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Hale’akala Crater

Update 2024: We’re delighted that you’ve stumbled upon our posts featuring the exquisite fine art photography captured in the beautiful landscapes of Hawaii. While we no longer offer these artworks for sale, we invite you to experience their stunning beauty in person when you visit our spa. Many of these remarkable pieces adorn the walls of our spa, adding a touch of Hawaiian enchantment to your spa experience. We believe that the spirit of aloha is best conveyed through the artistry of these images, and we look forward to sharing them with you during your visit. Mahalo for your continued support and appreciation of our unique Hawaiian-inspired offerings.

Our latest fine art piece exclusive to Hawaiian Experience Spa, Hale’akala Crater!

The dormant volcano, Hale’akala, raises over 10,000 feet above sea level and dominates the landscape of Maui. A drive up the windy Haleakala road takes you through various ecosystems as you ascend the “house of the sun”. Once you reach the summit you are awed by the otherworldly view of a crater that is seven miles across and filled with volcanic cinder cones, slopes and colors creating an experience you won’t soon forget.


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