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"When my wife and I decided to celebrate our wedding with Lomi Lomi massages, we had no idea what was in store for us! From the moment we arrived at the spa, we felt welcome and at peace, and our treatment were completely tailored to our preferences. The decadence of the hot oil and amazing massage, combined with the incredible steam shower together that followed was an experience that involved all of our senses. We felt relaxed and happy, and were so grateful that we were so pampered. Thank you SO MUCH to Kara Jordan for arranging this special day for us, and thanks to Dennis and Mary for an incredible service! Sara O., Seattle, WA (see more spa reviews)



Prior to booking my couples massage (Lomi for Lovers), I spent a lot of time reading reviews on the spa. I was astounded by all the amazing reviews on the therapists, massages, and the entire spa in general. After reading all the reviews, I had very high expectations set and was excited to come in. Every staff member at Hawaiian Experience Spa is extremely friendly. From the moment you arrive till the time you leave, you feel very comfortable. I loved all the personal touches the spa had- the leis, soy candle, the robe, and the sandals. Everything felt so luxurious. The lomi lomi massage is beyond incredible. I had Jordan as my therapist and he did such an amazing job. My boyfriend had Kim and he was very pleased as well. After the massages, couples are able to shower together in their waterfall shower room. Totally romantic! The shower is amazing and the spa provides everything you could ever need in the shower. After the shower, we had dessert waiting for us in the lounge. The perfect way to end the night. I am so beyond pleased with my experience here and I will definitely be coming back. If you are thinking about visiting the spa, believe what people say. This place is the real deal. Lori R., Mesa, AZ (see more spa reviews)