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Infrared Sauna Spa Session

Infrared Sauna Session Highlights

  • Private sauna sessions
  • Partner can go in with you
  • Huge list of benefits
  • Includes LED color therapy
  • Stand alone or add to another service

Infrared saunas are both relaxing and extremely therapeutic. Made out of Western Red Cedar, and big enough for two, our infrared saunas truly provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

An infrared sauna session is great as a stand alone treatment and makes a great addition to a massage or other service. When you relax in one of our infrared saunas the healing far infrared heat stimulates your cardiovascular, lymphatic and immune systems. This produces a deep, therapeutic, perspiration; releasing toxins, burning calories, and relaxing your muscles.

As an added benefit to you we also sell these high quality saunas. That means if you love your sauna treatments and want to purchase a unit for home we can assist you!

Saunas cannot be used by pregnant women. Additionally, if you have any type of illness including fever, heart disease, and other conditions we recommend asking your physician before using the sauna.

“Several studies have looked at using infrared saunas in the treatment of chronic health problems, such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and rheumatoid arthritis, and found some evidence of benefit…no adverse effects have been reported with infrared saunas.” Mayo Clinic Web Site

Benefits Of Infrared Sauna Sessions

Infrared sauna session have many documented benefits
  • Increase metabolism and burn calories to help lose weight
  • Relieve muscle tension (when combined with massage therapy the results are even better)
  • Improve the immune system
  • Remove toxins
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve appearance of cellulite
  • Ease joint pain and stiffness
  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Improve skin quality

Regular Price: 30 min $30 | 45 min $45

Five Session Package: Buy five sessions and get 20% off the above prices. Ten Session Package: Buy ten sessions and get 30% off the above prices!

New clients get special price on first visit. Read about new client discounts.

Member Price: 30 min $22.50 | 45 min $33.75 Read about spa membership.

Each session includes an additional 10 minute warm up time for the sauna. You are welcome to use the sauna while it is warming up if you wish. Infrared saunas are not intended to get as hot as a regular sauna. They work by a different principle.