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Lavender Spa Experience

Lavender Spa Experience Highlights

  • Organic Lavender Spa Experience
  • Scrub, Wrap & Massage
  • Lavender has soothing properties
  • Use our exotic shower twice
  • Massage can be any pressure

Using the highest quality products made from organic lavender, this lavender spa treatment is sure to provide you with an incredibly relaxing experience and deep down moisturizing. Lavender is known for its soothing and relaxing qualities and this special blend is among the best in the world.

We begin this treatment with a full body scrub using organic lavender. This sugar scrub  is infused with lavender to renew, polish and moisturize. After your skin is exfoliated with the scrub we cover you from head to toe with a luxurious amount of lavender body lotion and wrap you in a cocoon to allow the moisturizer to soak in. While you are wrapped you will receive a relaxing scalp massage.

Next we take you to our waterfall shower room, where you can luxuriously rinse while your massage therapist prepares for your lavender massage. The massage is performed using a rich organic lavender massage lotion. This lotion is very hydrating and will leave your skin feeling soft and silky. The massage itself is a full body massage and can be relaxing, deep tissue, or a combination of both. You will not find a more comprehensive lavender body wrap, massage, in all of Phoenix!.

This service is available in 90 and 120 minute lengths. While both versions include massage, if you are looking for more of an in-depth massage then we recommend the 120 minute version.  Due to time constraints, the 90 minute version is more of a full body application of lotion.

Member Price

  • 90 Min: $164.99
  • 120 Min: $219.99

Regular Price

  • 90 Min: $229.99
  • 120 Min: $299.99

Read more about member pricing on our Spa Wellness Plan page.

Buy Gift Card: 90 Minutes Buy Gift Card: 120 Minutes

Gift cards include $25 per hour gratuity for your therapist.