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Seven Sacred Hawaiian Principles

Aloha: Over the year’s we have discussed the Seven Sacred Hawaiian Principles which in many ways form the basis of Hawaiian lomi lomi massage. In our day spas you will find that each treatment room door is named for one of these principles. All of our new massage therapists learn lomi lomi massage by one of our in house trainers and are thought these principles as part of the training process.

In Hawaiian culture, lomi lomi is much more than a massage – it is part of Hawaiian shamanism. Lomi lomi is a whole healing ritual that treats both the mind and the body. We would like to share a little about these principles with you and have prepared a downloadable one page list in pdf format. We suggest you print it out and post it somewhere you are likely to see it each day. These principles are universal and following them can profoundly change your outlook on life.

If you have not tried a Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, visit us at one of our Phoenix area day spas. We currently have a Scottsdale day spa, a Chandler day spa and a Goodyear day spa. All of our massage therapists are trained in lomi lomi massage. Our massage tables are even custom made to accommodate the differences in this massage. Hawaiian Experience Spa performs more lomi lomi massage than any other spa in the mainland United States!

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