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Red Tailed Tropic Bird

Koa’e Ula (Red Tailed Tropic Bird)

Behold the koa’e ula, also known as the red-tailed tropicbird, a master of the skies, gliding effortlessly above the vast ocean surrounding Kaua’i. These ethereal birds are true mariners of the air, spending the majority of their lives far above the deep blue, often hundreds of miles away from any shore. Imagine a life spent in endless flight, where even sleep is embraced on the wing, under the canopy of the sky. The koa’e ula graces the land only for the sacred act of breeding, making their rare appearances onshore a momentous and enchanting event. Witnessing these elegant birds is a reminder of nature’s wonders, a testament to the boundless freedom and mystery of the wild.

Experience the allure of Hawaii right here in Arizona. At Hawaiian Experience Spa, we invite you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, showcased through our exclusive collection of unique and captivating photographs taken in Hawaii, adorning the walls of our spa.

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