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Ike - The World Is What You Think It Is

Ike – The World Is What You Think It Is

Ancient Hawaiian’s believed that we each create our own reality. This simple, but very powerful, concept is found in other cultures as well. Whether today is a good day or a bad day is a matter of perspective and is subject to your own thought processes. The actions of others and external events in our lives (such as the weather) are usually not in our direct control; but how we react and feel throughout the day and throughout our lives is fully within our control. Say to yourself in the morning, “Today is going to be a good day!” IKE (ee-kay): THE WORLD IS WHAT YOU THINK IT IS!
Picture: Road in the Kula Forest Reserve on Maui disappearing into the fog around the mountain. Whatever is ahead, its going to be wonderful because I will make it so.

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