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Anti-Aging Spa Package

Anti-Aging Package Highlights

  • Most comprehensive anti-aging service
  • Hawaiian coffee fruit body scrub
  • Mango enzyme body wrap
  • Powerful anti-aging facial
  • Allow four hours for spa package

This anti-aging spa package combines our most effective anti-aging products and services into one powerful spa package.

First you will receive a full body scrub using an anti-aging body polish, powered by Hawaiian coffee fruit extract. Found exclusively in the Hawaiian Islands this extract has many healing properties which fight the signs of aging. It has extraordinary renewing and protective antioxidants and nutrients created by nature to dramatically reduce lines, wrinkles, and sun damage. The Anti-aging ingredients in the body scrub possess more antioxidant power than any other fruit source, for intensive age-defying results. It is used not only for anti-aging, but for maintaining healthy, beautiful, glowing skin throughout the ages.

After a shower in our waterfall shower room to rinse the scrub from your body you will be treated with a Mango Enzyme Body Wrap. Your therapist will apply the organic mango enzyme wrap to your entire body from the neck down and then wrap you in multiple layers of blankets to allow your own body heat to active the enzymes so they can work their magic on your skin. While you are wrapped for about 15 minutes your therapist will give you an amazing and relaxing scalp massage!

After your wrap you will again be taken to our waterfall shower room to wash before you return for a 60 minute full body massage using our anti-aging massage lotion which has a powerful blend of renewable bamboo silk powder, green tea extract and organic aloe vera juice.

Lastly you will receive a 60 minute age corrective (for mature skin) or age preventative facial (for youthful skin). Rejuvenate your face with the most powerful, and effective, organic anti-aging facial available. Those two facials are our most popular skin care services. You will get immediate, noticeable results from this serious anti-aging facial.

Allow about 4 hours for this spa package.

All Inclusive (No tips expected on top of these prices)

Our therapists are paid an appropriate wage and tipping is not necessary. When comparing prices keep in mind that most spas expect or require tipping of 20% – 25% on top of their package prices. At Hawaiian Experience Spa you can just come in and relax, without worrying about tipping, and with the confidence that you are being treated by well paid professionals. Click here if you would like to read about why we are all inclusive.

Anti-Aging Spa Package
  • All Inclusive: No tip required or expected
  • Package Savings: $122
Package Savings is the approximate amount you save when purchasing this package compared to purchasing the services and/or products in this package separately. Please see our package policies here. Mahalo

Service Included In Package

Click on any service for more details - some services could be modified for the package

Body Scrub

Uses anti-aging scrub not available separately

Woman receiving spa body scrub in Chandler, AZ

Anti-Aging Body Wrap

Using mango enzymes

Woman experience body wrap in Phoenix day spa

Full Body Massage

Using bamboo silk anti-aging lotion

Woman face up getting pectoral muscle massaged

Age Corrective or Age Preventative Facial

Our most popular facialsWoman receiving anti-aging facial at Chandler day spa