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Scottsdale Massage Therapists Careers 2023

As we move into 2023 our Scottsdale day spa has new career opportunities for licensed massage therapists. Our Scottsdale spa is the first of our three spas and offers a great opportunity for massage therapists to make a good living, build a career and work in a family run business reporting directly to the owner (who did massages for 10 years in Scottsdale!).

Our spas offer a variety of services in the categories of massage therapy, facials and skin care, body treatments and couples’ experiences. Our therapeutic treatments, many of which are unique to our spas, are influenced by Hawaiian traditions, cultural practices and philosophies, and offer a fusion of spiritual and emotional renewing along with scientifically based therapeutic techniques. All massage therapist are trained in the Hawaiian Experience Lomi Lomi Massage at our in house training center.

All spa policies such as cancellation policies, inappropriate behavior policies, no show policies, tipping requirements and much more are designed to ensure therapists, and other team members, are treated fairly and are paid appropriately. Being respected and knowing the spa has your back is perhaps the greatest reason our therapists like working at Hawaiian Experience Spa.

Visit our Careers Page for more information on massage therapist’s pay, benefits, spa philosophy and to find a link to apply online. Or just click the Apply Now link below and get started now!


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