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Lomi For Lovers Ritual

Lomi For Lovers Ritual Highlights

  • Our most romantic couples' massage
  • Includes side lying massage (face each other)
  • You apply oil to partner
  • Side by side entire time
  • Our most popular couples' massage

Lomi for Lovers Massage

All couples' services include a locker room to change together into robes and slippers, an exotic shower to use together, and a tropical sorbet to enjoy after your experience!

Your wonderful experience will begin immediately upon arriving when you are welcomed and taken to our private locker room where you can change together into robes.  After changing you will await your treatment in the palm lounge where you can relax together and prepare for your incredible experience. A natural soy candle will be burned during your service. The candle will be yours to take home after the treatment.

Your therapists will greet you in the lounge and escort you to our couple’s treatment room where we will have two massage tables set up right next to each other for your treatment.  Your therapists will take a few moments to explain the treatment, answer any questions you may have, and light your candle, filling the room with a natural tropical scent. The therapists will then leave the room so that you can remove your robes in private.  One of you will then lay face down on the massage table while the other applies coconut oil to him or her.  Once this is done the person applying the oil will get on the adjacent table under the sheet.

Your therapists will reenter, make sure you are comfortable, and begin your treatment by applying oil to the partner who did not receive the oil earlier.  Your arms and legs will be adjusted (you are close enough to hold hands if you wish), and your massages will begin.  The Hawaiian Experience Lomi Lomi uses long flowing strokes from head to toe in one continuous movement.  Unlike other massages, we will also massage underneath your body (the oil enables us to slide under you body, providing an incredible feeling) as you put yourselves in our hands, allowing your minds to be free to think about each other.

Partially through the massage we will have you both turn and face each other as we continue the massage from your side lying position for several minutes. You will then both turn and lay face up as we continue this incredible ritual. While lying face up you can lay very close to each other, if you wish. This variety of positions, combined with the Lomi’s unique underbody and full body strokes, along with your physical closeness during the treatment, will provide you both with an incredible and memorable physical and emotional experience!

Once the treatment is completed your therapists will leave the room so you can wipe some of the oil off with towels before putting your robes back on and heading to our waterfall shower room where you can shower together in privacy. Your experience will conclude back in the palm lounge where a special treat will be awaiting you!

Member Price

  • 90 Min: $329.98
  • 120 Min: $439.98

Regular Price

  • 90 Min: $499.98
  • 120 Min: $599.98

Prices are per couple. Read more about member pricing on our Spa Wellness Plan page.

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Gift cards are per couple and include $25 per hour gratuity per therapist.

Guest’s Reviews:

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<span>, YELP - 5 Stars</span>
"Absolutely love this spa – it really transports me to feeling like I am in Hawaii! It’s calm and relaxing. Sam is my preferred therapist because he knows what he is doing. He focuses on my issues and is very cognizant of my wrap. As a woman, I appreciate knowing that I can fully trust him to ensure I am kept covered – especially since I get the Lomi Lomi! My husband and I just adore the Lomi for Lovers – it simply is worth it."
- Jade H., Paradise Valley Village, Scottsdale, AZ , YELP - 5 Stars