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Hawaiian Experience Spa New Logo

Aloha: We are very happy to announce that we have update the Hawaiian Experience Spa logo. The new logo was designed over many weeks of intense work with the whole Mo’i team (owners) having input, making suggestions and locking down the final design.

As we reflected on the changes that we are making to the spa, the direction that we want to move in and who we really are at our core, we found that our old logo didn’t convey the image that we are going for. The spa’s new logo is meant to better present the spa’s identity as a sophisticated and genuine Hawaiian experience.

We spent extensive time developing the concept of the logo, which now has a deeper meaning. The three symbols are a custom combination of a honu (green sea turtle) and an anthurium. The honu is a sacred animal in Hawaii and symbolizes many things including long life, safe travels and good health and wellness. The anthurium is a symbol of hospitality and aloha. The main symbolism to us is hospitality and wellness.

You will see that we placed three honu in our new logo; one for each of the core tenants of our Spirit of Aloha Commitment: Client, Ohana, Aloha. The colors of the logo better reflect Hawaii and represent the hues seen in the beautiful Hawaiian waters.

You will begin seeing our new logo all over the place, as we start to change over everything in the spa, as well as, online. But if you already have forgotten what our old logo looks like, that is okay because you will still be seeing it around for a little while. We will be changing those items that are easiest to change first and then moving on to the more difficult items.

Mahalo nui loa for your continued support. Please always feel free to reach out to us if there is anything that you need.

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