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Exotic Experience Spa Package

Exotic Experience Spa Package Highlights

  • Some of our most exotic services
  • Hot stone lomi lomi massage
  • Buttocks facial
  • Body Scrub
  • Allow 3 1/2 hours for spa package

This exotic special package will treat you with a combination of exotic treatments to give you an experience you won’t easily find elsewhere in Phoenix, AZ or anywhere! Your package includes a body scrub, 90 minute Hawaiian Experience Massage, and a Top and Bottom Facial (you may substitute a different facial if desired but that one is very exotic!)

During your treatments we will burn a special Hawaiian Soy Candle (we have many exotic scents to choose from) and after your treatment you can take the candle home! Allow about 3 1/2 hours for this package.

All Inclusive (No tips expected on top of these prices)

Our therapists are paid an appropriate wage and tipping is not necessary. When comparing prices keep in mind that most spas expect or require tipping of 20% – 25% on top of their package prices. At Hawaiian Experience Spa you can just come in and relax, without worrying about tipping, and with the confidence that you are being treated by well paid professionals. Click here if you would like to read about why we are all inclusive.

Exotic Experience Spa Package
  • All Inclusive: No tip required or expected
  • Package Savings: $63
Package Savings is the approximate amount you save when purchasing this package compared to purchasing the services and/or products in this package separately. Please see our package policies here. Mahalo

Services Included In Package

Click on any service for more details. Some services may be modified for your package.

Body Scrub

Woman receiving lavender spa treatment in Chandler, AZ

Hawaiian Experience Massage

Woman getting massaged with sea shells in day spa

Top and Bottom Facial

Young woman getting butt facial at day spa in Phoenix, AZ