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Waimea Couples' Relaxation Massage

Waimea Couples' Massage Highlights

  • Most economical side by side experience
  • Relaxing couples' massage
  • Unique experience
  • Exotic lomi style draping face down
  • Tropical sorbet in lounge


Standard Rate Per Couple

💕60 Min: $319.98

💕90 Min: $439.98

💕 120 Min: $559.98


Member Discounts

🌺 Aloha Members: 20%

🍍 Aloha Nui Members: 30%

⭐ Aloha Nui Loa Members: 35%


Aloha Wellness Plan sign at Hawaiian Experience Spa, Phoenix Arizona. Hibiscus, pineapple, star symbols with a waterfall background with stones and plumeria


Waimea Couples' Massage

All couples' services include a locker room to change together into robes and sandals, an exotic shower to use together, and a tropical sorbet to enjoy after your experience!

Escape the stress of everyday life and indulge in a truly unique and intimate experience with this signature couples massage. Designed to provide you and your partner with the ultimate relaxation and connection, this massage is a perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate together.

From the moment you arrive, you and your partner will be enveloped in a soothing atmosphere. Under the soft touch of our expert therapists, you’ll begin your journey to tranquility with a scalp and face massage that will melt away any tension. As the tension in your neck fades away under the skilled hands of our therapists, you’ll feel a sense of deep relaxation and serenity.

Moving on to the main part of the massage, our therapists will work their magic on the front of your body, using gentle yet effective techniques to release any remaining stress and restore balance. And the best part? You and your partner will be side by side on massage tables, allowing you to hold hands and share this blissful experience.

But the true highlight of our couples massage lies in the Hawaiian Style portion. As you turn over, you’ll be transported to a world of pure relaxation as our therapists use long, flowing strokes that are unique to this style of massage. With only a small towel for covering, you’ll experience a level of freedom and connection unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

Our couples massage is specifically designed to be a light to medium pressure experience, ensuring that you both feel completely at ease throughout the entire session. It’s the perfect way to escape the outside world and focus on the bond between you and your partner.

Please note that this exclusive and romantic experience is only available at our Phoenix area day spas. So why wait? Treat yourself and your loved one to an unforgettable couples massage experience and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your appointment or buy a gift card today.