Hawaiian Experience spa is the best”. Fran L T, Phoenix

I love coming to the spa! It’s always a great experience and an incredible value. Thank you for another amazing massage experience.” Gerrie, Scottsdale, AZ

“Another incredible massage by Matt. What a pro! When the time comes, I want him in heaven with me.” Judy L., Fountain Hills, AZ July 2015

“Akash delivered the best facial I have ever experienced.” Bernadette W., Scottsdale

“I visited the Spa on the day you were running a special and I expected it would be overly busy and perhaps chaotic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everything was completely up to the high standard I have experienced on previous visits. Kaitlyn was thorough and skilled. I appreciated her ability to use deep tissue pressure and on my rock hard shoulders and I was still able to relax and not be in pain. Thank you Kaitlyn! Thanks to everyone on board on this day for their contributions to a relaxing experience!” Kelly L., Scottsdale

“One advantage of using the same Therapist, is that they get so familiar with you and what you like. Kailyn gets it – she has very good strength and really sets a nice pace. She makes me feel very comfortable during the treatment.” Brian B., Phoenix, AZ 

“Unubertroffen- german for ‘Second to None’” Dior A., Phoenix, AZ

“Akash does great facials every time. I visit spa regularly” Sandy S., Scottsdale, AZ

“This was an intro massage with new therapist Darius. He was awesome. A great addition to the staff. Also Alyssa is ALWAYS FABULOUS!” Dan F., Fountain Hills, AZ

“The best spa in the west! I’ve been looking high and low for a spa for body scrubs and massages. I am so glad I found the Hawaiian Experience.” Allison L., Scottsdale, AZ

“Staff goes out of their way to always provide a fantastic experience. The couples massages are not to be missed. Very romantic guys, your wives or girlfriends will love you for it!!!” Troy Y., Queen Creek, AZ

“I was completely comfortable and relaxed with new therapist Darius. Because of his previous work experiences he knew exactly how to treat my issues. Thank you.” Joyce R., Fountain Hills, AZ

“Kaitlyn was phenomenal! She is not only a great therapist but a really nice person as well. She did an amazing job blending several different modalities together to create the perfect movements and massage during my lomi lomi. She was able to figure out the right spots to trigger and how to use gentle pressure to relax me. She is a very happy, sweet person and was wonderful to talk to during the massage. Lastly, Kaitlyn has great knowledge about the body. During the massage she gave me tips on what to do outside the massage to keep my muscles and body relaxed.” M.B.

“Becca and Matt were fantastic, the Lomi Lomi massage was great and can’t wait to come back and visit again” Chase M., Centennial, CO

“An experience so unlike any other spa that it should be a must try on everyone’s list. A speechlessly amazing experience” Puja B., Fountain Hills, AZ

“This spa has worked wonders for me and my wife. We stumbled upon it and feel like we found a hidden gem in the middle of the desert. The therapists there have worked wonders for the both of us and we look forward to many years to come of their service.” Bobby G., Surprise, AZ

“My siblings and I meet in Phoenix every other year. We love the Hawaiian Experience Spa and consider it one of the highlights of our trip.” Susan S., Sacramento, CA

“April is a great addition to the HES team!” Garth B., Peoria, AZ

“Nikki is excellent Therapist. Worth the long drive to get massage.” Frank D., Peoria, AZ

“This was for the new therapist Lomi Lomi. Sara did a fantastic job and I’ve already told my friend (another member) to go to her.” Jenn G., Phoenix, AZ

“The entire experience was great. I think these deals are great for meeting the new therapists.” Brian B., Phoenix, AZ

“BEST in Arizona for getting a massage. Nothing would compare Hawaiian experience spa to any other place.”  Nick T., Gilbert, AZ

“My massage was with Nikki, who is apparently very experienced and amazing. It was fabulous, relaxing, invigorating, balancing massage, Thank you!” Natasha, Phoenix, AZ

“The lymphatic massage was effective and the Lomi Lomi was unexpectedly relaxing. It is a very unique massage that works your entire body. I would recommend that everyone tries this massage” K.K., Scottsdale, AZ

“The Spa was the perfect oasis to change gears, breathe deeply, and start my stay-cation.” Rita K., Phoenix, AZ

“As always, a wonderful relaxing time spent at the spa, took my 2 daughters with me for their birthday treat and they loved it as well!” Lynn K., Surprise, AZ

“I had an excellent visit and would recommend Becca to others.” Greg N., Fountain Hills, AZ

“My massage was perfect! Kaitlyn was kind, friendly, and very skilled. She is an excellent therapist!” Cathy R., Scottsdale, AZ

“Such an amazing massage, that Lomi Lomi. Kaitlyn is outstanding. Even the showers – which are a requisite after Lomi Lomi – are part of the oasis. Thank you.” Rob S., Scottsdale, AZ

