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Ariel C., Licensed Massage Therapist


  • Works Primarily in Scottsdale Spa
  • Loves energy work
  • Enjoys feeling relaxed, refreshed, and renewed
  • Thrives on creating harmonious environments and healing spaces
  • Passionate about bringing heaven into the earth

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My Healthy Tip: Practice intentional breathing. Slow, deep breaths can eradicate stress, reduce tension and release blocked energy in the body, mind and spirit.


About Me: I am inquisitive and love to read, study, grow and learn. My intention is to live a purposeful life and fulfill my destiny because I believe we are all here for a reason and if we pursue our spiritual journey here with passion and diligence, we will find the truth and the answers that we seek to all the questions we have.

What Massage Means To Me: Massage to me means creating a safe, relaxing environment where healing can take place. During our time together, my goal is to listen to your body and be sensitive to any tension in your muscles in order to release and unblock the flow of circulation, ensure maximum results and leave you feeling refreshed at the end of each session.

My Education And Training:

  • Professional Massage Practitioner Program, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts 2020
  • Reiki Practitioner Program, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts 2020


  • Relaxing therapeutic massage: Enjoy a customized massage tailored to your body
  • Swedish: Feel soothing hands, like water, energize and relax you at the same time
  • Light touch: Experience a touch of heaven on earth

My Favorite Services:

Five Star Guest Reviews:

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More Five Star Reviews

11/11/2023- “We had a wonderful experience here for our anniversary gift to ourselves. Holly and Ariel gave my husband and I one of the best massages we’ve ever had. Loved the touch of robes and slippers, the shower with luxurious shampoo, conditioner and body wash, and our favorite part was the frozen coconut and lemon sorbet at the end. This facility was warm, welcoming and very clean. We booked this couples massage (mainland with hot stone add on) during a promotion they were having and look forward to returning soon.” Courtney S., YELP Review

11/10/2023- “Cannot say enough good things about this place or our masseuse, Ariel. We did a couples “training” massage to learn some techniques on how to massage each other at home. Not to replace a massage, but just a few techniques to relax each other in between having actual massages and rub each other at home. We arrived and staff was super friendly. Had a separate room for us to change, provided a robe, sandals, and a chocolate treat. Ariel provided our massage and showed us her skills, all while allowing my wife and I to also massage each other to learn. It was an over all very sensual and fun experience. When done, they have a shower to wash off any oils off our bodies. Highly recommend the shower! Clean and well maintained. To top it off, they concluded our experience with a Hawaiian fruit sorbet that was delicious! They also provided a blow dryer and comb if needed. The wife and I left this place completely relaxed and enjoyed the experience. Highly recommend this for other couples! Great date night experience.” I am Gonzo, GOOGLE REVIEW 5 Stars