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Hawaii beach sunset with purple sky

Hawaii Fine Art Feature March 2019: Purple Sunset

As you await the sunset on a relatively clear day in Hawaii, you wonder if you will see the spectacular colors Hawaiian sunsets are known for, or if the sun will simply sink below the horizon as the sky begins to undramatically change from blue to gray. Then to your amazement and delight, as the sun descends below the Island of Lana’i in the distance, the barely noticeable stratus clouds in the sky light up in a display of purple hues, creating a dramatic backdrop for the palm trees and ocean before you, while you relax and enjoy an evening in paradise.

Our Hawaii fine art is produced with original gallery quality photography shot by Steve Ibach, a now retired founder of Hawaiian Experience Spa and a professional fine art photographer on Maui. Steve’s current passion is to make gallery quality fine art photography affordable, especially to guests of Hawaiian Experience Spa.

Our metal art prints represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. The images take on a magical luminescence and produce brilliant and impressive prints that can last a lifetime! Colors are vibrant, and the luminescence is breathtaking.

All metal art prints have a high gloss finish for unsurpassed detail and vibrancy. Metal art prints come with a professional float type mounting brackets that allow your art to hang ½” from the wall when mounted. Metal art prints do not need any type of frame and are ready to hang upon arrival.

Visit our HAWAII FINE ART page to see purchase options and other exclusive selections.

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