“Becca is a healer. She puts herself into every massage and is the best I have experienced.” Lisa, Scottsdale, AZ

“Becca gives one of the best massages I have ever had. She is truly talented!” Will F., Queen Creek, AZ

“My Wife and I had the Lomi Lomi couples massage experience and enjoyed the whole experience. We are both experienced with Lomi Lomi and our therapists did an awesome job with their Lomi Lomi techniques. Very satisfied and we even bought a gift certificate for a close couple friend that felt would really enjoy this treatment. Mahalo” Steve B., Glendale, AZ

“Kaitlyn is the best! Each time she seems to get better and better!” John, Fountain Hills, AZ

“I am still enjoying the effects of a really fabulous Waikiki massage. Pressure was perfect and attention to hands and feet very appreciated.” Judy, Fountain Hills

“Kaitlyn was great. She focused on the areas that I was having issues with, tailoring the massage to meet my needs.” Michelle S., Scottsdale, AZ

“Great experience! April was wonderful. Just the right amount of pressure and perfect technique. April focused I the trouble areas I mention and I left feeling ten years younger. I highly recommend April for your next massage.” Bart G., Fountain Hills, AZ

“Had great massages before…but never like this!!” Rob K., Scottsdale, AZ

“Excellent facility with great atmosphere to enhance your comfort level” Dan H., Tucson

Reviews Prior to July 2015

Prior to July 2015 we did not record client reviews and comments by spa. The below spa reviews are from real clients of the spas but some are from client’s who visited the Chandler day spa and some are from clients who visited the Scottsdale day spa.

“I think have the privilege in saying that I am the longest Hawaii Spa member. I believe I was one of their first customers during the first month that they opened their doors. Steve and Cathy and their son Mike and their daughter-in-law Nikki are truly wonderful people. It is no wonder that they are so successful in the spa business. Their attention to detail and their overwhelming commitment to customer service is second to none! I have been very fortunate in my life and have traveled extensively throughout the world and I can honestly say that you will not get a better spa treatment than at Hawaiian Experience Spa. They truly are the BEST! As stated, I am a longtime Hawaiian Experience Spa member and I have literally tried just about every type of massage that is offered but my favorite by far is the “Waikiki Therapeutic Massage”. I have had the pleasure of getting massages from most of the therapist at the spa and every one of them in my opinion are truly dedicated and do an excellent job.  However, my all-time favorite is Linda Wallace.  Linda has been my massage therapist for the past two years. I have been getting the Waikiki Therapeutic massage at least a couple of times per month and I can honestly say Linda is a miracle worker!  Unfortunately I have chronic pain because I have some medical issues with my lower back and hip. Linda somehow knows just what to do and is able to help me. She knows just how to get to those problem areas and her focus is way over the top! Linda has focused and  concentrated on stimulating the muscles and nerves and that has helped tremendously. Linda keep up the good work, you truly are the BEST!” Lonnie M., Scottsdale, AZ

“My husband and I were on vacation in Scottsdale and decided to get a lomi lomi massage. We had never had that type of massage before. It was incredible! It was very relaxing and therapists, Stacy and Jackie, were fantastic. We left feeling relaxed and our sore muscles were a thing of the past. Everyone there is really nice and makes you feel at home.” Rebecca G., Fort Worth, TX

“I chose your spa because it seemed to offer a unique environment, services and products. Website was 100% accurate. I had Spa Finder Gift Certificates. In no way is the Hawaiian Experience a cookie cutter massage/day spa chain I appreciate that.”

“Aloha! Wonderful experience! Great staff, beautiful decor & ambiance, Very clean everywhere. I was pampered! I love all things island-like, so it was nice to come to “Hawaiian Experience Spa” and leave the world (especially the desert one) behind for a little while. The Infrared Sauna is a must each and every time! As a massage therapist myself, this was a wonderful treat for my body, mind & soul! I plan on coming back as often as possible. Mahalo Nui Loa!” Debbie Z., Cave Creek, AZ

“The first thing after checking into our hotel on vacation, we would have a spa appointment at the hotel to start our vacation.Since we have been coming to Hawaiian Experience Spa we try to get in BEFORE we go on vacation, so we are assured that we will have a great massage just before vacation.” Thelma V., Mesa, AZ

“To a certain degree I’d sort of given up on massage therapy after having some less than satisfactory experiences: MTs who weren’t very well trained, high turnover, a clinic that closed, and business office like environments. My wife scheduled us for a couple’s lomi lomi for Father’s Day, and we both really enjoyed it! I wish the Longboard beer could be made available more often :-> Because of that experience, for the first time I decided to try a membership. We’re planning on another couple’s massage in August. I’m looking forward to being able to visit regularly. Great experience, thank you!” Derek C., Chandler, AZ

