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Featured Product: August 2019

Our featured product this month is for an area that is sometimes overlooked but is just as important to facial care. It is for the lips and is a three step treatment to smooth the appearance of vertical lines around the lip area, smooth roughness and make lips appear silky. Step one is a Citrus Enzyme Lip Exfoliator. Enzymes in this step refine the lips and remove the appearance of dryness while the vitamins leave the lips smooth and ready for step two. Step two is a Lip Comfort Plumping Masque. This step is applied in a thin layer and left on the lips for 5 minutes. It contains Shea butter and avocado which melts into the lips and creates softness while the peptides stimulate collagen production in the lips that creates fullness. Step three is a Citrus Lip Balm. This step contains Shea butter and sunflower oil to hydrate the lips. With continued use the peptides give a collagen boosting action that fills ion the appearance of fine lines. The hot weather and dry air can be damaging to your lips. Use this kit daily to help prevent the damage this harsh weather causes. You can purchase this kit in all three of our locations!

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