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Twelve Days Of Christmas Spa Gift Card Sale Begins Today

Each day we will have a different service gift card on sale at a super low price in a unique way, as an All Inclusive service – meaning no tip is required or expected. Gift certificates for these services are part of our 2020 living wage initiative where your therapist is paid a living wage commensurate with their experience as a licensed professional. They will not have to depend on tips to make appropriate wages. When comparing these prices with other spas or services that expect gratuity, we suggest you factor in that most spas expect a gratuity of $20 – $25 per hour of service per therapist on top of the price for the other service or package. These services will be all inclusive with no tip required or expected! Your support of this initiative helps our ‘ohana, the community and your guests when they know they are being served by well paid professionals. And with these special sales, you save $$$.

One of our most popular services will be on sale each day. Gift cards will be valid immediately. Check your email or check back each day for that day’s sale. These prices will be super low as we roll out our all inclusive services for the first time!

Visit our Spa and Massage Gift Page to see today’s sale!

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