“I feel incredibly lucky to have discovered Hawaiian Experience Spa and am thrilled that it is less than a mile from my home, making it very easy to treat myself at a wonderful location.”Stormy R. Chandler, AZ

“The membership program is a fabulous deal! Haven’t seen another one like it! So glad that I joined! Thanks Hawaiian Experience!” Sherry T., Chandler, AZ

“Thank you for the wonderfully romantic experience! The Lomi For Lovers massage is by far the most unique and pleasantly surprising massage we have ever experienced.” Chris F. and Shana O., Phoenix, AZ

“This spa was incredible. I was very happy to be able to make a same day appointment for my husband and myself while we were on vacation. I was nervous going to an out of town place I didn’t know about but we saw a good rating on trip advisor and you definitely deserve it! Great facilities and a great massage. Very relaxing and professional. I absolutely loved the post-massage showering facilities that are available. I felt like I floated away on a coconut cloud afterward!!” Carrie G., Phoenix, AZ

“I have tried several groupon deals for massages at other locations and have been disappointed with the service. I usually get someone newly out of school or still in training. While I understand that they have to get experience somehow, I never get massages for relaxation. I need deep tissue, therapeutic massages for chronic pain management and I have realized that I always get that with the therapists at Hawaiian Experience Spa. I have not once been disappointed with the quality of the massage received. The prices may be higher than other places, but the quality is unmatched, and therefore worth every penny.” Nichole H., Scottsdale, AZ

“Thanks to Nikki, Mike, Cathy, Steve, and Jarid. I always look forward to my appointments and seeing all of you. You all do your best to provide a pleasant, relaxing experience.” Michele M., Phoenix, AZ

“The massages were amazing. My therapists were professional and very good and really made our first massage experience something we will look forward to in the future. Thank you so much.” Collin H., Glendale, AZ

“I get massage to be able to give 100% to my hospital patients, massage renews me!” Judy RN, Mesa, AZ

“I am a third generation native of Hawaii and found the Hawaiian Experience Spa by chance, on a weekend trip to Scottsdale. I never know if any place with “Hawaiian” in the name is going to be a genuine experience or tacky, cheesy rubbish! I was thrilled to find that this was a “true to the beauty of Hawaii” place with wonderful ancient hula music that really worked in the spa setting, and video that focused on the natural beauty of the islands! My therapist told me how “into it” the owners were — and I quickly introduced myself to Cathy & Steve who were at the desk! Such great people — with the island spirit of Aloha in their hearts! I thanked them for an authentic atmosphere and wonderful experience!” Rina M., Paramus

“I had Jodi, she was very friendly, attentive and focused on my needs. She also seemed very concerned that nothing should detract from my having a wonderful soothing, relaxing experience. Surprisingly, the abdominal massage really helped soothe some tummy troubles I was having that day – an unexpected benefit – Thanks Jodi! My mom had Laura and she said her massage felt great and that Laura was very sweet. My friend had Samantha and he very thoroughly enjoyed his first ever massage experience…he wasn’t sure if he should thank me for treating him to this relaxing experience…or be upset with me for introducing him to his new addiction :)” Christina D. Mesa

“We had a couples massage at the Scottsdale location that was amazing. Jarid and Stacy took the time to understand our needs and to assist us as needed. They both provided a very relaxing massage. We loved it. The shower afterwards was amazing. Next time we are in Phoenix we will be sure to stop in again.” Gen B., Mantua, NJ

“Jodi did an amazing job working out the tension in my neck and lower back! I am so glad I was able to get a same-day appointment just a few hours after booking it online…not many spas can do that! Hawaiian Experience Spa’s relaxing atmosphere and personal attentiveness on behalf of the therapist are second to none!! Jodi took the time to consult with me beforehand to ensure that my overall objective would be met before the end of the session, and it was! I’m looking forward to another visit soon!!” Duane M., Chandler

“Great for relaxation, pain and soreness. I have never had a bad treatment here.” Mark B., Mesa

“I had a sauna first, cooled down with a shower, did a lomi lomi massage, jumped in the shower only to wash my hair to get ready for my facial. The facility and bathrooms, and showers were always neat and clean. great experience!!” Katie A., San Jose

” I had the Lomi Lomi Massage today and Zach exceeded any expectations I may have had about getting a massage. I have chronic pain issues, but I usually do not seek out massage therapy because it seems that my chances are basically 50/50 between ending up with an experience that is just OK or somewhat soothing…to experiencing one that is downright uncomfortable or even painful. I knew from the beginning that it was going to be different with Zach, because the first thing he did was sit me down and go over my medical sheet very thoroughly. I have had massages before where they literally asked only one question beforehand “Anything special I should know before we get started?” Zach, on the other hand, covered each item I had checked on the medical history form and clarified and expanded upon my answers as needed. Being a medical professional myself, I was very impressed with Zach’s knowledge of body systems, and I could sense that, as we talked, he was actively putting together a massage plan in his head that would be tailored specifically to my needs. There was no “one size fits all” attitude here! Zach listened closely to my medical issues and concerns and used his extensive knowledge to create a massage experience that would offer the most soothing and relaxation possible, without ever crossing the line past what my body could handle pain-wise. In fact, it was the first time in four years – since my pain became chronic – that any therapy has made me truly unaware of my pain…if even for a short while. The constant bodywide ‘positive’ stimulation on the nerves and muscles seemed to have a ‘masking’ effect on the pain signals that are firing inappropriately. I almost forgot my cane when I left because I thought for a moment that I was floating instead of walking…just heavenly! If you have never had chronic pain, then you cannot truly appreciate how very debilitating/frustrating/demoralizing its persistent, never-ending presence can be…so to obtain physical relief, even for an hour, has mental/emotional effects that last well beyond the session to “uplift the spirit”. I can’t thank you enough Zach! Please keep up the good work! ” Christina D., Mesa

“Arizona is great, but stepping into a place that makes you feel like your somewhere else more like a paradise is even better! They were wonderful. I surprised my boyfriend for his birthday and this was both our first time getting a massage, it was great and I cannot wait to get another one. ” Alison M., San Tan Valley

“Hawaiian Experience Spa is always an incredible experience. My second time going was even better than my first! The atmosphere is incredible and the treatments are terrific!”Sharaya L, Chandler

“I had 2 amazing therapist one named Jackie who did my massage and Jennifer who did my facial. My shoulders were so tight from stress and I left feeling so much better and rejuvenated. And my face had a glow after like I had been dipped in the fountain of youth!! It was an awesome experience cant wait to come back!!!.” Helena H., Scottsdale, AZ

“Everyone at the Hawaiian Experience Spa is great but I love getting a relaxation massage from Steve. I leave feeling so incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated. The only thing I hate is that it has to end. I would recommend Steve or the Hawaiian Experience Spa to anyone!” Heather H., Scottsdale, AZ

“What a relaxing and exotic experience! The therapist was friendly and focused without being distracting during the massage. Lomi lomi was amazing! Because of the spa’s ambiance, I was temporarily transported to the islands I love. Will definitely return!” Christina S., Tempe

“The entire experience at Hawaiian reminds us of escaping for a few hours to a Hawaiian Paradise. We really enjoy the atmosphere of the spa!” Katy H., Scottsdale

“My husband and I always look forward to our appointments at your spa. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional every time we visit. I leave feeling like a new person.”Heather M., Casa Grande

“The Hawaiian Experience massage was by far my favorite massage that I’ve had at here! Jackie did a really great job!” Karen R., Scottsdale

“Did an amazing job my back hast stopped hurting for the first time in years, thank you so much” Jusdon W., Chandler

“Actually had a cold and hated to miss my facial as I knew it would be relaxing. Clara used steam, eucalyptus and massage for decongestion. I felt so much better when I left.” Heidi A., Scottsdale

“The body scrub was awesome, very relaxing and very professional; skin felt silky smooth after the scrub.” Michael P., Scottsdale

“Kara once again got the stress knots out of my neck. Very relaxing!” Mary P. Chandler

“Linda gave me a fantastic lomi lomi massage. It was my first true lomi lomi, and she explained everything about it in a way that made it very comfortable and very therapeutic. Linda is a very talented and capable therapist. It was a wonderful massage, and I would recommend Linda to anyone looking for an authentic lomi lomi experience!” Teena J., Phoenix

“Kara recognized right away that I had a lot of stress and tightness in my back and she inquired about the amount of pressure I was comfortable with. The massage was perfect, as always, and I left feeling so much better and completely relaxed.” Tom E., Chandler

Having received two other facials in recent years from various spas that resulted in a less than pain-free experience, Jennifer was quick to put my mind at ease and allowed me to feel very relaxed from top to bottom throughout the entire treatment. I highly recommend Jennifer if there are any skeptics out there putting off getting a facial based on less than perfect experiences from other spas. The Hawaiian Experience Spa has never disappointed me and always exceeds my expectations! My skin looks and feels great!! Mahalo nui loa Jennifer!!”Duane M., Chandler

“Mahalo Nui Loa, Jackie! I am so glad you were able to work out all of my neck and lower back stress associated with my long hours at the office. It was the perfect way to end my workweek and start the first weekend of the new year pain free! I look forward to another visit in the weeks ahead.” Duane M., Chandler

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